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06.12 Sun (calendar)

June 12, 2011
Merl Reagle

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme: "Standard Time" — Theme answers are words and phrases that contain the letter string FLAG.

Theme answers:

  • 23A: There's a major one in Disney's "Bambi" (CONFLAGRATION).
  • 28A: It might lead to an ejection (FLAGRANT FOUL).
  • 39A: Hi and Lois of the comics (THE FLAGSTONS).
  • 55A: "Fried Green Tomatoes" author (FANNIE FLAGG).
  • 63A: Wagnerian soprano, 1895-1962 (KIRSTEN FLAGSTAD).
  • 76A: Hidden (CAMOUFLAGED).
  • 90A: Monk's penance, once (FLAGELLATION).
  • 105A: Co-founder of Standard Oil and developer of Florida's east coast (HENRY FLAGLER).
  • 110A: Beer-filled tankard (FLAGON OF LAGER).
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Everything Else 1A: Tough spot (JAM); 4A: Broadway Joe (PAPP); 8A: 1962 Crystals hit, "___ A Rebel" (HE'S); 11A: It might have a splashy opening (SPA); 14A: Forensics, for ex. (SCI.); 17A: Ex-ring king (ALI); 18A: Robt. ___ (E. LEE); 19A: City of the Viking Ship Museum (OSLO); 21A: Throw a fit (CARRY-ON); 26A: Oregon city (ASTORIA); 27A: Grassy hills (KNOLLS); 30A: Truth ___ (SERUM); 31A: Octopus eater (EEL); 33A: Composer Camille Saint-___ (SAENS); 34A: Venomous types (ASPS); 35A: Wild (FERAL); 37A: Moody's rates them (BONDS); 38A: Mess ___ (KIT); 43A: Ministers (PARSONS); 47A: "Watch where you ___ that thing" (AIM); 48A: Easter blooms (LILIES); 49A: Brit's opener (I SAY); 51A: "Pompous? ___?" (MOI); 52A: Perseverance (GRIT); 54A: Action (DEED); 59A: Went boldly (STRODE); 61A: Squeak solver (OIL CAN); 62A: Talked a lot (RAN ON); 68A: ___ for beauty (AN EYE); 71A: Messenger god (HERMES); 72A: Finally (AT LAST); 78A: Garland, originally (GUMM); 81A: Reverberate (ECHO); 82A: Not clear (DIM); 83A: What we all want to pay? (LESS); 84A: Seuss fellow (SAM I AM); 86A: Road rescue (TOW); 87A: Goes mum (CLAMS UP); 93A: Go ___ (APE); 94A: Wall work (MURAL); 96A: New Hampshire city (KEENE); 97A: "___ Traffic" (THRU); 99A: Moral man (AESOP); 100A: Bradbury's "___ for Space" (S IS); 101A: Tie type (ASCOT); 108A: C to C, e.g. (OCTAVE); 109A: Pesto morsel (PINE NUT); 113A: Galley with three tiers of oars (TRIREME); 114A: ___-carotene (BETA); 115A: Youngest of the Brontë sisters (ANNE); 116A: Say the wrong thing (ERR); 117A: Drink ending (-ADE); 118A: Patriotic org. (DAR); 119A: Trousers color (TAN); 120A: Well-behaved (GOOD); 121A: Porcine scene (STY); 1D: The old ball game? (JACKS); 2D: Sans company (ALONE); 3D: Like some keys (MINOR); 4D: Willy-nilly (PELL-MELL); 5D: "Sad to say" ("ALAS"); 6D: Hanging place (PEG); 7D: For each (PER); 8D: Lanford Wilson's "___ Baltimore" (HOT L); 9D: QB-turned-sports analyst Boomer (ESIASON); 10D: Catchphrases (SLOGANS); 11D: Reads fast (SCANS); 12D: Tense type (PAST); 13D: Craft show's cousin (ART FAIR); 14D: IHOP offering (SYRUP); 15D: Bedsprings (COILS); 16D: Actress Balin (INA); 20D: "No turn ___" (ON RED); 22D: Perches (ROOSTS); 24D: Trivial stuff (FLUFF); 25D: CIO partner (AFL); 29D: Questioner's quest: abbr. (ANS.); 31D: Green feat (EAGLE); 32D: Borden bovine (ELSIE); 36D: Pirate (RAIDER); 37D: Derek and others (BOS); 38D: Mitty portrayer (KAYE); 39D: Places for prices (TAGS); 40D: Horn great (HIRT); 41D: Arab League VIP (EMIR); 42D: Mogul who wed Jane (TED); 43D: Diligent effort (PAINS); 44D: U.A.E. neighbor (OMAN); 45D: Scrubbed, as a launch (NO-GO); 46D: Road marker (SIGN); 49D: Cuzco dweller (INCA); 50D: Little setback (SNAG); 53D: Godzilla target (TOKYO); 55D: Played a pipe (FIFED); 56D: Start of a Bard title (ALL'S); 57D: Toga party setting (FRAT); 58D: Soup server (LADLE); 60D: God, to Godard (DIEU); 61D: Free, in a way (ON ME); 64D: Lug: slang (SHLEP); 65D: Black and green, e.g. (TEAS); 66D: Work units (ERGS); 67D: South-of-the-border order (TAMALE); 68D: Current choice (AC/DC); 69D: Brad, e.g. (NAIL); 70D: Austen novel (EMMA); 73D: Opera opening (ACT I); 74D: Chase (SHOO); 75D: Dot on a map (TOWN); 77D: Chimney part (FLUE); 78D: Prank (GAG); 79D: "Sayonara" Oscar-winner Miyoshi (UMEKI); 80D: Travel info (MILES); 84D: Gal of song (SAL); 85D: In chains (MANACLED); 88D: Eliot hero (MARNER); 89D: Rejected (SPURNED); 90D: Polliwog (FROGLET); 91D: Rio de ___ (LA PLATA); 92D: Seed covering (TESTA); 94D: Portrayer of Max and Hamlet (MEL); 95D: Edwards, for one: abbr. (USAFB); 97D: Show place? (THIRD); 98D: Skate great (HENIE); 99D: Following (AFTER); 100D: Sellout abbr. (SRO); 102D: Zoo sights (CAGES); 103D: Not hidden (OVERT); 104D: Brando's role in "On the Waterfront," ___ Malloy (TERRY); 106D: Arizona city (YUMA); 107D: Richard of "A Summer Place" (EGAN); 108D: ___ consequence (OF NO); 109D: Class action grp.? (PTA); 111D: Grouse like a spouse (NAG); 112D: Lennon's middle name (ONO).

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