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August 17, 2011

Jack McInturff

Theme: Three Times a Lady — Each theme answer is a familiar phrase that starts with a word that follows the word LADY in a familiar phrase

Theme answers:

  • 17A: Gourmet treat sold in gold boxes (GODIVA CHOCOLATE).
  • 25A: Backdrop for tangerine trees, in a Beatles classic (MARMALADE SKIES).
  • 41A: Enduring fortune, ethnically speaking (LUCK OF THE IRISH).
  • 54A: 1978 #1 hit for the Commodores (and this puzzle's title) (THREE TIMES A LADY).
Very cute theme today. I was thinking all three ladies might be songs, but then remembered that whenever I think of LADY GODIVA, the song that goes through my head is actually this one:

But that's just my own little quirk, obviously not something Jack McInturff needs to keep in mind while constructing. Although if constructors would tailor their puzzles directly to me, that sure would help me along.

There were a few things in today's grid that I just flat-out didn't know, which seems like kind of a lot for a Wednesday:

  • 22A: Edd's "77 Sunset Strip" role (KOOKIE).
  • 23D: Great Seal word (ORDO). Um … what?
  • 29D: Tennyson's "__ Arden" (ENOCH).
But those entries were balanced out nicely by SWIT and KAREEM, which were right in my sweet spot (30D: She played Houlihan on "M*A*S*H" / 42D: Laker teammate of Magic). My sweet spot apparently lives in the late 70s/early 80s and sits in front of a TV.

Winner of today's Most Awesomest Word in the Grid Award goes to VERMIN (18D: Rats and such). It's a cartoonish word, isn't it? Unfortunately, X FACTOR (39D: Hard-to-define element) got robbed. Any other day and it would have had no trouble taking the title.

Crosswordese 101 Round-up:

  • 21A: Bow-wielding god (EROS).
  • 4D: Ex-press secretary Fleischer (ARI).
  • 37D: Viking war god (ODIN).
  • 43D: "Garfield" drooler (ODIE).
  • 52D: Novelist Ferber (EDNA).
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Everything 1A: Crime writer Paretsky (SARA); 5A: Name on an NYU arts building (TISCH); 10A: Goes (for) (OPTS); 14A: Declare openly (AVER); 15A: Toaster, at times (EMCEE); 16A: Bucket of bolts (HEAP); 17A: Gourmet treat sold in gold boxes (GODIVA CHOCOLATE); 20A: USN rank (ENS.); 21A: Bow-wielding god (EROS); 22A: Edd's "77 Sunset Strip" role (KOOKIE); 23A: Approximation phrase (OR SO); 24A: Brand served on the floor (ALPO); 25A: Backdrop for tangerine trees, in a Beatles classic (MARMALADE SKIES); 31A: Thief (BANDIT); 32A: Cabbage roll? (WAD); 33A: L.A.-to-Bakersfield heading (NNW); 34A: Follow, as a tip (ACT ON); 35A: Bit of a pickle (JAM); 36A: Yes-man's phrase (SO DO I); 38A: Hawaiian tuna (AHI); 39A: Ballot markings (X'ES); 40A: Take off (DEDUCT); 41A: Enduring fortune, ethnically speaking (LUCK OF THE IRISH); 45A: "Law & Order" figures: Abbr. (ADA'S); 46A: Swedish explorer Hedin (SVEN); 47A: Former "Today" co-anchor (COURIC); 50A: D-delta connection (AS IN); 51A: Fashion bottom line? (HEM); 54A: 1978 #1 hit for the Commodores (and this puzzle's title) (THREE TIMES A LADY); 57A: Gentle slope (RISE); 58A: Maine campus town (ORONO); 59A: Godmother, often (AUNT); 60A: Good earth (LOAM); 61A: Harder to find (RARER); 62A: Ho-hum (BLAH); 1D: Guru (SAGE); 2D: Royal Shakespeare Theatre river (AVON); 3D: Primary colors (REDS); 4D: Ex-press secretary Fleischer (ARI); 5D: Excitedly removes, as wrapping (TEARS AT); 6D: "Works for me" ("I'M COOL"); 7D: UCLA and USC (SCHS.); 8D: Boardroom VIP (CEO); 9D: Harassed from the peanut gallery (HECKLED); 10D: "You have to see this!" ("OH LOOK!"); 11D: Heyday (PEAK); 12D: Jacques of "Mon Oncle" (TATI); 13D: WWI admiral Maximilian von ___ (SPEE); 18D: Rats and such (VERMIN); 19D: Cry over spilled milk? (OOPS); 23D: Great Seal word (ORDO); 24D: Sandler of "Spanglish" (ADAM); 25D: Peru's __ Picchu (MACHU); 26D: Playful prank (ANTIC); 27D: Up to one's neck (in) (AWASH); 28D: Pakistani river (INDUS); 29D: Tennyson's "__ Arden" (ENOCH); 30D: She played Houlihan on "M*A*S*H" (SWIT); 31D: False god (BAAL); 35D: Airbus products (JETS); 36D: Williams of tennis (SERENA); 37D: Viking war god (ODIN); 39D: Hard-to-define element (X FACTOR); 40D: b, in a ÷ b (DIVISOR); 42D: Laker teammate of Magic (KAREEM); 43D: "Garfield" drooler (ODIE); 44D: Reputed Dead Sea Scrolls writer (ESSENE); 47D: Laptop key (CTRL); 48D: Taft's birth state (OHIO); 49D: Minor start? (URSA); 50D: 21-Across, in Rome (AMOR); 51D: Do a trucker's job (HAUL); 52D: Novelist Ferber (EDNA); 53D: Urban legend, e.g. (MYTH); 55D: Rollover subj. (IRA); 56D: Scientist's milieu (LAB).

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