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September 1, 2011

Steve Salitan

Theme: Round and Round We Go — Each theme answer is a unique definition for the word "rounds."

Theme answers:

  • 17A: See 64-Across (AMMUNITION UNITS).
  • 24A: See 64-Across (SPARRING PERIODS).
  • 42A: See 64-Across (TOURNAMENT PARTS).
  • 56A: See 64-Across (TRAYFULS OF BEERS).
  • 64A: Clue for this puzzle's four longest answers (ROUNDS).

Good morning, everyone! Couple things before we get started.

First: Merl Reagle has put together a puzzle contest to benefit the Alzheimer's Foundation of America. "The National Brain Game Challenge" will feature four original Reagle puzzles each of which leads to a Key Answer and a Secret Link that connects all the puzzles. I've been assured that "the puzzles are of medium difficulty and the key to winning is seeing the connections rather than knowing a lot of esoterica." The entry fee is $25 and every penny of that goes to the AFA. The puzzles will be available at 3:00pm ET on September 25 and at that point — the race for the cash prizes is on! Please check out the AFA's website for all the details and to register. I'm definitely signing up. It sounds like a lot of fun for a great cause!

Second: I'm waaaay behind on my PuzzleGirl email and I want to apologize to those of you who have sent me notes over the past several months. You probably think it's all part of my plan to be a half-assed blogger, but it really isn't. See, I have this thing where I tell myself I'm not going to respond until I have time to sit down and really be thoughtful about it, and then that time never comes. I promise sometime over the next couple days I'll power through the inbox and pay attention to those of you who have been nice enough to contact me. I really do appreciate you!

So. The puzzle. I was digging this theme until I got to the last theme answer. TRAYFULS OF BEERS seems a little … awkward, doesn't it? It didn't ruin the puzzle for me, but I wish they had all been a little smoother. Basically, I just think it's awesome that Steve noticed there are so many different meanings of the word "round."

I had one recurring "issue" today and it has nothing to do with the puzzle and everything to do with getting old. (At least that's my excuse.) I misread the clue for SPAT as "smallish squirrel" instead of [20A: Smallish quarrel] and misread the clue for MUMS as "Rose Parade followers" instead of [3D: Rose Parade flowers]. Which, by the way, um … shouldn't the flowers in the Rose Parade be, um … roses? Just asking.

I chuckled at myself when I started to write in LEMs where LSTS was supposed to go (12D: WWII transports) and then ran into an actual clue for LEM almost immediately (23A: NASA moon lander).


  • 1A: "Close!" ("ALMOST!"). I do love seeing the exclamatory phrases in my puzzle.
  • 35A: Something golfers often break (TEE). You're forgiven if you tried PAR first.
  • 37A: Molasses-like (THICK). I couldn't get OOZY out of my head long enough for anything else to come in, so I needed a lot of crosses on this one.
  • 41A: Crammer's concern (TEST). Thought it might be EXAM, but checked the crosses.
  • 47A: Unsafe? (OUT). Cute clue. In baseball, a runner may be either "safe" or "OUT."
  • 15D: Short stop? (STA.). If the clue had simply been "Stop" the answer might have been STATION. But STA. is a "short" way of putting it.
  • 22D: Palm in one's palm? (TREO). Remember when Palm Pilots were the cooolest things? Ah, the good old days ….
  • 38D: BA or HR (STAT). I don't know what BA stands for, but I assume HR is Home Runs.
  • 44D: Where distasteful humor often goes (TOO FAR). Best entry in the grid.
  • 52D: Fireplace shelf (HOB). Who knew?
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:

  • 33A: "Alfred" composer, 1740 (ARNE).
  • 12D: WWII transports (LST'S).
  • 15D: Short stop? (STA.).
  • 51D: Georgia and Latvia, once: Abbr. (SSR'S).
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Everything 1A: "Close!" ("ALMOST!"); 7A: Cartoon monkey (ABU); 10A: __ bonding (MALE); 14A: Create trouble (CAUSE A STIR); 16A: Mount near Olympus (OSSA); 17A: See 64-Across (AMMUNITION UNITS); 19A: Marx's "__ Kapital" (DAS); 20A: Smallish quarrel (SPAT); 21A: With attitude (SASSY); 22A: It may be painted (TOE); 23A: NASA moon lander (LEM); 24A: See 64-Across (SPARRING PERIODS); 33A: "Alfred" composer, 1740 (ARNE); 34A: Study fields (AREAS); 35A: Something golfers often break (TEE); 36A: Martial arts facility (DOJO); 37A: Molasses-like (THICK); 38A: LaBeouf of "Transformers" films (SHIA); 39A: Latin 101 word (AMO); 40A: Drummer in Goodman's band (KRUPA); 41A: Crammer's concern (TEST); 42A: See 64-Across (TOURNAMENT PARTS); 46A: Quite a while (EON); 47A: Unsafe? (OUT); 48A: It's sometimes shaved (SCALP); 51A: Smith's item (SHOE); 53A: Contend (VIE); 56A: See 64-Across (TRAYFULS OF BEERS); 60A: "__Cop": 1987 film (ROBO); 61A: Plant-based weight loss regimen (HERBAL DIET); 62A: Former cygnet (SWAN); 63A: Scale notes (FAS); 64A: Clue for this puzzle's four longest answers (ROUNDS); 1D: Riding sch., e.g. (ACAD.); 2D: Dharma teacher (LAMA); 3D: Rose Parade flowers (MUMS); 4D: Home of the Woody Hayes Athletic Ctr. (OSU); 5D: Electric eye, e.g. (SENSOR); 6D: Capital SSW of Seoul (TAIPEI); 7D: Going head to head (AT IT); 8D: Vita (BIO); 9D: Spigoted vessel (URN); 10D: Parisian words of friendship (MON AMI); 11D: Sale caveat (AS IS); 12D: WWII transports (LST'S); 13D: Lenient (EASY); 15D: Short stop? (STA.); 18D: Windows openers (USERS); 22D: Palm in one's palm? (TREO); 23D: Reporter's source (LEAK); 24D: Co-Nobelist with Begin in 1978 (SADAT); 25D: Teaser (PROMO); 26D: One variety of it remains green when ripe (ANJOU); 27D: Book after Micah (NAHUM); 28D: Kvetch (GRIPE); 29D: Hard nut to crack (PECAN); 30D: Questionnaire catchall (OTHER); 31D: Certain believer (DEIST); 32D: Election prizes (SEATS); 37D: Air__: Southwest subsidiary (TRAN); 38D: BA or HR (STAT); 40D: Titan of publishing (KNOPF); 43D: Put trust in (RELY ON); 44D: Where distasteful humor often goes (TOO FAR); 45D: Hopi home (PUEBLO); 48D: Violas, cellos, etc.: Abbr. (STRS.); 49D: Bad thing to eat (CROW); 50D: "Rubáiyát" rhyme scheme (AABA); 51D: Georgia and Latvia, once: Abbr. (SSR'S); 52D: Fireplace shelf (HOB); 53D: Gold source (VEIN); 54D: Really ticked (IRED); 55D: Some attendance figs. (ESTS.); 57D: TV dial letters (UHF); 58D: Herd dining area (LEA); 59D: Prof's address letters (EDU).

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