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July 23, 2011
Barry C. Silk

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I was really afraid this was going to be a DNF for me today. That southeast corner gave me fits. But it eventually came together. I really enjoyed this challenge today. I'm late posting because I'm really not feeling very well today. So I'm going to go back to bed and you all can chat it up in the comments.

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Everything Else 1A: __ Cup: Canadian football trophy (GREY); 5A: They're waved (MAGIC WANDS); 15A: Sound detected with a stethoscope (RALE); 16A: Much of it is shipped via the Strait of Hormuz (IRANIAN OIL); 17A: What injured parties may try to get (EVEN); 18A: Critical period (CRUNCH TIME); 19A: Gumshoe (TEC); 20A: Walked (TROD); 21A: "It will be fair weather: for the sky __": Matthew (IS RED); 22A: Gallery event (ART SHOW); 24A: Like some candle scents (PINY); 26A: Bach, e.g. (GERMAN); 27A: Reasonable (SANE); 28A: Dave Matthews Band label (RCA); 31A: Lander at Orly (AVION); 32A: Library supporter? (BOOKSHELF); 34A: "Little Caesar" gangster (RICO); 35A: They extract oxygen from water (GILLS); 36A: With 40-Across, nocturnal noisemaker (HOOT); 37A: "Help!" predecessor (BEATLES VI); 39A: Viking language (NORSE); 40A: See 36-Across (OWL); 41A: Fleshy-leaved plant (ALOE); 42A: Blackmailer (GOUGER); 43A: Part of NBA: Abbr. (ASSN.); 44A: Bridge units (TETRADS); 45A: Unalaska denizen (ALEUT); 48A: See (DATE); 49A: Govt.'s Laboratory of Hygiene, now (NIH); 50A: Ancient rock engraving (PETROGLYPH); 53A: Gershon of film (GINA); 54A: City near Randolph Air Force Base (SAN ANTONIO); 55A: Sea of __, shallowest in the world (AZOV); 56A: Colorful (OPALESCENT); 57A: Pool member (GENE); 1D: "Ninotchka" star (GRETA GARBO); 2D: Pan's opposite (RAVE REVIEW); 3D: Outlet type (ELECTRICAL); 4D: Itch (YEN); 5D: .000001 meters (MICRON); 6D: Mall map symbol (ARROW); 7D: Showy trinket (GAUD); 8D: Place to retire (INN); 9D: Title spelled out in Art. 2 of the U.S. Constitution (CIC); 10D: Surfer girls (WAHINES); 11D: Restless (ANTSY); 12D: Film __ (NOIR); 13D: Olive branch site (DIME); 14D: Winter scene staple (SLED); 20D: Comparison word (THAN); 23D: 1930 tariff act co-sponsor (SMOOT); 24D: Philadelphia suburb (PAOLI); 25D: Pens' contents (INKS); 27D: Unravel (SOLVE); 28D: Overhaul (REORGANIZE); 29D: Got ready to trap (CLOSED IN ON); 30D: Occasional stinger (AFTERSHAVE); 32D: Nomadic grazers (BISON); 33D: Time to attack (H-HOUR); 35D: Stylist's stock (GELS); 38D: Warning to an overindulgent bar customer (LAST ONE); 39D: Bank robber's aid (NOTE); 42D: Break 90, say (GET HOT); 43D: Acoustic (AURAL); 44D: Green stroke (TAP-IN); 45D: Lhasa __ (APSO); 46D: Spring (LEAP); 47D: 1928 destroyer of the village of Mascali (ETNA); 48D: Physics unit (DYNE); 51D: Sporty cars (GT'S); 52D: __ cit. (LOC.); 53D: __ order (GAG).

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