Sabtu, 30 April 2011

04.30 Sat

April 30, 2011
Barry C. Silk

Theme: None.

Wow. Really enjoyed this puzzle. Between the awesome clue for MATH MAJOR right at 1A (Michael Jordan began college as one) to RIN TIN TIN atop TÊTE-À-TÊTE in the southeast corner (58A: Shepherd of old radio / 60A: Where three's a crowd), I found this puzzle a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I promised Rex I'd cover his blog for him today, so I'm gonna have to cut this short. I know you all are like, "Wait, you're covering for Rex? What is wrong with you? Don't you know you just moved into a new house and you're a mess?!" I assure you, those are legitimate questions. But not questions I am prepared to answer at this time. Let me just say Barry, you're awesome, thanks to everybody else for stopping by, and I hope you'll get some gabbing done in the comments. Doug will be here with tomorrow's puzzle and I'll see you back here Monday.

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Everything Else 10A: Leather leggings (CHAPS); 15A: Plants (SHRUBBERY); 16A: "Casbah" actor, 1948 (LORRE); 17A: Sex symbol of the silents (THEDA BARA); 18A: Very funny (ARIOT); 19A: Accessory (ADD-ON); 20A: Titans, e.g. (NISSANS); 22A: Current source (OUTLET); 24A: Negative sentiment (I HOPE NOT); 25A: "Wedding Day at Troldhaugen" composer (GRIEG); 26A: He got his only World Series ring in 2009 (A-ROD); 27A: Staff note (MEMO); 28A: "Viva-Vegas" link (LAS); 29A: Eastern quaff that's typically 18-25% alcohol (RICE WINE); 32A: 21-Down, e.g. (ELEMENT); 34A: They're assumed (ANONYMS); 38A: Motions (GESTURES); 40A: Want ad abbr. (EEO); 41A: Mosque leader (IMAM); 44A: "__ a hunch ..." (I HAD); 45A: Far from assertive (TIMID); 47A: Ariadne, to Minos (DAUGHTER); 49A: Archaeologists, at times (DATERS); 50A: Clique (IN-GROUP); 51A: "Going Rogue" author (PALIN); 52A: Three-time Clooney role (OCEAN); 53A: Adjacent to (ALONGSIDE); 57A: Old Scottish landholder (THANE); 59A: Like some bars (SANDY); 1D: Colorado hrs. (MST); 2D: Sound of recognition (AHH); 3D: Mill's "On Liberty," for one (TREATISE); 4D: Where plays may be discussed (HUDDLE); 5D: GMAT taker's goal (MBA DEGREE); 6D: Brother's keeper? (ABBOT); 7D: Name often seen before a hyphen (JEAN); 8D: #4 at Boston Garden (ORR); 9D: 2006 N.L. MVP (RYAN HOWARD); 10D: Necklace feature (CLASP); 11D: Jockeys (HORSEMEN); 12D: European satellite launcher (ARIANE); 13D: Nous or vous (PRONOM); 14D: Begins (SETS TO); 21D: Kelp nutrient (IODINE); 22D: Eye up and down (OGLE); 23D: River through Orsk (URAL); 24D: Fight cause, often (IRE); 26D: Behave suitably (ACT THE PART); 30D: As found (IN SITU); 31D: What oldies evoke (NOSTALGIA); 33D: Hollywood-themed Vegas hotel (MGM GRAND); 35D: Rial spender (YEMENITE); 36D: Rabin's '70s predecessor (MEIR); 37D: Fixes bare spots, in a way (SODS); 39D: Former Mideast gp. (UAR); 41D: Certain how-to book targets? (IDIOTS); 42D: La __: region of central Spain (MANCHA); 43D: Like the stables cleaned by Hercules in a single day (AUGEAN); 46D: "I disagree" ("IT ISN'T"); 48D: Love (HONEY); 49D: "Purgatorio" writer (DANTE); 51D: Bridge in Paris (PONT); 54D: Rest (LIE); 55D: Morse character (DIT); 56D: Wind dir. (ENE).

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