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S U N D A Y   August 8, 2010 — Dan Schoenholz (syndicated)

Theme: "Someting's Missing" — H's are removed from familiar phrases creating new wacky phrases clued "?"-style.

[Note: This is the syndicated L.A. Times puzzle. It does not appear in the actual newspaper, but is available for free at cruciverb.com.]

Theme answers:
  • 27A: Plan a Big Apple heist? (CASE MANHATTAN).
  • 42A: Snorkeling? (TANKLESS TASK).
  • 60A: Portfolio for retirement planning? (SAVING KIT).
  • 70A: Do a Gap stockroom job? (SORT PANTS).
  • 86A: Clothes dryer, so it's said? (SOCK ABSORBER).
  • 101A: Made off with the meat? (COPPED SIRLOIN).
  • 37D: Iguana pals in Ecuador? (TREE AMIGOS).
  • 45D: Shamu's arena? (SEA STADIUM).
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:

  • 21A: What Spanish Olympians go for (EL ORO).
  • 53A: Scratch (out) (EKE).
  • 116A: River to the North Sea (YSER).
  • 3D: Razor brand (ATRA).
  • 28D: Want ad abbr. (EEO).
  • 52D: Speaker in the Hall of Fame (TRIS).
  • 68D: Funny Bombeck (ERMA).
  • 105D: Political cartoonist Thomas (NAST).
Everything Else — 1A: Mardi Gras accessory bit (BEAD); 5A: Relished (ATE UP); 10A: Skinny sort (SCRAG); 15A: Soprano Gluck (ALMA); 19A: Until (UP TO); 20A: Latte variant (MOCHA); 22A: Ready to be driven (TEED); 23A: Father (SIRE); 24A: "We're finally __ own": "Ohio" lyric (ON OUR); 25A: Needle (TEASE); 26A: Hullabaloo (TO-DO); 30A: Consequence of a strong punch? (SHINER); 32A: Believe (FEEL); 33A: Squirrel (away) (SALT); 34A: Windblown (AEOLIAN); 35A: Possibility (OPTION); 38A: "__ Mio" (O SOLE); 40A: Microwave maker (AMANA); 41A: Florist's staple (FERN); 45A: Utah airport initials (SLC); 48A: Less restricted (FREER); 50A: Sediment (LEES); 51A: Get affectionate, with "up" (COZY); 52A: Santa's reindeer, e.g. (TEAM); 54A: Excuse (ALIBI); 56A: Direct, as one's future (SHAPE); 58A: Where "The Nude Maja" hangs (PRADO); 59A: Where Mandela was pres. (RSA); 62A: Out of bed (ARISEN); 63A: Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, e.g. (MUPPET); 65A: Peanut product (OIL); 66A: Most likable (NICEST); 68A: Online reading material (E-ZINES); 72A: All alternative (ANY); 75A: Unyielding (RIGID); 76A: Intended (MEANT); 78A: It might be verbal (ABUSE); 79A: Small 52-Across (DUO); 80A: Academic (MOOT); 81A: Southern collective? (Y'ALL); 82A: U.S. Treasurer Rosie (RIOS); 83A: Car in a Beach Boys song (T-BIRD); 85A: FAQ response (ANS.); 90A: Subterfuge (RUSE); 91A: Playboy bunny and others (LOGOS); 92A: "Amo, Amas, I Love __" (A LASS); 93A: Canine cover (ENAMEL); 95A: Nonwinner (ALSO-RAN); 98A: Ban target (ODOR); 99A: Seriously injure (MAIM); 100A: What you may do before you weep? (READ 'EM); 106A: Jingled (RANG); 107A: Snoozing (ADOZE); 109A: Al __ (DENTE); 110A: 1944 turning point (D-DAY); 112A: Payment made by hand? (ANTE); 113A: Race official (TIMER); 114A: Oak, in a nutshell (ACORN); 115A: Choice word (ELSE); 117A: Twitch (SPASM); 118A: Got off the road, in a way (TOWED); 119A: Permits (LETS); 1D: Certain Volkswagen (BUS); 2D: Sweeping (EPIC); 4D: Has no problems (DOES FINE); 5D: You might need it when you're flustered (A MOMENT); 6D: Like Romantic music (TONAL); 7D: MBA's course (ECON); 8D: "Nope" ("UH-UH"); 9D: Lightweight umbrellas (PARASOLS); 10D: Avoids a trial (SETTLES); 11D: Line holder, on a ship (CLEAT); 12D: Equine color (ROAN); 13D: Horace's "__ Poetica" (ARS); 14D: Doesn't push, with "on" (GOES EASY); 15D: Fifth-century warrior (ATTILA); 16D: Téa of "Jurassic Park III" (LEONI); 17D: Mythical sorceress (MEDEA); 18D: Embellish (ADORN); 29D: One might be hard to believe (TALE); 31D: Response to being held up, maybe (HONK); 34D: Blow away (AMAZE); 35D: Put on the market (OFFER); 36D: Car allowance, preferred parking, etc. (PERKS); 38D: Half a quarter? (ONE BIT); 39D: Unit of wound thread (SKEIN); 40D: Upon (ATOP); 43D: 1993 survival film (ALIVE); 44D: Improvisational style (SCAT); 46D: Stow cargo (LADE); 47D: "Hurry up!" ("C'MON!"); 49D: Croaked (RASPED); 55D: Track circuits (LAPS); 56D: Avoid (SKIRT); 57D: Dagger handle (HILT); 58D: Car radio feature (PRESET); 61D: Thug (GOON); 62D: Book between John and Romans (ACTS); 64D: The Big __: pitcher Randy Johnson's nickname (UNIT); 66D: Agnew's natterers (NABOBS); 67D: Occupied (IN USE); 69D: National park through which the Virgin River runs (ZION); 70D: Room in a casa (SALA); 71D: An 86-Across may break them up (PAIRS); 73D: Ratched or Houlihan (NURSE); 74D: Tyrolean refrain (YODEL); 76D: Little Richard's Georgia hometown (MACON); 77D: Fraternal group (ELKS); 81D: Where asanas are seen (YOGA MATS); 82D: Found hilarious (ROARED AT); 84D: Victoria's Secret catalog poser (BRA MODEL); 86D: Ticked off (SORE); 87D: Salon snafu (BAD PERM); 88D: Cuisine for Babe (SLOP); 89D: Bump from behind (REAR-END); 91D: One of the inn crowd (LODGER); 94D: Zilch (NIL); 95D: Orderly display (ARRAY); 96D: Is inclined (LEANS); 97D: "À votre __!" (SANTE); 98D: Trickles (OOZES); 99D: Anglican Church headdress (MITRE); 101D: Unresponsive state (COMA); 102D: Empire State Building style (DECO); 103D: Put one over on (SNOW); 104D: Unoccupied (IDLE); 108D: Guacamole, for one (DIP); 111D: "Of course" ("YES").

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