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June 20, 2011
Kelly Clark

Theme: Ouch! — Each theme answer is a familiar phrase that begins with a word that can mean a form of bodily assault.

Theme answers:

  • 17A: It's roughly between a batter's chest and knees (STRIKE ZONE).
  • 39A: Maynard G. Krebs of old TV, notably (BEATNIK).
  • 64A: Begin traveling (HIT THE ROAD).
  • 11D: Whence fruity drinks are ladled (PUNCH BOWL).
  • 34D: Pie-throwing comedy (SLAPSTICK).
  • 1A: "Yipe!" (or an apt title for this puzzle?) ("OUCH!").
I guess we're starting the week off with a little violence. Good thing we're all desensitized to it. This is a super smooth puzzle and perfectly pitched for a Monday. It's a simple concept for a theme (in fact, I'm pretty sure I've seen it before), but the theme phrases are colorful and the fill is really really nice. I'm late getting started this morning (I should actually be on my way to work right now!) so let's get to the bullets.

  • 10A: "__, sesame!" (OPEN). I did not know there was a comma in this phrase.
  • 23A: Polynesian wrap (SARONG). I know we just learned another word for SARONG in a puzzle recently, but I can't remember what it is!
  • 46A: __-ran: loser (ALSO). Haha!
  • 62A: Expensive fur (SABLE). Why oh why do I always want STOLE here. It's never right. Probably because it's a terrible answer.
  • 4D: Abominable, as a crime (HEINOUS). Great word that I don't believe I've ever seen in a puzzle before.
  • 6D: Stretch out in the recliner, say (LAZE). With the L in place, you would be forgiven for trying LOLL or LOAF.
  • 24D: Kelly of song and dance (GENE). I like how Kelly got her name in here.
  • 26D: "What the __!" (HECK). Solved this entry from the bottom up so it definitely caused some concern along the way.
  • 36D: Giant Mel of Cooperstown (OTT). Watched "Field of Dreams" with the kids the other night. I forgot how much fun that movie is. Cheesy at the end, but that's okay.
  • 44D: Like a cornered cat (UP A TREE). Great phrase. Besides the theme answers, this is my stand-out entry of the day.
Oh, by the way, you all know about Lollapuzzoola 4, right? It's a really, really super fun crossword puzzle tournament. I don't even like to call it a tournament really. It's more like getting together with a bunch of puzzle people and having a blast, so you really shouldn't let the competitive aspect of the word "tournament" scare you off. It's not very expensive and I'd love to see you there. Sign up now!

Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 63A: Arab ruler (EMIR).
  • 71A: Europe's highest active volcano (ETNA).
  • 12D: Old Norse poetry collection (EDDA).
  • 36D: Giant Mel of Cooperstown (OTT).
  • 51D: Church recess (APSE).
  • 53D: __ Park, Colorado (ESTES).
  • 61D: To be, in Bordeaux (ÊTRE).
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Everything Else 5A: San Antonio shrine (ALAMO); 14A: Skin cream ingredient (ALOE); 15A: Popular plastic wrap (SARAN); 16A: Without a stitch on (NUDE); 19A: Terminates (ENDS); 20A: Ryan who played Granny on "The Beverly Hillbillies" (IRENE); 21A: Cornerstone abbr. (ESTD.); 22A: "Shoo!" ("SCAT!"); 25A: Quarter half (EIGHTH); 27A: Puts to work (USES); 29A: Within view (SEEABLE); 32A: Put in the "circular file" (TOSS); 35A: Recent: Pref. (NEO-); 37A: Sing soothingly (CROON); 38A: Actor Holbrook (HAL); 42A: "Ease on Down the Road" musical, with "The" (WIZ); 43A: Self-mover's rental (U-HAUL); 45A: 2,000 pounds (TON); 47A: Visible means of __ (SUPPORT); 50A: Pesky little biter (GNAT); 52A: Mad magazine specialty (SATIRE); 54A: Play in the pool (SPLASH); 58A: Brad of "Ocean's Thirteen" (PITT); 60A: Attorney's matter (CASE); 66A: Doily material (LACE); 67A: Like neon and xenon (INERT); 68A: Crisscross pattern (GRID); 69A: Toddler (TYKE); 70A: Slalom curves (ESSES); 1D: Desert refuge (OASIS); 2D: Extreme (ULTRA); 3D: Gadget to remove apple centers (CORER); 5D: Enzyme suffix (-ASE); 7D: Stood up (AROSE); 8D: "Praying" insect (MANTIS); 9D: Tense (ON EDGE); 10D: Poor movie rating (ONE STAR); 13D: Bird's home (NEST); 18D: Barbie counterparts (KENS); 28D: Dead __ Scrolls (SEA); 30D: Superman's Lane (LOIS); 31D: Automaker Ferrari (ENZO); 32D: Therefore (THUS); 33D: Pearl Harbor's island (OAHU); 39D: Sponge up (BLOT); 40D: Yuletide cupful (NOG); 41D: Travelers' havens (INNS); 46D: Not yet captured (AT LARGE); 48D: "Hello" singer Lionel (RICHIE); 49D: Lionels under the tree (TRAINS); 55D: Scrub the launch (ABORT); 56D: Done in, as a dragon (SLAIN); 57D: Hopper of old gossip columns (HEDDA); 58D: Animal hide (PELT); 59D: "If __ make a suggestion ..." (I MAY); 65D: Elevs. (HTS.).

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