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August 4, 2011
Don Gagliardo & C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Left-Right — Each theme answer is a two-word phrase, the first word of which is typed completely with the left hand. The second word is typed completely with the right hand.

Theme answers:

  • 17A: *Informal survey (STRAW POLL).
  • 29A: *Young starlet's driver (STAGE MOM).
  • 45A: *Jeweled fashion accessory (DRESS PIN).
  • 4D: *Ominous salutation (DEAR JOHN).
  • 11D: *Fresh dairy product (SWEET MILK).
  • 22D: *Garage lubricant (GEAR OIL).
  • 28D: *Retro '80s British indie rock genre (TWEE POP).
  • 35D: *Be of one mind about (AGREE UPON).
  • 41D: *Astral wildflower (STAR LILY).
  • 62A: Repeated words in a drill sergeant's marching order, and a hint to how the first and second word, in turn, of each starred answer would be touch-typed (LEFT RIGHT).
Oh man, I have so much to do today. I still have to get ready for my trip to New York for Lollapuzzoola 4, plus I have to make sure the PuzzleKids are all ready for sleep-away camp before I go. And then there's that pesky job which is gonna eat up a bunch of my day. Hate that! So I'll just say first of all that's a lot of dang theme in that there puzzle! Whoa! Also, I've seen this type (ha!) of theme before and I had the same feeling about it today as I've had in the past: I wish I had solved the puzzle on the computer. I think I probably would have had a nice aha moment if I was actually typing the words, but writing them in? They just seemed random. How did you all solve today? On computer or on paper?

I just have a couple quick comments and then you guys can hash out the rest of the grid.

  • 14A: Strike zone? (LANE). Cute clue. This is a reference to bowling.
  • 24A: Legendary Henie (SONJA). Is she a skier? Skater? I know it's some kind of winter Olympic sport. I only know her from crosswords.
  • 67A: New York's __ Island (CONEY). Here's what went through my head: LONG, STATEN, ROOSEVELT, ARGH!
  • 52D: Taj __ (MAHAL). I guess the least I can do is leave you with some music today.

Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 42A: Rocket tail? (-EER).
  • 44A: WBA stats (TKO'S).
  • 47A: Mauna __ (LOA).
  • 68A: German auto (OPEL).
  • 1D: Lund of "Casablanca" and others (ILSAS).
  • 31D: Medley (OLIO).
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Everything 1A: Chatted via AOL (IM'ED); 5A: "Legend of the Guardians" birds (OWLS); 9A: Product prefix with -matic (INSTA); 14A: Strike zone? (LANE); 15A: State with a five-sided flag (OHIO); 16A: Staircase post (NEWEL); 17A: *Informal survey (STRAW POLL); 19A: Lose no games (SWEEP); 20A: São Miguel's islands (AZORES); 21A: Get dolled (up) (TOG); 23A: Kings and queens (BEDS); 24A: Legendary Henie (SONJA); 25A: Discharge (EMIT); 27A: Great Lakes prov. (ONT.); 29A: *Young starlet's driver (STAGEMOM); 33A: Six-sided state (UTAH); 36A: Tends the lawn (WATERS); 38A: Key for Debussy? (ILE); 39A: + or -, e.g. (SIGN); 40A: It's not chilly in Chile (ENERO); 41A: Buttonhole, e.g. (SLIT); 42A: Rocket tail? (-EER); 43A: Russian leader, 1682-1725 (PETER I); 44A: WBA stats (TKO'S); 45A: *Jeweled fashion accessory (DRESS PIN); 47A: Mauna __ (LOA); 49A: Prefix with -morphic (ECTO); 50A: Albee offering (DRAMA); 54A: "Out of the question!" ("UH-UH!"); 56A: Bud (PAL); 59A: Haul in (COLLAR); 60A: Slangy denials (NOPES); 62A: Repeated words in a drill sergeant's marching order, and a hint to how the first and second word, in turn, of each starred answer would be touch-typed (LEFT RIGHT); 64A: Ad (PROMO); 65A: Brace (PAIR); 66A: Pastures (LEAS); 67A: New York's __ Island (CONEY); 68A: German auto (OPEL); 69A: Every 12 mos. (YRLY.); 1D: Lund of "Casablanca" and others (ILSAS); 2D: Seder staple (MATZO); 3D: "The Smartest Guys in the Room" company (ENRON); 4D: *Ominous salutation (DEAR JOHN); 5D: "My bad!" ("OOPS!"); 6D: Question from 5-Across? (WHO); 7D: Jaunty tune (LILT); 8D: New pilot's milestone (SOLO); 9D: Connections (INS); 10D: Online novice (NEWBIE); 11D: *Fresh dairy product (SWEET MILK); 12D: Ready to drive (TEED); 13D: Salzburg vista (ALPS); 18D: Withdraw by degrees (WEAN); 22D: *Garage lubricant (GEAR OIL); 26D: U.K. sports cars (MG'S); 28D: *Retro '80s British indie rock genre (TWEE POP); 29D: 17th-century Dutch painter (STEEN); 30D: Okla., once (TERR.); 31D: Medley (OLIO); 32D: Citi Field team (METS); 33D: Pre-owned (USED); 34D: Theater section (TIER); 35D: *Be of one mind about (AGREE UPON); 37D: Naysayer (ANTI); 41D: *Astral wildflower (STAR LILY); 43D: LAX setting (PST); 46D: Work on a plot (SCHEME); 48D: Renuzit target (ODOR); 51D: Rags-to-riches author (ALGER); 52D: Taj __ (MAHAL); 53D: Pretentious (ARTSY); 54D: Like sexist jokes, for short (UN-P.C.); 55D: Scope starter (HORO-); 57D: Best friend's meal? (ALPO); 58D: Ballet move (LEAP); 59D: Key used in combinations (CTRL); 61D: Tempeh base (SOY); 63D: "For shame!" ("FIE!").

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