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S U N D A Y   August 29, 2010Merl Reagle (calendar)

Theme: Fast Company — Theme answers are familiar phrases/names/titles transformed into puns about motorcycles.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 22A: Motorcycle club for women? (HARLEY'S ANGELS).
  • 26A: Biker club for beer distributors? (LITERS OF THE PACK).
  • 35A: Motorcycle club for dairy farmers? (CHEESY RIDERS).
  • 43A: Biker club for shrinks? (CYCLE ANALYSTS).
  • 60A: Motorcycle club for martial artists? (KARATE CHOPPERS).
  • 69A: Biker club for Jewish guys? (This one's real — their shirts say, "This hog is kosher") (STAR OF DAVIDSON).
  • 94A: Motorcycle club for astronomers? (STARRY KNIGHTS).
  • 96A: Biker club for press agents? (FLACK JACKETS).
  • 106A: Motorcycle club for Marilyn Monroe fans? (NORMA JEAN BIKERS).
  • 120A: Club for guys who like really big bikes? (MALES ON WHALES).
Everything Else — 1A: It's often smoked (HAM); 4A: Honeymoon sour note (SPAT); 8A: Stuka stunt (LOOP); 12A: Saying (ADAGE); 17A: Actor Sim (ALASTAIR); 19A: Film director's early role (OPIE); 20A: Produce place (GROCERY); 24A: Tuscany, once (ETRURIA); 25A: Acronym on a CD (ASCAP); 28A: Gear parts (TEETH); 30A: "You're ___!" (line from "Rocky") (A BUM); 31A: Dazed and confused (IN A FOG); 47A: Skip over (OMIT); 48A: Quartet voice (ALTO); 49A: Wrecks (DEVASTATES); 52A: Mosey (AMBLE); 53A: Jersey reply (MOO); 54A: Computer-data format (ASCII); 55A: October birthstones (OPALS); 57A: It might have blight (ELM); 58A: Sign up, variantly (ENROL); 65A: Mormon letters (LDS); 67A: Veep before Al (DAN); 68A: Ugliness exemplar (SIN); 77A: Snorkeling areas (REEFS); 81A: Beret-wearing rebel (CHE); 82A: Testifier's bombshell (I LIED); 83A: Select few (ELITE); 85A: A/C setting (LOW); 86A: "Arabesque" actress (LOREN); 88A: Environmental watchdog (GREENPEACE); 92A: Pint-sized (MINI); 93A: Wall features? (EARS); 101A: Stampede (ONRUSH); 102A: Soaks, as flax (RETS); 103A: Ben Stiller's mom Anne (MEARA); 114A: Foul-up (SNAFU); 119A: Dutch humanist (ERASMUS); 122A: Digression (TANGENT); 123A: Artist Nadelman (ELIE); 124A: Set off (DETONATE); 125A: Saltpeter, to a Brit (NITRE); 126A: Marvel superheroes (X-MEN); 127A: Language that gave us "bard" (ERSE); 128A: Homer's neighbor (NED); 1D: Gloater's taunt (HAHA); 2D: Prelude to bad news (ALAS); 3D: Antony of antiquity (MARC); 4D: "___ & Son" (British series that inspired "Sanford and Son") (STEPTOE); 5D: Piper's take? (PAY); 6D: Seat choice (AISLE); 7D: Blue eyes, e.g. (TRAIT); 8D: Balcony section (LOGE); 9D: Phone co. employee (OPER.); 10D: Cottonseed et al. (OILS); 11D: Bit of Cuban bread? (PESO); 12D: Sherlock's creator (ARTHUR); 13D: Slangy money (DO-RE-MI); 14D: "We'll tak ___ o' kindness yet" (line from "Auld Lang Syne") (A CUP); 15D: City SSW of Leipzig (anagram of RAGE) (GERA); 16D: Holder in Obama's Cabinet (ERIC); 18D: It grabbed Patty H. (SLA); 20D: Manage (GET BY); 21D: Talk a lot (YAK); 23D: Highest (degree) (NTH); 27D: Music notes (FAS); 29D: "Tarnation!" ("EGADS!"); 31D: Veni (I CAME); 32D: Windbreaker fabric (NYLON); 33D: Company member? (ACTOR); 34D: Olympic nickname, ___-Jo (FLO); 35D: Coleman, Young, et al. (CYS); 36D: Fair Deal pres. (HST); 37D: Greek letter (ETA); 38D: Old French sword (ESTOC); 39D: Perignon was one (DOM); 40D: Fire sign? (EMBER); 41D: Little brooks (RILLS); 42D: Arise (from) (STEM); 44D: Violin section? (NECK); 45D: Sports-shoe brand (AVIA); 46D: Hide-out (LAIR); 50D: Bk. after Galatians (EPH.); 51D: ___ Miguel (largest of the Azores) (SÃO); 52D: Be ambitious (ASPIRE); 54D: Buzz in space (ALDRIN); 56D: Recordings in sleeves (LP'S); 59D: Schnozz extension (-OLA); 61D: "Basically," basically: abbr. (ADV.); 62D: Mai ___ (TAI); 63D: Finish (END); 64D: TNT's finish (-ENE); 66D: Aero or para finish (-SOL); 69D: Sailing hazard (SHOAL); 70D: Nero's earth (TERRA); 71D: Newton's tree? (FIG); 72D: Das kin (DER); 73D: Sit behind ___ (A DESK); 74D: Over or sight follower (-SEER); 75D: Oil of ___ (OLAY); 76D: Shaving mishap (NICK); 78D: Yale's Mr. Yale (ELIHU); 79D: Type choices (FONTS); 80D: Nothing-but-net sound (SWISH); 81D: Staff leader? (CLEF); 84D: Quartet voice (TENOR); 87D: Bailout key on a PC (ESC); 89D: When France is bakin' (ÉTÉ); 90D: D.C. player (NAT); 91D: 7 on old phones (PRS); 92D: Apt. VIP (MGR.); 95D: "... who lived ___" (IN A SHOE); 97D: Oscar role for Streep (KRAMER); 98D: Uninteresting (JEJUNE); 99D: Alamogordo trial, briefly (A-TEST); 100D: Lee's side: abbr. (CSA); 103D: My, to Mimi (MES); 104D: Wear away (ERODE); 105D: Moore/Knight co-star (ASNER); 106D: Take-home pay (NET); 107D: Algerian port (ORAN); 108D: Sari-clad royal (RANI); 109D: Certain NCO (MSGT); 110D: Roswell's st. (N. MEX.); 111D: Soothing stuff (BALM); 112D: Netter Nastase (ILIE); 113D: Sharp (KEEN); 115D: Actress Grey or Martin (NAN); 116D: Playwright Ayckbourn (ALAN); 117D: Lavish party (FETE); 118D: Played for a sap (USED); 121D: Oz. and others (WTS.).

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