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S U N D A Y February 20, 2011
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Punjabbing" — Indian puns.

Theme answers:

  • 22A: Co-star of "Apu of Mayberry"? (RANI HOWARD).
  • 24A: Publisher of Indian Gourmet magazine? (GANDHI NAST).
  • 26A: Ravi Shankar's band? (THE RAGA FELLERS).
  • 38A: Most popular word game in India? (SIKH AND FIND).
  • 41A: "What will you be wearing in Poona, Oona?" (SARI CHARLIE).
  • 57A: "Okay, you can visit that Indian city, but come right home!" (DON' T DELHI DALLY).
  • 77A: What 1987's "The Untouchables" had? (AN ALL-STAR CASTE).
  • 91A: Indian dancer of the 1930s? (RUPEE KEELER).
  • 93A: Most popular race in India? (THE HINDI 5OO).
  • 109A: Film about an Indian restaurant? (TANDOOR MERCIES).
  • 113A: Actor in Indian spy films? (RAJAH MOORE).
  • 117A: What you might feel while solving this puzzle? (AGRAVATION).
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Everything Else 1A: Plants in a Fugard title (ALOES).; 6A: Somewhat (A BIT).; 10A: Downfall (RUIN).; 14A: A tug may tow it (SCOW).; 18A: Part of a cell, the ___ body (GOLGI).; 19A: Three-trio combo (NONET).; 21A: Reverse (UNDO).; 28A: "What have we here?!" ("OHO!").; 29A: Goose genus (ANSER).; 30A: Commandment verb (STEAL).; 31A: Conscripted one (DRAFTEE).; 35A: Toothpaste amount (DAB).; 48A: Unctuous (OILY).; 49A: Actress Susan (DEY).; 50A: Hard hike (TREK).; 51A: Phony handle (ALIAS).; 52A: Nuts (GAGA).; 53A: Pages and pages (REAMS).; 55A: Supreme Court duds (ROBES).; 60A: It'll never fly (EMU).; 61A: Minotaur's home (CRETE).; 63A: ___ budget (ON A).; 64A: Juan's conclusion? (-ITA).; 65A: Baby-sitters (WATCHERS).; 67A: Clubber, opposite Rocky (MR. T).; 68A: b, d, f, h, k, or l (ASCENDER).; 73A: Subtle tone (HUE).; 74A: James Clavell's "___-Pan" (TAI).; 75A: Jumped between electrodes (ARCED).; 76A: Outside prefix (EXO-).; 82A: Intensify (REV UP).; 84A: All-out attack (BLITZ).; 85A: Upside-down, e.g. (CAKE).; 86A: Francis, e.g. (SAINT).; 88A: Like some loads (WIDE).; 89A: Dune buggy: abbr. (ATV).; 90A: "No thanks, ___ already" (I ATE).; 97A: Red or White follower (SOX).; 98A: Piano pieces (SONATAS).; 99A: Selassie disciple (RASTA).; 103A: "Chestnuts roasting ..." melody writer (TORMÉ).; 108A: Old boob-tube adjunct (VCR).; 118A: Ready to serve (OPEN).; 119A: "Great!" ("SUPER!").; 120A: "The Family Circus" cartoonist Bil (KEANE).; 121A: "___ see it ..." (AS WE).; 122A: Greek letter (ZETA).; 123A: Brit's intro (I SAY).; 124A: Strikes speechless (STUNS).; 1D: All ___ (excited) (AGOG).; 2D: Baritone-sax note (LOW A).; 3D: Five Norwegian kings (OLAFS).; 4D: Florida flyer (EGRET).; 5D: Come (up to) slyly (SIDLE).; 6D: Actress Pier of "The Silver Chalice" (ANGELI).; 7D: Sty guy (BOAR).; 8D: Vacancy venues (INNS).; 9D: Lou's clueless anchor (TED).; 10D: Tiebreaker of a sort (RUN-OFF).; 11D: Spanish article (UNA).; 12D: Cards with photos (ID'S).; 13D: "___ a problem" (NOT).; 14D: Mex. miss (SRTA.).; 15D: "All the Way" lyricist Sammy (CAHN).; 16D: Items (ONES).; 17D: Unlike Joan's hangers (WIRE).; 20D: Tough to solve (THORNY).; 23D: Sound heard at the beginning of camp? (HARD C).; 25D: "___ no idea!" (I HAD).; 27D: Use a surgical beam (LASE).; 31D: Lama lead-in (DALAI).; 32D: Like some basins (TIDAL).; 33D: The Axis, to the Allies (ENEMY).; 34D: Ice cream brand (EDY'S).; 36D: "So that's it!" ("AHA!").; 37D: Not-so-hairy Norse god? (BALDER).; 39D: Sitter in a eucalyptus tree (KOALA).; 40D: Forecast extreme (HIGH).; 41D: Scatter (about) (STREW).; 42D: Bakery beckoner (AROMA).; 43D: Counter (an argument) (REBUT).; 44D: A Clanton at the OK Corral (IKE).; 45D: Runs amok (RIOTS).; 46D: Olympic swimmer's slot (LANE).; 47D: Final extension? (-IST).; 52D: Decent chap (GENT).; 53D: For mature viewers (RATED R).; 54D: Joie de vivre (ELAN).; 56D: Creator of "the little round-headed kid" (SCHULZ).; 58D: Column style (DORIC).; 59D: Fuzzy hangups (DICE).; 62D: Barn-dance dance (REEL).; 66D: Shoot the breeze (CHAT).; 67D: Farm female (MARE).; 68D: Bandleader Shaw (ARTIE).; 69D: Script sections (SCENES).; 70D: Dickens (DEVIL).; 71D: Ooze (EXUDE).; 72D: Cowboy, at times (ROPER).; 74D: Relax (TAKE 5).; 75D: Quickly, quickly (ASAP).; 77D: Clipped conjunction (ALTHO).; 78D: "Stairway to Heaven" star David (NIVEN).; 79D: Lots (SCADS).; 80D: Filmmaker Jacques (TATI).; 81D: Tempe sch. (ASU).; 83D: Farm female (EWE).; 84D: Is up (BATS).; 87D: Ring outcome, briefly (TKO).; 90D: Comrades ___ (IN ARMS).; 91D: Hog's milieu? (ROAD).; 92D: Additional (EXTRA).; 94D: Cigar city (HAVANA).; 95D: Hankering (ITCH).; 96D: Cantankerous (ORNERY).; 100D: Saturates (SOAKS).; 101D: Play hard ___ (TO GET).; 102D: Pianist Claudio (ARRAU).; 104D: Hedron intro (OCTA-).; 105D: Reformer Jacob (RIIS).; 106D: Persian comment (MEOW).; 107D: Ye olde Anglo-Saxon serf (ESNE).; 109D: Bikini parts (TOPS).; 110D: Purview (AREA).; 111D: Author of "The Magic Mountain" (MANN).; 112D: After 6 p.m., in ads (EVES).; 113D: Actress Russell, to pals (ROZ).; 114D: Jungle groomer (APE).; 115D: Namath was one (JET).; 116D: Paris accord? (OUI).

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