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May 30, 2011
Dan Schoenholz

Theme: Prime Time — Theme answers contain prime numbers.

Theme answers:

  • 17A: *Many a sports car, capacity-wise (TWO-SEATER).
  • 23A: *Genie's offering (THREE WISHES).
  • 39A: *Eisenhower became one in 1944 (FIVE-STAR GENERAL).
  • 49A: *Slurpee seller (SEVEN-ELEVEN).
  • 61A: When most top-rated shows are on, and a hint to the kind of numbers in the starred answers (PRIME TIME).
It's Monday, it's a holiday, and I have a hard time believing anyone's actually reading this, so let's make it quick. Cute theme. Nothing mind-blowing. Weird to see both A-LIST and A-ONE in the grid. (1A: Most-preferred invitees / 30A: Top-of-the-line). Weird that ABE is an answer (15A: Civil War prez) and "Abraham" is in the clue for SON (64A: Isaac, to Abraham). I always knew there was a difference between jealousy and ENVY, but I didn't know the key was the absence of resentment. (Is that true?) Let's see … what else? It's Monday, so there's not much to talk about. Cluing is, for the most part, straightforward and nothing is particularly sparkly. So get outside and enjoy the last of your weekend. I'll see you back here tomorrow.

Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 25A: Texas or Ukraine city (ODESSA).
  • 33D: Gold, in Guanajuato (ORO).
  • 36D: River to the Caspian (URAL).
  • 46D: Legal thing (RES).
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Everything Else 6A: Courteney of "Friends" (COX); 9A: Backyard lounging locale (PATIO); 14A: Atra or Sensor (RAZOR); 16A: Staples Center, e.g. (ARENA); 19A: Tears apart (RENDS); 20A: The last word? (END); 21A: Gets on in years (AGES); 22A: Town square centerpiece (STATUE); 25A: Texas or Ukraine city (ODESSA); 29A: "__ Miz" (LES); 31A: __ gin fizz (SLOE); 34A: Mistreat (ABUSE); 42A: "Funny Girl" composer Jule (STYNE); 43A: School restroom sign (BOYS); 44A: List in order of importance (RANK); 45A: Fury (IRE); 47A: Championships (TITLES); 55A: Dover's are white (CLIFFS); 56A: Require (NEED); 57A: Maple tree yield (SAP); 60A: Former "The View" co-host O'Donnell (ROSIE); 63A: "Some people swallow the universe like __": Stevenson (A PILL); 65A: Diner (EATER); 66A: Doled (out) (METED); 67A: Helpful contacts (INS); 68A: Plastered (DRUNK); 1D: Johnson of "Laugh-In" (ARTE); 2D: Croquet venue (LAWN); 3D: Phillips-Van Heusen brand (IZOD); 4D: Distress call letters (SOS); 5D: Alternatives to tricks (TREATS); 6D: Provide food for (CATER); 7D: Extremely overweight (OBESE); 8D: Gen-__: boomer's kid, usually (X'ER); 9D: Like much politics (PARTISAN); 10D: Geometry calculations (AREAS); 11D: Bowler's final frame (TENTH); 12D: All __ time: as a matter of course (IN DUE); 13D: Where to find dates? (OASES); 18D: Horrified (AGHAST); 22D: Nor. neighbor (SWE.); 24D: Mournful poem (ELEGY); 25D: Klutzes (OAFS); 26D: Attend to the job (DO IT); 27D: Jealousy without resentment (ENVY); 28D: Witnessed (SEEN); 32D: Designer's identification (LABEL); 35D: Ernie's Muppet pal (BERT); 37D: In one's right mind (SANE); 38D: Fraternal order (ELKS); 40D: Kramer's neighbor (SEINFELD); 41D: Hold in high regard (ESTEEM); 48D: "Most assuredly!" ("INDEED!"); 49D: Vamoose (SCRAM); 50D: Say "I do" without a big do (ELOPE); 51D: Come calling (VISIT); 52D: Submit tax returns online (E-FILE); 53D: Bankrupt energy giant (ENRON); 54D: Blood carriers (VEINS); 57D: In __: as originally placed (SITU); 58D: "You can say that again!" ("AMEN!"); 59D: Exec's car, say (PERK); 61D: Tire gauge meas. (PSI); 62D: Roofing material (TAR).

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