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July 4, 2011
Peter A. Collins

Theme: Independence Day — Theme answers are related to Independence Day.

Theme answers:

  • 39A: Chief author (who died 7/4/1826) of 5- and 9-Down (THOMAS JEFFERSON).
  • 5D/9D: Document signed 7/4/1776 (THE DECLARATION / OF INDEPENDENCE).
  • 7D/51D: Chief congressional advocate (who died 7/4/1826) of 5- and 9-Down (JOHN / ADAMS).
Okay, this is funny. I first read the clues for THOMAS JEFFERSON and JOHN ADAMS as "The [blah blah blah] who died of 5- and 9-Down." Like THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE was some kind of disease or something. Took me a few minutes to figure that out. HAha! So this is a fine puzzle and obviously timely. But you know what I'm going to do today? I'm going to take the day off. I can do that, right? (The cool thing is that even though I just asked that question, I can't actually hear your answer!) I think it's okay for me to do that today so I'm going to. You all go ahead and chat it up in the comments and I'll see you back here tomorrow.

Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 20A: UFO pilots, in theory (ET'S).
  • 34A: Bruin Bobby who wore #4 (ORR).
  • 53A: Video game pioneer (ATARI).
  • 66A: Moray fisherman (EELER).
  • 32D: 1944 battle city (ST.-LÔ).
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Everything Else 1A: Racecourse setting for a "My Fair Lady" scene (ASCOT); 6A: IHOP beverages (OJ'S); 9A: Unseats (OUSTS); 14A: Coach Bill whose 49ers won three Super Bowls (WALSH); 15A: Highchair user (TOT); 16A: Camera setting (F STOP); 17A: Fill with joy (ELATE); 18A: "__ will be done ...": Lord's Prayer (THY); 19A: Prefix with -clast (ICONO); 20A: UFO pilots, in theory (ET'S); 21A: Speak dully and endlessly (DRONE ON); 24A: Actor Beatty (NED); 25A: Fate (KISMET); 27A: Stick (to) (ADHERE); 29A: Sprinted (RACED); 31A: Starting squad (A TEAM); 32A: Dote on (SPOIL); 34A: Bruin Bobby who wore #4 (ORR); 36A: Chopin's instrument (PIANO); 42A: NASA vehicle (LEM); 43A: Cheers for (ROOTS ON); 44A: Like Robitussin: Abbr. (OTC); 45A: GM navigation system (ONSTAR); 47A: Danish birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen (ODENSE); 49A: Drew, as a magnet (ATTRACTED); 53A: Video game pioneer (ATARI); 56A: Org. for drillers? (ADA); 57A: Innocent ones (NAIFS); 61A: "Bedtime for __": Reagan film (BONZO); 62A: Used a chair (SAT); 63A: Nav. officers (CMDRS.); 64A: Sir Arthur __ Doyle (CONAN); 65A: HBO alternative (TMC); 66A: Moray fisherman (EELER); 67A: Ollie's partner (STAN); 68A: Bat wood (ASH); 69A: Matches, as a bet (SEES); 1D: See 38-Down (A WEEK); 2D: 1972 U.S./Soviet missile agreement (SALT I); 3D: Pupils' places (CLASSROOMS); 4D: East, to Ernst (OST); 6D: Director Preminger (OTTO); 8D: Eye malady (STYE); 10D: Pac-10 sch. (USC); 11D: Worker with rocks (STONE MASON); 12D: Copier filler (TONER); 13D: Fine china brand (SPODE); 22D: GPS suggestion (RTE.); 23D: Feedbag grain (OAT); 26D: Injure badly (MAIM); 28D: What can't be parted after it's departed? (HAIR); 30D: School where belts are earned (DOJO); 31D: Sounds from pounds (ARFS); 32D: 1944 battle city (ST.-LÔ); 33D: Withdrawn diet-drug combo Fen-__ (PHEN); 35D: Like a gen. who no longer has men (RET.); 37D: Have-__: the needy (NOTS); 38D: With 1-Down, every seven days (ONCE); 40D: Put mail in boxes, say (SORT); 41D: Third of a yard (FOOT); 46D: "__ of the Apes" (TARZAN); 48D: Mingo portrayer on "Daniel Boone" (ED AMES); 50D: Certain Jamaican believer (RASTA); 52D: Hidden problem (CATCH); 53D: Preschool basics (ABC'S); 54D: Honk (TOOT); 55D: Kournikova of tennis (ANNA); 58D: Not doing anything (IDLE); 59D: Gratis (FREE); 60D: Lith. and Ukr., once (SSR'S).

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