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January 15, 2011
Brad Wilber

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Ya know how I'm always whining about how the late-week LAT puzzles aren't hard enough? Yeah, today, not so much. Wow. A big DNF for PuzzleGirl today. I could not get that northeast corner to fall. The reason I'm so late posting this is because I was working on the puzzle this morning and just knew if I gave myself enough time I could crack it. But no. Here's what happened. I know that sometimes when you're absolutely positive that an answer is correct, you just have to erase it and start over. I know that. I know that! So I erased that whole area getting rid of RICH, ERN, MOMA, and I LIKE IKE — all of which I felt really confident about. Ya know what I left in? AGHA. I had AGHA where SHAH was supposed to go and that kept me from finishing this one. Now, I'm not gonna lie to you. There were plenty of issues before that. With ERN in place, I thought 12D would be some kind of "drive" ("DVD drive"? "USB drive"?). I tried "O'Jay" for the 17A: Disco family name before the Bee Gees (i.e., the Brothers GIBB) finally came to the rescue. So, yeah, I struggled up there quite a bit even before I got to the real problem. And here's the thing. I thought I was being so smart knowing that an imaginary monster might be a CGI-something — CGI being an acronym for Computer-Generated Imagery, which is what a computer animator might use to create an imaginary monster for a video game or movie or whatever. That's why I couldn't let AGHA go. And why CHIMERA was Ne-Ever going to come to me. Argh. I really enjoyed this work-out and am disappointed in myself that I wasn't able to finish it.

There's plenty more to talk about, but I'm late posting as it is, so if you have questions about the puzzle, ask away in the comments. I know someone here will be able to answer them!

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Everything Else — The Lean One, in "Peer Gynt" (SATAN); 25A: Directional suffix (-ERN); 26A: "... __ we extinguish sight and speech": Browning (ERE); 27A: Kennedy associate (ALITO); 29A: Nitrogen compound (AMINE); 31A: Lupe's "Later!" ("ADIOS!"); 32A: Van Helsing's creator (STOKER); 33A: Serving (PORTION); 36A: Imaginary monster (CHIMERA); 37A: Certain Honshu resident (OSAKAN); 38A: Exotic smoothie ingredient (GUAVA); 39A: Lennon love song (WOMAN); 40A: Arens of Israel (MOSHE); 41A: Part of HUD: Abbr. (DEV.); 44A: Logical tips? (ELS); 45A: Mom's dinnertime plea (TRY IT); 47A: Pundit (SWAMI); 49A: Handbook list, briefly (REGS.); 51A: Otherwise (IF NOT); 53A: Spanish cordial (ANIS); 54A: Latin I word (AMAT); 55A: Dramatic atmosphere source (FOG MACHINE); 57A: Somewhat, with "a" (MITE); 58A: Some tree sculptures (TOTEM POLES); 59A: Frost lines? (POEM); 60A: Inventory site (STORE ROOM); 1D: Mulligan, e.g. (DO-OVER); 2D: White Rabbit's cry (I'M LATE); 3D: Rabbitt's "You and I" duet partner (GAYLE); 4D: Derby-wearing Addams (ITT); 5D: Water testers (TOES); 6D: Neosporin target (ABRASION); 7D: Rodeo twirlers (LARIATS); 8D: Sees through (IS ONTO); 9D: Sealy competitor (SERTA); 10D: Cleaning aids (RAGS); 11D: 1950s Irving Berlin campaign song (I LIKE IKE); 12D: Modern storage aid (CD BURNER); 13D: Sultry Cuban dance (HABANERA); 14D: Jim with 589 lifetime homers (THOME); 22D: Luminous (RADIANT); 24D: Locals (NATIVES); 28D: Savanna stalker (LION); 30D: NYC home of Dali's "The Persistence of Memory" (MOMA); 31D: Alaskan island (ATKA); 32D: Bygone Persian title (SHAH); 33D: PA system essential (POWER AMP); 34D: The Tony Martin hit "There's No Tomorrow" is based on its melody (O SOLE MIO); 35D: English Channel resort (RAMSGATE); 36D: Pitch target? (CUSTOMER); 38D: Attending (GOING TO); 40D: "Oh, ri-i-i-i-ght!" ("MY FOOT!"); 41D: "The Merry Widow" hero (DANILO); 42D: "8 Mile" rapper (EMINEM); 43D: Workbench gadgets (VISES); 46D: Schisms (RIFTS); 48D: Exultant yell (WAHOO); 50D: Goblet feature (STEM); 52D: Not very edgy (TAME); 56D: Lifeguard's skill, for short (CPR).

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