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T U E S D A Y Date, 2011
John Lampkin

Theme: John Lampkin Likes Butts — The end of each theme answer is a word that can be a synonym for "butt."

Theme answers:

  • 17A: Side-to-side skid (FISHTAIL).
  • 24A: Have no place to go but up (HIT ROCK BOTTOM).
  • 50A: Bus driver's request (STEP TO THE REAR).
  • 62A: Idler at the shore (BEACH BUM).
  • 39A: Pistol handle, and what 17-, 24-, 50- and 62-Across each have (BUTT END).
Cute theme. About halfway through I'm all, "Wait a minute, the theme is butts? Awesome." Nothing particularly sparkly about the long downs: MASTHEADS, REROOTED, CAMERA BAG, BELTLINE(??). They're long but that's about all I can really say for them. I also noticed quite a bit of that "themed cluing," which I really enjoy in small doses but find a little annoying after a while. What do I mean? Check these out:
  • 16A: Cosmetics giant founded in 1932 (REVLON).
  • 20A: Cosmetics giant Lauder (ESTÉE).
  • 64A: Nonsupporter's political sign words (VOTE NO).
  • 54D: Supporter's political sign word (ELECT).
  • 6D: Chum in Chihuahua (AMIGO).
  • 28D: Chihuahua greeting (HOLA).
  • 47D: Chihuahua, e.g. (TOY DOG).
I also noticed a little thread of violence weaving its way through this grid. Did you see that?
  • 14A: Rat-__ (A-TAT).
  • 55A: Point, as a pistol (AIM).
  • 32D: Big bomb blasts (N-TESTS).
  • 50D: Round of gunfire (SALVO).
Did I mention the theme is butts?

  • 5A: Big Apple line (MAC). I was taken in by the "Big Apple" trick. My first thought was "Circle Line," which is a tourist boat ride around Manhattan. (Not sure if it actually goes all the way around Manhattan, but anyway.) Of course, if Circle Line was the answer, the word "line" wouldn't be in the clue. D'oh!
  • 8A: Buster who played Flash Gordon (CRABBE). Buster CRABBE is a cool name. I know a few people I wouldn't mind calling Buster CRABBE.
  • 21A: Doodad (GISMO). I prefer to spell this word with a Z, and I did that first.
  • 65A: U.N. Day mo. (OCT.). Whenever I see one of these clues for a particular month I always think it's April. I don't know why.
  • 1D: Hard Rock __ (CAFE). A little unusual that the word "rock" is in this clue and in the grid (at 24A).
  • 2D: Bluesman Redding (OTIS).
  • 7D: What drives a baby buggy? (COLIC). That's a cute clue. So grateful the PuzzleKids didn't suffer from COLIC.
  • 61D: "__ Blu Dipinto Di Blu": 1958 hit (NEL). No idea.
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 20A: Cosmetics giant Lauder (ESTÉE).
  • 44A: To be, in Bordeaux (ÊTRE).
  • 45A: FBI guy (G-MAN).
  • 36D: Morales of "NYPD Blue" (ESAI).
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Everything Else 1A: Unconscious state (COMA); 15A: Texter's "I think ..." (IMO); 19A: Top-priority (URGENT); 23A: In the past (AGO); 27A: Old man's domain, in a Hemingway work (THE SEA); 29A: "¿Cómo __ usted?" (ESTÁ); 30A: With perfection (TO A T); 31A: Bite like a rat (GNAW); 34A: Get all A's (EXCEL); 38A: From the past (OLD); 41A: Gentle-lamb connector (AS A); 42A: Wallpaper goo (PASTE); 46A: Mtn. stats (ALTS.); 48A: Virgil epic (AENEID); 56A: Disinfectant brand (LYSOL); 57A: Port near Kobe (OSAKA); 60A: Ex-Soviet leader Brezhnev (LEONID); 66A: Wild West's Wyatt (EARP); 67A: Monopod feature (ONE LEG); 68A: Mo. town (STL); 69A: Some NCOs (SGTS.); 3D: Newspapers' staff lists (MASTHEADS); 4D: Nonbeliever (ATHEIST); 5D: Athletes for Hope co-founder Hamm (MIA); 8D: Cookie jar morsels (CRUMBS); 9D: Transplanted successfully (REROOTED); 10D: Batting no. (AVG.); 11D: Lamb's greeting (BLEAT); 12D: Salsa drum (BONGO); 13D: Bug sci. (ENTOM.); 18D: Head, to Henri (TÊTE); 22D: Cookout holder (SKEWER); 25D: Maker of Mama's Special Garden Sauce (RAGU); 26D: Invoice add-on (TAX); 27D: Sports car option (T-TOP); 33D: Courtroom VIP (ATT.); 35D: Photographer's tote (CAMERA BAG); 37D: Arrive, in a way (LAND); 39D: Spare tire site? (BELT LINE); 40D: About to arrive (NEAR); 43D: Light hit (TAP); 45D: Grinds, as teeth (GNASHES); 49D: Fair-hiring org. (EEOC); 51D: Attach, as to a hitching post (TIE ON); 52D: Ham it up (EMOTE); 53D: Vagabonds (HOBOS); 58D: Super Bowl XXXIV MVP Warner (KURT); 59D: Gig gear (AMPS); 63D: Eur.-North America divider (ATL.).

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