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April 2, 2011
Alan Olschwang

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No time for a full write-up today, so talk amongst yourselves. If you have a chance, you should come on back tomorrow though. The Sunday puzzle this week was constructed by our own Doug Peterson, and we have a new guest blogger filling in to chat you up about his puzzle, which I'm sure will be fabulous (both the puzzle and the chat). See you tomorrow!

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Everything Else 1A: Island where florins are spent (ARUBA); 6A: Unoccupied (IDLE); 10A: Mental keenness (WITS); 14A: Charged (RAN AT); 15A: Hold (DEEM); 16A: Minimally (A BIT); 17A: Where few people live (MIDDLE OF NOWHERE); 20A: "Is that __?" (A NO); 21A: Entertainer (ARTISTE); 22A: Rural pro (FER); 23A: Having no chapters? (NON-UNION); 25A: Prohibit (ENJOIN); 27A: Hardly handy (INEPT); 28A: Quiet, in a way (OIL); 30A: Mattingly's predecessor (TORRE); 31A: 20-20, e.g. (TIE); 33A: Persian for "crown" (TAJ); 35A: Summer arrivals (LEOS); 36A: Debugging aid? (INSECT REPELLENT); 41A: Bar patron who appears in every "Cheers" episode (NORM); 42A: Bordeaux bottom (CUL); 43A: Clavell's "__-Pan" (TAI); 44A: Marsh bird (SNIPE); 46A: Norse war god (TYR); 48A: Schism outcomes (SECTS); 52A: Jai alai ball (PELOTA); 54A: Float seller (MALT SHOP); 56A: Clark's "Mogambo" co-star (AVA); 57A: Huge (TITANIC); 59A: Solid-rock center? (AS A); 60A: Pick wielder (DENTAL HYGIENIST); 63A: Three-time '80s speed skating gold medalist Karin (ENKE); 64A: Kathryn of "Law & Order: C.I." (ERBE); 65A: Um preceder? (NOSEE-); 66A: Early Sam & Dave record label (STAX); 67A: Club income (DUES); 68A: Head lock (TRESS); 1D: Lawyer's suit? (ARMANI); 2D: Spoil, as a picnic (RAIN ON); 3D: How a knot may come (UNDONE); 4D: Like some judgment (BAD); 5D: Kennebec River outlet, with "the" (ATLANTIC); 6D: "Same here" ('I DO TOO'); 7D: 2008 Adam Brooks romantic comedy (DEFINITELY MAYBE); 8D: Contact, e.g. (LENS); 9D: Show anger, say (EMOTE); 10D: ''Do __ Diddy Diddy'': 1964 hit (WAH); 11D: Start of a rule with numerous exceptions (I BEFORE E); 12D: Trunk item (TIRE IRON); 13D: Most severe (STERNEST); 18D: "__ tu": Verdi aria (ERI); 19D: Sold (for) (WENT); 24D: Bouncy (UPTEMPO); 26D: Kicks (JOLLIES); 29D: Drink from a dish (LAP); 32D: What an ellipsis may mean: Abbr. (ETC.); 34D: Black shade (JET); 36D: Big-time (IN SPADES); 37D: Tempest in a teapot (NON-EVENT); 38D: Colombo's country (SRI LANKA); 39D: Same old same old (RUT); 40D: You'll be busted if you use it (LAST CENT); 45D: Blues singer James (ETTA); 47D: Extents (RANGES); 49D: One in a cruise ship line (CHAISE); 50D: Chucks (TOSSES); 51D: Floods (SPATES); 53D: Had something (AILED); 55D: Full deck in old Rome? (LII); 58D: Drive-__ (THRU); 61D: St. with a panhandle (TEX.); 62D: Easter opening? (NOR-).

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