Senin, 19 September 2011

09.19 Mon

Avast me hearties! Hey, sorry I don't have today's grid up. The puzzle wasn't available last night when it usually is and I just didn't have time this morning to figure out what to do about it. I was going to send you over to Amy's blog, but it looks like she doesn't have it posted yet either. I'll do what I can when I can!

Update from Amy: I did the puzzle in the L.A. Times' applet since it's still not available in Across Lite. Answer grid and brief write-up posted.

Another update, from Doug this time. I've posted the grid & theme answers. Mmmmm...cake.

September 19, 2011
Jeff Chen

Theme: Off With Her Head! — First parts of theme entries form a quote from Marie Antoinette.

Theme Entries:
  • 17A: "No holds barred!" (LET IT ALL HANG OUT).
  • 22A: Where there's gold, in prospector-speak (THEM THAR HILLS).
  • 38A: Swallow one's pride (EAT CROW).
  • 53A: Worker with icing and sprinkles (CAKE DECORATOR).
  • 62A: Ruler to whom the quote formed by the starts of 17-, 22-, 38-, and 53-Across is often attributed (MARIE ANTOINETTE).

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