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05.22 Sun (calendar)

May 22, 2011
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Products I'd Like to See" — Puns on product names.

Theme answers:

  • 21A: Anti-crop pest product? (DELIVER US FROM WEEVILS).
  • 31A: Anti-amphibian product? (TOAD-AWAY).
  • 34A: Anti-faucet leak product? (KNOCKOUT DRIPS).
  • 52A: Anti-dysentery product? (ADIOS AMOEBAS).
  • 72A: Anti-grape stain product? (SQUELCHES).
  • 87A: Anti-insect product? (LOOK MA NO ANTS).
  • 103A: Anti-"pests in general" product? (THE VERMINATOR).
  • 106A: Anti-dandruff product? (FLAKE OFF).
  • 120A: Anti-fungus product (with an Elton John jingle)? (GOODBYE YELLOWISH MOLD).
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Everything Else 1A: On ___ (fleeing) (THE LAM); 7A: Preexisting condition? (AS IS); 11A: It gets hammered (ANVIL); 16A: "She doesn't know me ___" (FROM ADAM); 18A: Building blocks of a sort (LEGOS); 20A: He directed Eastwood in the 1960s (LEONE); 24A: "Got it," to a gob ("AYE"); 25A: "The Pilot's Wife" author Shreve (ANITA); 26A: Silo filler (GRAIN); 27A: After the bell (LATE); 29A: Knight stick (LANCE); 42A: Emulate Tommy Moe (SKI); 43A: ___-Foy, Quebec (STE.); 44A: Drillmasters? (OILMEN); 45A: Long or now preceder (ERE); 46A: That cad (HIM); 48A: Stuff in a cell (RNA); 50A: Simple to use, as a product (ONE-STEP); 57A: Cribbage need (PEG); 58A: Propulsion poles (OARS); 60A: NYC gambling sign (OTB); 61A: Was in theaters (RAN); 62A: Evita's guy (JUAN); 64A: Followed (ENSUED); 66A: Path to a pew (AISLE); 68A: Money spent (OUTGO); 69A: Swarm (HORDE); 74A: Worthless stuff (DROSS); 75A: Admits frankly (AVOWS); 76A: Finland, to the Finns (SUOMI); 77A: Main dish (ENTRÉE); 79A: Alliance formed under HST (NATO); 80A: 124 Down's "Rocky" (III); 81A: Court figs. (DA'S); 83A: Pitching stats (ERAS); 84A: ___ choy (BOK); 91A: Not well-known (OBSCURE); 93A: Morse word (DIT); 94A: Carrier to Oslo (SAS); 95A: Landing info (ETA); 97A: Angler, at times (BAITER); 98A: TV military drama that spun off "NCIS" (JAG); 101A: Parisian pronoun (TOI); 109A: Blithe (MERRY); 110A: DEA agent's find (KILO); 111A: Manhattan Project VIP (FERMI); 114A: Nick's wife and others (NORAS); 117A: Kick-off prop (TEE); 125A: Cell phone company (NOKIA); 126A: Debussy contemporary (SATIE); 127A: Chance for many to sleep in (SATURDAY); 128A: Impede, variantly (STYMY); 129A: Former Dodge model (NEON); 130A: French Revolution figure (DANTON); 1D: Deuce topper (TREY); 2D: Green target (HOLE); 3D: UK record label (EMI); 4D: Red river? (LAVA); 5D: Mideast gulf (ADEN); 6D: Henner of "Taxi" (MARILU); 7D: ET on TV (ALF); 8D: Mr. Prokofiev (SERGEI); 9D: Mr. Stravinsky (IGOR); 10D: "Brave New World" drug (SOMA); 11D: Saloon selection (ALE); 12D: Pahrump's state: abbr. (NEV.); 13D: Kin of "presto" (VOILÀ); 14D: Arkin-Falk comedy, "The ___" (IN-LAWS); 15D: Rice vampire (LESTAT); 16D: Rx watchdog (FDA); 17D: Change genetically (MUTATE); 19D: "M*A*S*H" co-star (SWIT); 22D: Supreme Court first name until 2006 (SANDRA); 23D: Chimp in space (ENOS); 28D: Word after naked or private (EYE); 30D: Words to live by (CREDO); 32D: Ohio city (AKRON); 33D: Chow down uptown (DINE); 34D: Former surgeon-general (KOOP); 35D: Baseball team (NINE); 36D: Fashion first name (OLEG); 37D: Mil. trials (CM'S); 38D: Solvent compounds (KETONES); 39D: Draft ratings (ONE-A'S); 40D: Irrationally afraid (PHOBIC); 41D: Girl in the house (SIS); 47D: Emil's "Blue Angel" co-star (MARLENE); 49D: Renounce (ABJURE); 51D: Wilhelm I's realm (PRUSSIA); 53D: Toscanini, e.g. (ITALIAN); 54D: Toscanini, e.g. (MAESTRO); 55D: Self starter? (AUTO-); 56D: Hangs loose (SAGS); 59D: Elvis-suit features (SEQUINS); 63D: PINs, e.g. (NOS.); 64D: Depp-Landau film (EDWOOD); 65D: Twosome (DUO); 67D: "___ loves me ..." (SHE); 68D: Black Sea port dweller (ODESSAN); 69D: Role for Harrison (HAN); 70D: Track, often (OVAL); 71D: Rooter opening (ROTO-); 73D: Parenthesis alternative (EM DASH); 78D: Teacher of a sort (RABBI); 80D: "___ old for this!" (I'M TOO); 82D: Either co-founder of Apple (STEVE); 84D: Joke target (BUTT); 85D: Circular snack (OREO); 86D: Actress Deborah (KERR); 88D: Toy with a string (KITE); 89D: Meal starter? (OAT); 90D: Canned heat? (STERNO); 92D: Spy org. (CIA); 96D: Quiver filler (ARROWS); 98D: Oliver Stone epic (JFK); 99D: Puts straight (ALIGNS); 100D: Palooka (GALOOT); 102D: Up in the air (IFFY); 104D: One of Martin Sheen's sons (EMILIO); 105D: Innumerable (MYRIAD); 107D: Lovably odd (KOOKY); 108D: Service charges (FEES); 112D: He threw seven no-hitters (RYAN); 113D: Apportion (out) (METE); 115D: Clue-sniffing dog (ASTA); 116D: Avoid (SHUN); 117D: Hubbub (TO-DO); 118D: Verve (ELAN); 119D: Joseph of ice cream fame (EDY); 121D: Lower the beam (DIM); 122D: Tampa has one (BAY); 123D: Author Deighton (LEN); 124D: Actor known for wearing gold (MR. T).

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