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June 1, 2011
Donna S. Levin

Theme: Different words for stomach — Theme answers all begin with words that can mean stomach.

Theme answers:

  • 17A: Abdominoplasty, familiarly (TUMMY TUCK).
  • 23A: Pepto-Bismol target (STOMACH ACHE).
  • 36A: Bourgeois (MIDDLE CLASS).
  • 49A: Lint receptacle? (BELLY BUTTON).
  • 59A: Easy A (or where to learn about this puzzle's theme?) (GUT COURSE).
I can't say this is my favorite Donna Levin puzzle ever. Theme answers include five different words for stomach, but three of them actually mean "stomach" in the phrase and two don't. And one of them has Pepto-Bismol in the clue. Um, hello? Breakfast test? Plus, GUT COURSE is a phrase I learned from crosswords. I know it's legitimate and that some people have actually used it and find it familiar and think I'm an idiot because I haven't heard it, but there ya go. So, the theme doesn't really do anything for me. Luckily there's some very nice fill. My favorite entries are:
  • 30A: Self-help guru Deepak (CHOPRA).
  • 2D: European stew (GOULASH).
  • 38D: Classical language of India (SANSKRIT).
I also really liked seeing HOME ROOM for some reason (3D: Where school attendance is usually taken). There's nothing really flashy about it, but it caught my attention anyway. Oh and MALICE (21A: Evil intent). I've always liked that word.

Some of the cluing really stood out for me too.
  • 28A: Poet who wrote of the wasp, "I distrust his waspitality" (NASH).
  • 56A: Enjoys surreptitiously, as a smoke (SNEAKS).
  • 66A: Salad, at times (SIDE).
Lots of short two-word answers (or two-short-word answers, I suppose). Not complaining — I kind of like them — just observing.
  • 16A: Ready for use (ON TAP).
  • 19A: Salad dressing restriction (NO OIL).
  • 6D: Become disenchanted with (SOUR ON).
  • 32D: Talks off the cuff (AD LIBS).
  • 41D: Prepares (GETS SET).
  • 44D: Show enthusiasm for, as an opportunity (LEAP AT).
  • 47D: Available for siring (AT STUD).
Other than that:
  • 21D: 1960s Borgnine sitcom role (MCHALE). Took me a minute, but it came into focus with a couple crosses in place.
  • 35D: Org. that stages an annual June open (USGA). United States Golf Association.
  • 52D: Frère of a mère or père (ONCLE). French!
  • 57D: Autobahn auto (AUDI). I have seriously got an itch for a new car. I've been driving a mini-van for, hmm, five or six years I guess. And I'm tired of it. I want a zippy little car. One where I don't have to be so concerned about getting the proper angle when I'm trying to park in the stupid parking garage at work. Guess it's probably time for a Budget and Finance Committee meeting here at the PuzzleHouse….
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 1A: Turkish title (AGHA).
  • 5A: Dept. of Labor agency (OSHA).
  • 60D: Israeli weapon (UZI).
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Everything Else 9A: Isn't serious (JESTS); 14A: Aloof (COOL); 15A: Lovey-dovey exchange (COOS); 20A: One at the top of the board (LEADER); 22A: Hearing aid? (EAR); 26A: General __ Chicken (TSO'S); 29A: Envy, e.g. (SIN); 33A: Sandra's "Speed" co-star (KEANU); 39A: Anklebone (TALUS); 40A: More than interest (ENGAGE); 43A: Chef's phrase (ALA); 46A: Parts of the hip (ILIA); 48A: From square one (ANEW); 54A: Jeanne d'Arc, e.g.: Abbr. (STE.); 55A: Nimbi (HALOES); 58A: La Scala production (OPERA); 62A: Loses one's temper (RAGES); 63A: Fifth color of el espectro (AZUL); 64A: Stopped working (DIED); 65A: Surgical tube (STENT); 67A: __-bitty (ITTY); 1D: Tread the boards (ACT); 4D: __ mater (ALMA); 5D: Hawaii's "main islands," e.g. (OCTET); 7D: Ad __ (HOC); 8D: Inquire (ASK); 9D: Syndicated columnist Goldberg (JONAH); 10D: First name on an historic WWII bomber (ENOLA); 11D: Zeno's followers (STOICS); 12D: Meditative martial art (TAI CHI); 13D: Bad temper (SPLEEN); 18D: NFL rushing units (YDS.); 22D: List-ending letters (ETC.); 24D: Succeeds (MAKES IT); 25D: "Just __!": "Be right there!" (A SEC); 27D: Polish partner (SPIT); 31D: Dietary guideline letters (RDA); 34D: Tandoori bread (NAN); 37D: Doozy (LULU); 42D: Maa, in "Babe" (EWE); 43D: Detests (ABHORS); 45D: Purport (ALLEGE); 50D: Actress Sophia (LOREN); 51D: You often get a rise out of it (YEAST); 53D: Classical beginning (NEO-); 59D: 57-Down filler (GAS); 61D: Big name in ice cream (EDY).

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