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S U N D A Y   August 15, 2010 — Gia Christian (syndicated)

Theme: "Knock 'Em Dead" — Theme answers are familiar phrases with an M omitted, creating new wacky phrases clued "?"-style.

[Note: This is the syndicated L.A. Times puzzle. It does not appear in the actual newspaper, but is available for free at cruciverb.com.]

Theme answers:
  • 23A: What would trouble Trixie if the Kramdens moved away? (ABSENCE OF ALICE).
  • 51A: Parallel world? (OTHER EARTH).
  • 69A: Badly burned British dish? (BANGERS AND ASH).
  • 85A: Pint-drinking buddies' experience? (ALE BONDING).
  • 117A: 19th-century queen's tough tests? (VICTORIAN ORALS).
  • 14D: "Wiggly dessert stale, kemosabe" (JELLO OLD).
  • 17D: Religious dissenters? (PRAYING ANTIS).
  • 61D: Type that regularly visits Willy Wonka's factory? (CHOCOLATE ILK).
  • 83D: Mischievous long-eared critter? (ARCH HARE).
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:

  • 57A: Cars over the road (ELS).
  • 62A: Mauna __ (LOA).
  • 91A: Jazz immortal (ELLA).
  • 4D: Automne preceder (ÉTÉ).
  • 13D: Dairy case item (OLEO).
  • 18D: Bean measures? (EEG'S).
  • 34D: Middle East VIP (EMIR).
  • 47D: Notre Dame's Parseghian (ARA).
  • 116D: Drink stand buy (ADE).
Everything Else — 1A: Citrus source (LIME TREE); 9A: __-Turkish War (ITALO); 14A: Quartz variety (JASPER); 20A: Boss's okays, often (INITIALS); 21A: Twangy (NASAL); 22A: Duck à l'orange, e.g. (ENTRÉE); 25A: "Gil Blas" novelist (LESAGE); 26A: __-jongg (MAH); 27A: Half a dance (CHA); 28A: Daily opinion page, briefly (OP-ED); 29A: Van Gogh works (OILS); 31A: Designer monogram (YSL); 32A: Whacked, biblically (SMOTE); 34A: Key of Brahms's Symphony No. 4 (E MINOR); 36A: Notorious '80s-'90s crime boss (GOTTI); 38A: Three-handed card game (SKAT); 39A: Regret deeply (LAMENT); 41A: Maker of Nutri-Grain Waffles (EGGO); 43A: Cell messengers (RNA'S); 46A: Roman holiday (FESTA); 48A: "The Mod Squad" role (LINC); 49A: Record material (VINYL); 50A: Fairy tale baddie (OGRE); 53A: Onetime Burmese statesman (U NU); 54A: Go (DEPART); 56A: Picnic spoiler (RAIN); 58A: Rocking Turner (TINA); 59A: Sonoma and Safari (GMC'S); 64A: Computer acronym (ASCII); 66A: Customer file ID (ACCT. NO.); 68A: Fed. medical org. (NIH); 72A: Red-and-white supermarket logo (IGA); 73A: Bottom line, ideally (PROFIT); 75A: When gluttons eat (OFTEN); 76A: Tick off (IRK); 77A: Rehab admission (USER); 78A: Hail __ (A CAB); 79A: Get to work again (FIX); 80A: "Take __ from me" (A TIP); 82A: Nova __ (SCOTIA); 84A: Bentley of "American Beauty" (WES); 92A: Do a double take, say (REACT); 94A: Wool: Pref. (LANI-); 95A: Addition symbol (CARET); 96A: Fanaticism (ZEAL); 97A: Golfer's option (CART); 98A: From the heart? (AORTAL); 100A: "Soap" family name (TATE); 101A: PC troubleshooters (TECHS); 103A: Courses at bars (SALADS); 105A: Idyllic spots (EDENS); 107A: Own, to a Glaswegian (HAE); 109A: "Excuse me ..." ("AHEM …"); 111A: Store of ore (LODE); 112A: Cheerleader's word (RAH); 113A: Space (GAP); 115A: Richards of "Jurassic Park" (ARIANA); 121A: Not as chilly (MILDER); 122A: Prosecutor's burden (PROOF); 123A: Perturbs (AGITATES); 124A: Bully's dare (MAKE ME); 125A: Personnel (STAFF); 126A: Ship's cargo list (MANIFEST); 1D: Neeson of "The A-Team" (LIAM); 2D: To-do pile site (IN-BASKET); 3D: Hodgepodge (MISH-MASH); 5D: Touch of color (TINCT); 6D: "The Sea Around Us" author Carson (RACHEL); 7D: Zeno's home (ELEA); 8D: That, in Tijuana (ESO); 9D: If nothing else works (IN A PINCH); 10D: Scout's discovery (TALENT); 11D: "... say, and not __" (AS I DO); 12D: Europe's __ de Genève (LAC); 15D: "__ of robins ..." (A NEST); 16D: OK and others (STS.); 19D: Virginia __ (REEL); 24D: Instigate (FOMENT); 30D: Pop of rock (IGGY); 33D: Aquatic frolickers (OTTERS); 35D: Restrains (REINS IN); 37D: Torrid Zone boundary (TROPIC); 38D: Bay Area hub: Abbr. (SFO); 40D: Friends-and-family support group (AL-ANON); 42D: Safari sighting (GNU); 44D: Adapt musically (ARRANGE); 45D: Jazz group? (SET); 49D: Spock, partly (VULCAN); 52D: Israeli port city (EILAT); 55D: Inscribe (ETCH); 57D: Southend-on-Sea's county (ESSEX); 59D: Econ. measure (GNP); 60D: Word with drug or mile (MIRACLE); 63D: Previously (AGO); 64D: Museum exhibitor (ARTIST); 65D: Uganda's Amin (IDI); 66D: Invite as one's date for (ASK TO); 67D: Wake maker (OAR); 69D: Netanyahu of Israel, familiarly (BIBI); 70D: Results (EFFECTS); 71D: Lawrence's land (ARABIA); 74D: Femme __ (FATALE); 77D: Keep current (UPDATE); 81D: Business mag (INC.); 82D: Speaks in slang? (SEZ); 84D: Simple card game (WAR); 85D: What you might take if you're tired? (A LOAD OFF); 86D: Food storage area (LARDER); 87D: Sinus specialists, briefly (ENT'S); 88D: Reagan-era scandal (IRAN-GATE); 89D: Proprietor's calculation (NET SALES); 90D: Onetime AT&T rival (GTE); 93D: Relax (EASE); 98D: Many (A LOT OF); 99D: Get closer, as to hear better (LEAN IN); 102D: Cave __: beware of the dog (CANEM); 104D: Foil maker (ALCOA); 106D: Hindu loincloth (DHOTI); 107D: "Go for the Goal" autobiographer (HAMM); 108D: Operatic highlight (ARIA); 110D: MLB honorees (MVP'S); 112D: Hindu music style (RAGA); 114D: It ain't quite "Hey!" ("PSST!"); 118D: NYC subway (IRT); 119D: "__ Sam": "Green Eggs and Ham" opening (I AM); 120D: U.K. defense arm (RAF).

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