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January 18, 2011
Gareth Bain

[This is the one week out of the year where I'm going to just mention that there is a donation button over in the sidebar. Please read my pitch for donations at the beginning of yesterday's write-up here. And thanks so much for being here!]

Theme: Awesome, awesome music groups — Theme answers are bands made up of brothers.

Theme answers:

  • 20A: Group with the #1 hit "ABC" (THE JACKSON FIVE).
  • 32A: Group with the #1 hit "One Bad Apple" (THE OSMONDS).
  • 41A: Group with the #1 hit "Jive Talkin'" (THE BEE GEES).
  • 51A: 2001 Spielberg WWII miniseries, and what 20-, 32- or 41-Across is (BAND OF BROTHERS).
Love this theme. I mean I love this theme. This is one of those themes where if you've ever constructed a crossword puzzle in your life you're all "Why the hell didn't I think of this theme?!" It's got great wordplay, awesome memories for those of us of a certain age, and it's still simple enough for a Tuesday. Bravo! The only problem I'm having with the write-up is that I've featured all three of these bands really recently here on the blog. I think the Bee Gees were just last week, right? And the Osmonds weren't too long ago. And I know I've posted Jackson Five videos here several times. Why? Because they're awesome. So for today, I'll give you something a little different that kinda of goes with the theme. But not really.

  • 1A: Lin or Angelou (MAYA). MAYA Lin is the artist who designed the Viet Nam War Memorial in Washington, D.C. If you haven't seen it, you should definitely take a wander over there if you're ever in the neighborhood.
  • 16A: Do-re-mi (MOOLA). I'm pretty sure I've never heard anyone refer to money as "do-re-mi" except maybe ironically, but probably not even then. It does kinda sound like something Huggy Bear might have said back on "Starsky & Hutch," so maybe that's where I've heard it.
  • 28A: Control tower devices (RADARS). Not a fan of the plural here.
  • 36A: Lena who played Glinda in the movie version of "The Wiz" (HORNE). I stopped reading after the first few words of this clue, which was a pretty dumb thing to do. I just assumed the answer would be the actress who played Glinda in "The Wizard of Oz" and I have no idea what her name is, so I figured I'd just wait for crosses. When I discovered it was "The Wiz" instead, I realized my mistake.
  • 40A: Faulkner's "__ Lay Dying" (AS I). Worth another read, I think. I haven't read it since college and that was like a hundred years ago.
  • 61A: Present moment (NONCE). Sounds like quite the lah-dee-dah word, doesn't it?
  • 65A: Eponymous logical diagram creator (VENN). So many good ones out there. How to choose … How to choose ….

  • 11D: Doughnut shapes (TORI). Pretty sure I learned this word from SethG, who I believe will be here blogging tomorrow's puzzle, so come and back and see what other cool stuff he talks about.
  • 21D: Wrestler Ventura (JESSE). It's so hard to be a fan of real wrestling when there's all that fake wrestling out there. Sigh.
  • 29D: What double-checked totals should do (AGREE). With the A in place, I kinda wanted this to be ADD UP. But it wasn't.
  • 31D: Jeanne d'Arc et al.: Abbr. (STES.). The French spelling in the clue is your hint that the answer will also be French.
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 5A: Terrier type (SKYE).
  • 37A: Epi center? (PEE).
  • 59A: Really long time (AEON).
  • 63A: Arp's movement (DADA).
  • 33D: Michelle Obama __ Robinson (NÉE).
  • 53D: Hawaii's state bird (NENE).
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Everything Else 9A: Performed on stage (ACTED); 14A: Contest with seconds (DUEL); 15A: Gillette's __ II (TRAC); 17A: Catch, as one's sleeve (SNAG); 18A: "Mazes and Monsters" author Jaffe (RONA); 19A: Ventilated, with "out" (AIRED); 23A: Emeritus, e.g.: Abbr. (RET.); 24A: Some garden plants need it (SHADE); 25A: Official count (CENSUS); 35A: Western-style "Scram!" ("GIT!"); 38A: Nez __, Native Americans who breed their own horses (PERCE); 43A: Garden tool (WEEDER); 46A: Snorkel et al., familiarly (SARGES); 47A: Put in a seat (ELECT); 50A: MIT or UCLA (SCH.); 57A: Believed without question (ATE UP); 58A: Cosecant's reciprocal (SINE); 62A: Ski resort lift (T-BAR); 64A: Exceed the limit (SPEED); 66A: Online annoyance (SPAM); 1D: Docs (MD'S); 2D: Godmother, often (AUNT); 3D: Slangy okay (YEAH); 4D: "Flowers for __": story from which the film "Charly" was adapted (ALGERNON); 5D: Layer (STRATUM); 6D: Big cheese associated with Big Macs? (KROC); 7D: Americans, to Brits (YANKS); 8D: PayPal funds (E-CASH); 9D: Actress Peet or Plummer (AMANDA); 10D: Styled in the salon (COIFED); 12D: Mtn. road sign stat (ELEV.); 13D: Miami-__ County (DADE); 22D: Rowing crew (OARS); 25D: Selected (CHOSE); 26D: Spine-tingling (EERIE); 27D: Next year's junior (SOPH); 30D: Runs through a sieve (RICES); 32D: Defrost (THAW); 34D: Ball girls (DEBS); 38D: Birdcage feature (PERCH); 39D: Highbrows (EGGHEADS); 41D: Not kosher (TREF); 42D: New York's time zone (EASTERN); 44D: Figure out (DEDUCE); 45D: Married in secret (ELOPED); 48D: Network with an eye logo (CBS TV); 49D: "Survivor" faction (TRIBE); 51D: Outlaws (BANS); 52D: Resting on (ATOP); 54D: __ errand: out (ON AN); 55D: Harvest (REAP); 56D: Fizzy drink (SODA); 60D: "The Deer Hunter" war zone, for short (NAM).

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