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June 25, 2011
Julian Lim

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Every once in a while life really gets in the way of blogging and today is definitely one of those days. Just honest-to-God no time for it today. But I did want to at least post the grid and give you all a place to talk about the puzzle if you're so inclined. I will tell you that the northwest corner took me about as much time as the whole rest of the puzzle and have to assume it caused some gnashing of teeth among you guys too. Hope you all are having a great weekend and now I'm off to my busy day!

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    Everything 1A: Bounce (DRIBBLE); 8A: Site of the largest WWII Allied Pacific amphibious assault (OKINAWA); 15A: Pigment used in some primer paints (RED LEAD); 16A: Worldly (SECULAR); 17A: Glowing, perhaps (PLEASED); 18A: "You're in charge!" ("SEE TO IT1"); 19A: Courage (HEART); 20A: Fightin' with (AGIN'); 22A: Exobiologist's org. (SETI); 23A: Covering an outfield position (IN LEFT); 25A: Byzantine emperor known as "the Armenian" (LEO V); 27A: Some hosps. (VA'S); 28A: Mil. officers (LTS.); 29A: Demolish, in Durham (RASE); 31A: Most recently introduced (NEWEST); 33A: Summons (TICKET); 35A: One putting on shows (AIRER); 36A: "The sea was angry that day," e.g. (PATHETIC FALLACY); 40A: Hatch of Utah (ORRIN); 41A: Neil Diamond title words after "I am the tune" (PLAY ME); 42A: One may be packed with Oreos, briefly (P B AND J); 44A: Uma's role in "The Producers" (ULLA); 45A: Label for Nilsson (RCA); 48A: Yom __: holiday, in Hebrew (TOV); 49A: Kosovo resident (SERB); 51A: Hawks' contacts, perhaps (ARMERS); 53A: Uncultivated, probably (ARID); 55A: Banter (JEST); 57A: Does a word-processing task (SAVES); 58A: Reacts in fear, in a way (REARS UP); 60A: Like some soap (ON A ROPE); 62A: "Eugene Onegin" heroine __ Larina (TATIANA); 63A: NBAer orig. from Minnesota (L.A. LAKER); 64A: Made red-faced? (SLAPPED); 65A: Evidence provider (DNA TEST); 1D: "Family First" author, familiarly (DR. PHIL); 2D: Give in (RELENT); 3D: Epitomes (IDEALS); 4D: Play up to the max? (BLARE); 5D: Some buds (BEST FRIENDS); 6D: Papua New Guinea port (LAE); 7D: Snorri Sturluson's "Prose __" (EDDA); 8D: Walter's "I'm Not Rappaport" co-star (OSSIE); 9D: Really into (KEEN ON); 10D: Plans may be put on it (ICE); 11D: More than just touched (NUTS); 12D: Herbal medicine plant (ALOE VERA); 13D: "Not so fast!" (WAIT A SEC); 14D: Craft (ARTISTRY); 21D: Competitors in a Fox comedy-drama (GLEE CLUBS); 24D: Bumpkin's lack (TACT); 26D: Trattoria offering (VEAL MARSALA); 30D: Problem with an old record (SKIP); 32D: Bit of cunning (WILE); 33D: Like a poor argument (THIN); 34D: Maker of nonstick cookware (T-FAL); 36D: Toaster brand (POP-TARTS); 37D: Like kinkajous (ARBOREAL); 38D: "Fallen woman," in an opera title (TRAVIATA); 39D: "The Clan of the Cave Bear" protagonist (AYLA); 43D: Not exciting (JEJUNE); 45D: Take away (REVOKE); 46D: Brunch fare (CRÈPES); 47D: Maintain (ASSERT); 50D: Fix, as brakes (REPAD); 52D: Corday victim (MARAT); 54D: Cone eater's concern (DRIP); 56D: Let in on (TOLD); 59D: Enervate (SAP); 61D: Turkic flatbread (NAN).

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