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July 18, 2011
Robert Fisher

Theme: Photo Finish — The first word of each theme answer can follow the word "photo" to create a familiar word (i.e., it "finishes" the word "photo").

Theme answers:

  • 17A: Penning ads and such (COPY WRITING).
  • 26A: Mall habitué's motto (SHOP TIL YOU DROP).
  • 42A: Instrument Bob Dylan was once booed for playing (ELECTRIC GUITAR).
  • 56A: Race decided by a camera, or what the start of 17-, 26- or 42-Across literally is (PHOTO FINISH).
I decided not to try to race through this puzzle and I pretty much couldn't help it. Very very smooth fill. In fact, I threw two of the theme answers in without even reading their clues — I had enough crosses in place that they were just obvious. I only had one write-over in the whole grid: I first tried ONE SEC instead of IN A SEC (48A: "Comin' right up").

Cute theme idea. I like it when a word-before theme has a purpose. You know, it's not just random words being thrown together — they're being thrown together for a reason. In this case the phrase PHOTO FINISH is what holds it all together and gives it purpose. I really appreciate that. I don't, however, appreciate PHOTOELECTRIC. No doubt joon will be along any minute to explain why this word should be on the tip of everyone's tongue, but I'm pretty sure I've never heard it. So that kind of took away from the theme for me.

Nothing particularly exciting about the long downs, but some of the shorter entries tickled my fancy. Like:
  • 6D: Showy to a fault (CHI-CHI).
  • 41D: Scary beach current (RIP TIDE).
  • 44D: In great numbers (GALORE).
  • 48D: Far from certain (IFFY).
Those are very nice words, particularly on a Monday. A little Scrabbliness here and there also adds some sparkle
  • 11A: Use a stun gun on (ZAP).
  • 33A: Puppy's protest (YELP). I'm a little surprised YELP is still only clued as a puppy noise and not as the popular website
  • 64A: Old Montreal team (EXPOS). Sorry, Crosscan. I know this is a sensitive subject for you.
Hmmm, what else? I didn't know [36D: HERSCHEL Bernardi, who played Tevye on Broadway], but got it easily through the crosses. I would probably have spelled HORSY with an E (36A: Equine, to a 19-Across). And the [62A: "Is it soup __?"] actually sounds better to me without the YET at the end. And with that, I'll leave you with this. (22A: Browsing the Web, say (ONLINE)).

Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 25A: Church alcove (APSE).
  • 53D: Norway's capital (OSLO).
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Everything Else 1A: Gold medalist's place (FIRST); 6A: Buddies (CHUMS); 14A: Boise's state (IDAHO); 15A: Saigon's Vietnam War counterpart (HANOI); 16A: "__ had it!" (I'VE); 19A: Wee one (TOT); 20A: PC key next to the space bar (ALT); 21A: Buttery and creamy, as pastry (RICH); 24A: When doubled, make light of (POOH); 32A: Ending for micro- or oscillo- (SCOPE); 34A: Big Band __ (ERA); 35A: Tackle box item (LURE); 38A: Odds partner (ENDS); 39A: Like most codgers (OLD); 40A: Long-haul rig (SEMI); 41A: Postal postings (RATES); 46A: Gold medalist, vis-à-vis competitors (BEST); 47A: Egyptian snakes (ASPS); 51A: Part of a blind (SLAT); 52A: "Unbelievable!" ("WOW!"); 55A: Whopper junior? (FIB); 59A: Seasonal malady (FLU); 60A: Crowbar, essentially (LEVER); 61A: How objects are seen through a mist (DIMLY); 63A: Skip the announcement, invitations, etc. (ELOPE); 1D: Payroll tax acronym (FICA); 2D: Teen favorite (IDOL); 3D: Totally absorbed (RAPT); 4D: Hardly outgoing (SHY); 5D: Line on a tugboat (TOW ROPE); 7D: "What __ God wrought?" (HATH); 8D: Prefix with verse (UNI-); 9D: Game with tiny hotels (MONOPOLY); 10D: Volunteers (for) (SIGNS UP); 11D: Penne relative (ZITI); 12D: Skin So Soft maker (AVON); 13D: Townshend of The Who (PETE); 18D: Mob disorder (RIOT); 23D: Was in front (LED); 24D: Benedict I, e.g. (POPE); 25D: Affirmative votes (AYES); 26D: Oar (SCULL); 27D: Large crowd (HORDE); 28D: Emotionally expressive, as poetry (LYRIC); 29D: Avis __ Car (RENT A); 30D: Tell the waiter what you want (ORDER); 31D: Avoid flunking (PASS); 32D: Gin fizz flavoring (SLOE); 37D: Fail to mention (OMIT); 38D: Diner sign (EATS); 40D: Church topper (STEEPLE); 43D: TV network with an eye logo (CBS); 45D: "Wild Blue Yonder" mil. group (USAF); 49D: River through Egypt (NILE); 50D: Be contiguous with (ABUT); 51D: Aerobics accessory (STEP); 52D: Spineless one (WIMP); 54D: __ and wherefores (WHYS); 57D: Lacto-__ vegetarian (OVO); 58D: Put the kibosh on (NIX).

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