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April 18, 2011
Gail Grabowski

Theme: Electric Avenue — Each theme answer is a familiar phrase that ends with a word that can be related to electricity.

Theme answers:

  • 17A: Mott's product (APPLE JUICE).
  • 55A: Gust of wind, e.g. (AIR CURRENT).
  • 10D: Nightclub minimum (COVER CHARGE).
  • 24D: '60s-'70s passive resistance slogan (FLOWER POWER).
Good morning, everyone, and happy Monday. The PuzzleFamily is moving next weekend, so I'm pretty sure write-ups will not be as lengthy and detailed as you're used to. I'll probably find a sub to cover a day or two as well, so make sure to check back here every day cuz you never know what you'll find.

Today's puzzles is, well, it's a Monday puzzle which means simple theme, nothing flashy. But it's a Monday puzzle by Gail Grabowski, so it's on the smooth side which is always nice.

  • 16A: Opinion piece, for short (OP-ED). This always seems wrong to me, because I think the OP in OP-ED is short for "opinion." But it's not. It's short for "opposite." (A newspaper's OP-ED page is traditionally OPposite the EDitorial page.)
  • 24A: What daredevils seem to lack (FEAR). Me: "Sanity?"
  • 29A: Rail chemical carriers (TANK CARS). Remember a little while ago when I said "nothing flashy"? This is what I'm talking about.
  • 62A: Japanese wrestling (SUMO). Two wrestling clues in today's grid but neither one of them the kind of wrestling I like. See also 37D: Wrestling duos (TAG TEAMS).
  • 8D: Org. with Raiders and Steelers (AFC). American Football Corporation. (I'm kidding.)
  • 13D: Rapids phenomenon (EDDY). Just in case the title I gave this puzzle hasn't done its job, I'll mention here that EDDY is the way EDDY Grant spells his first name. He's the one who sang the unforgettable "Electric Avenue."
  • 31D: Cordelia's sister (REGAN). Two of King Lear's daughters.
  • 41D: Part of FBI (FEDERAL). The clue isn't asking for part of the actual organization — just part of the acronym. But you knew that.
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 38A: Mythological ship (ARGO).
  • 4D: Sinuous swimmer (EEL).
  • 11D: Each (A POP).
  • 30D: High-altitude nest (AERIE).
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Everything Else 1A: Key in (ENTER); 6A: The thing over there (THAT); 10A: Stalactite site (CAVE); 14A: Sticky (GOOEY); 15A: Get a new mortgage for, briefly (REFI); 19A: Tear up, as a check (VOID); 20A: __ Moines (DES); 21A: Transvaal settler (BOER); 22A: With all one's heart (DEEPLY); 25A: Place to fish from (PIER); 26A: Wore an upside-down frown (SMILED); 33A: Burgundy, for one (COLOR); 34A: Pitched shelter (TENT); 35A: Dickens's Uriah (HEEP); 36A: State purposefully (AVOW); 37A: Latin ballroom dance (TANGO); 39A: Hop out of bed (RISE); 40A: Whizzes (ACES); 41A: Monastery member (FRIAR); 42A: Fix (SET RIGHT); 44A: University officer (REGENT); 45A: Greenhouse containers (POTS); 46A: Constructed (MADE); 47A: It starts after the overture (ACT ONE); 50A: Newspaper unit (PAGE); 51A: Captain's "I need help ASAP!" (SOS); 54A: Extinguish, with "out" (BLOW); 58A: Hamster's home (CAGE); 59A: Drop anchor (MOOR); 60A: Counters with beads (ABACI); 61A: Train for a bout (SPAR); 63A: Water bottle capacity (LITER); 1D: Antiquated exclamation (EGAD); 2D: "Don't think so" (NOPE); 3D: Does better than (TOPS); 5D: Microbrewery offering (RYE BEER); 6D: More loyal (TRUER); 7D: Estate beneficiary (HEIR); 9D: Was linked with (TIED INTO); 12D: Bridal accessory (VEIL); 18D: "The Grapes of Wrath" family name (JOAD); 23D: "A spider!" ("EEK!"); 25D: Dieter's feelings of distress (PANGS); 26D: Marks for life (SCARS); 27D: Studio production (MOVIE); 28D: Gambler's words of lament (I LOST); 29D: Church belief (TENET); 32D: Golf or tennis (SPORT); 34D: RPM gauges (TACHS); 43D: Physics particle (ION); 44D: Old World Style pasta sauce brand (RAGU); 46D: Computer user's shortcut (MACRO); 47D: Elementary lessons (ABC'S); 48D: Applaud (CLAP); 49D: Old Roman wrap (TOGA); 50D: Seniors often take limos to it (PROM); 51D: Bench, for one (SEAT); 52D: It's often enough (ONCE); 53D: Instigate, with "up" (STIR); 56D: Debtor's letters (IOU); 57D: Hitter's stat (RBI).

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