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September 20, 2011
John Lampkin

Theme: Gimme an I! Gimme an O! Gimme … an A? Wait, what about the W?? — Each theme answer is a three-word phrase where each word has three of the same letters and the fourth letter alternates I to O to A. If that makes any sense.

Theme answers:

  • 20A: Hullabaloo over a sudden policy reversal? (FLIP FLOP FLAP).
  • 33A: Sign of table tennis tendonitis? (PING PONG PANG).
  • 42A: Bit of applause for an equestrian event? (CLIP CLOP CLAP).
  • 58A: Cry of frustration about a Hostess cake? (DING DONG DANG).
Super cute theme today. I like it when the theme answers are fun to say. Modifying the word dang seems like a stretch, but whatever! DING DONG DANG. It's fun to say so who cares?

  • 14A: Coif makeup (HAIR). A coif is made up of HAIR.
  • 25A: Legendary Chicago cow owner (O'LEARY). I seem to recall some question about this entry last time we saw it. Mrs. O'LEARY is supposedly the owner of the cow that started the Great Chicago Fire of whatever year that was. I believe there is at least one song about it.
  • 29A: Attack from above (STRAFE). I tried STRIKE first, thinking of the phrase "air strike."
  • 32A: Co. bigwig (CEO). The abbreviation in the clue indicates that the answer will also be an abbreviation.
  • 40A: Half of a double play (OUT). Did y'all see the baseball news yesterday? Mariano Rivera broke the career saves record with his 602nd save. He's so awesome. The New York Times had a picture of him smiling, which isn't really typical.
  • 64A: Snug ... bug in ___ (A RUG). Now this right here? This is an ugh-ly clue. The clue couldn't use all the words in the first part of the phrase because they include the word "a," which is also in the answer. To get around that, someone thought it was a good idea to use an ellipses. Ouch!
  • 70A: Iowa State's city (AMES). Sigh.
  • 4D: Make ready, briefly (PREP). The clue doesn't mean that you would briefly make something ready, it means that the answer is going to be a brief (i.e., shortened) form of the word.
  • 7D: Velcro alternatives (SNAPS). I tried LACES first. I guess when I think "velcro," I think "shoes."
  • 39D: Yummy but fattening (RICH). I actually read this clue as "Yummy butt fattening." HAha!
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 57A: Inventor Whitney (ELI).
  • 65A: "Exodus" author (URIS).
  • 13D: Composer Rorem (NED).
  • 27D: Actress Russo (RENE).
  • 30D: For each one (A POP).
  • 37D: High point (ACME).
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Everything 1A: Word on a red octagon (STOP); 5A: Tree trunk greenery (MOSS); 9A: Channel covering Capitol Hill (C-SPAN); 14A: Coif makeup (HAIR); 15A: Queen Boleyn (ANNE); 16A: Partner of well (ALIVE); 17A: Partner of willing (ABLE); 18A: Like tilted ltrs. (ITAL.); 19A: Moderated, with "down" (TONED); 20A: Hullabaloo over a sudden policy reversal? (FLIP FLOP FLAP); 23A: Ball supporter (TEE); 24A: Little mischief-makers (IMPS); 25A: Legendary Chicago cow owner (O'LEARY); 29A: Attack from above (STRAFE); 31A: __ Grande (RIO); 32A: Co. bigwig (CEO); 33A: Sign of table tennis tendonitis? (PING PONG PANG); 37A: Bushy coif (AFRO); 40A: Half of a double play (OUT); 41A: Inventor's germ (IDEA); 42A: Bit of applause for an equestrian event? (CLIP CLOP CLAP); 47A: Big thing at McDonalds? (MAC); 48A: Samaritan's offer (AID); 49A: Game one (OPENER); 53A: Meditation instruction (EXHALE); 55A: Crossword hint (CLUE); 57A: Inventor Whitney (ELI); 58A: Cry of frustration about a Hostess cake? (DING DONG DANG); 61A: Montezuma, e.g. (AZTEC); 64A: Snug ... bug in ___ (A RUG); 65A: "Exodus" author (URIS); 66A: Musical pace (TEMPO); 67A: Easy pace (LOPE); 68A: Waiter's handout (MENU); 69A: Cuts and pastes, say (EDITS); 70A: Iowa State's city (AMES); 71A: Stage accessory (PROP); 1D: Great Pyramid passages (SHAFTS); 2D: One of two Commandments holders (TABLET); 3D: More greasy (OILIER); 4D: Make ready, briefly (PREP); 5D: Letter carriers (MAILMEN); 6D: Winning (ON TOP); 7D: Velcro alternatives (SNAPS); 8D: Note to __ (SELF); 9D: Book of available products (CATALOG); 10D: Hillside (SLOPE); 11D: Exemplar of neatness (PIN); 12D: Hail, to Maria (AVE); 13D: Composer Rorem (NED); 21D: Fido's poodle amie (FIFI); 22D: Pork cut (LOIN); 26D: Military sch. (ACAD.); 27D: Actress Russo (RENE); 28D: Class using mats (YOGA); 30D: For each one (A POP); 31D: Campus military gp. (ROTC); 34D: __ Samaritan (GOOD); 35D: Little Lab (PUP); 36D: Organ whistle (PIPE); 37D: High point (ACME); 38D: Source of linen (FLAX); 39D: Yummy but fattening (RICH); 43D: Parti-colored cats (CALICOS); 44D: Bank's claim (LIEN); 45D: Sprawls, as by the pool (LOUNGES); 46D: Take down __: humble (A PEG); 50D: Less remote (NEARER); 51D: Cause of odd weather (EL NIÑO); 52D: Equips for use (RIGS UP); 54D: Highly capable (ADEPT); 55D: PC data disk (CD-ROM); 56D: Gem grader's aid (LOUPE); 59D: Festive event (GALA); 60D: Trash destination (DUMP); 61D: Ended a fast (ATE); 62D: Alphabet ender in England (ZED); 63D: 1979 Pa. meltdown site (TMI).

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