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S U N D A Y   August 22, 2010Sylvia Bursztyn (calendar)

[Note: The L.A. Times mistakenly posted the syndicated puzzle in the calendar section today. Because I don't get the actual paper, I won't have access to Sylvia's puzzle until it's available online. Last time this happened, the puzzle was online the following day. As soon as it's available, I'll post it.]

Theme: Poetry Puns — Poetry puns!

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 21A: Taking a remedial poetry course? (IN COUPLET'S THERAPY).
  • 39A: Promising young poet? (GOOD ODE BOY).
  • 55A: Poetry course? (VERSE CLASS).
  • 83A: Prosperous period for poems? (SONNET BOOM).
  • 98A: Virtually any line from Shakespeare? (IAMB LEGEND).
  • 120A: Baseball poem figure? (CATCHER IN THE RHYME).
  • 1D: Exhibit of poetic feet? (DACTYL GALLERY).
  • 59D: Homegrown poem? (AMERICAN IDYLL).
Everything Else — 1A: Poetic profundities (DEEPS); 6A: Word with wheel or deal (BIG); 9A: Dig bit (SHARD); 14A: MoMA's home (NYC); 17A: Zippy clip (GALLOP); 18A: Oscar role for Ingrid (ANASTASIA); 20A: Battery size (AAA); 23A: CD earnings (INT.); 24A: Witticism (MOT); 25A: Screen's Neeson (LIAM); 26A: Sultry (TORRID); 27A: Pound sounds (BARKS); 29A: --- nitrate (AMYL); 31A: Serpico's org. (NYPD); 33A: Good name for a litigator? (SUE); 34A: Unlikely (REMOTE); 35A: Tennis champ Monica (SELES); 37A: Dele retractor (STET); 42A: Horse's stride (GAIT); 44A: "Time --- My Side" (IS ON); 46A: Muriel Spark or Robert Burns (SCOT); 47A: Turned six? (NINE); 48A: James of "Boston Legal" (SPADER); 50A: Derby town (EPSOM); 52A: "Feed ---, starve ..." (A COLD); 54A: www address (URL); 58A: Inn name (RAMADA); 62A: Ease (RELIEVE); 64A: Grace's prince (RAINIER); 66A: Fiend (DEMON); 67A: Pitcher (EWER); 68A: Ibiza, "por ejemplo" (ISLA); 70A: Went platinum? (DYED); 72A: Guitar part (NECK); 73A: It's a wrap (SARAN); 75A: Add water to (HYDRATE); 79A: Hole in the head (NOSTRIL); 81A: Assignations (TRYSTS); 85A: Tahiti, "par exemple" (ILE); 86A: Kind of dog (CHILI); 88A: Gawk (STARE); 89A: Sister's daughters (NIECES); 91A: Three, in Seehausen (DREI); 94A: Novelist Jaffe (RONA); 96A: This land is Ur land (IRAQ); 97A: Memorable Bombeck (ERMA); 101A: Atlantic fish (SCUP); 103A: "Roots" role (KINTE); 106A: Arthurian paradise (AVALON); 107A: "I like!" ("OOH!"); 109A: Sharp (KEEN); 111A: Evened the score (TIED); 112A: Pay for more People (RENEW); 113A: Old Persian potentate (SATRAP); 116A: Hang in a low place? (SLUM); 118A: U came after him (DAG); 119A: Pier gp. (ILA); 124A: Tippler (SOT); 125A: Cognizance (AWARENESS); 126A: Benefits (AVAILS); 127A: Driver's doodad (TEE); 128A: Cubist Fernand (LEGER); 129A: Pasture call (MAA); 130A: "--- "tov"!" (MAZEL); 2D: "Telephone Line" gp. (ELO); 3D: Month after Av (ELUL); 4D: Drop by (POP IN); 5D: Spreads out (SPLAYS); 6D: Be up (BAT); 7D: "Meet Me --- Louis" (IN ST.); 8D: Felipe's felines (GATOS); 9D: Music setups (STEREOS); 10D: Last name in spydom (HARI); 11D: "Take --- song and make it ..." (A SAD); 12D: Make the rent? (RIP); 13D: Spare room item (DAY BED); 14D: Kenya's capital (NAIROBI); 15D: South Dakota city (YANKTON); 16D: Playing marble (CAT'S EYE); 17D: Folklore fellow (GNOME); 19D: "Beats me," in body language (SHRUG); 21D: "--- corny ..." (IM AS); 22D: Drains (EMPTIES); 28D: Constitutional add-on (AMENDMENT); 30D: Show the way (LEAD); 32D: Eagles classic (DESPERADO); 34D: Helicopter feature (ROTOR); 36D: Colander kin (SIEVE); 38D: Puccini classic (TOSCA); 40D: "Juno and the Paycock" playwright (O'CASEY); 41D: Elmer, to Bugs (DOC); 43D: Coin-filled fountain (TREVI); 45D: --- "me tangere" (NOLI); 48D: Most reliable (SUREST); 49D: Antebellum (PREWAR); 51D: "Whew!" ("MAN!"); 53D: Stripling (LAD); 56D: Hebrew letter (RESH); 57D: Distract (SIDETRACK); 60D: Tractable (DOCILE); 61D: Departs, per Variety (ANKLES); 63D: Cantankerous (IRASCIBLE); 65D: City near Sparks (RENO); 69D: Essential amino acid (LYSINE); 71D: Literature's Lorna (DOONE); 74D: Extreme degree (NTH); 76D: Hosp. personnel (RN'S); 77D: No voter (ANTI); 78D: Drops from ducts (TEARS); 80D: Smug smile (SMIRK); 82D: Rock singer? (SIREN); 84D: Will power? (BEQUEST); 87D: Campfire fuel (LOG); 90D: Give off (EMIT); 91D: Pepys, famously (DIARIST); 92D: Silas Marner's village (RAVELOE); 93D: Send forth (EMANATE); 95D: One more (ANOTHER); 99D: Lite (LOW-CAL); 100D: Quiz scandal's Charles Van --- (DOREN); 102D: "The Taking of --- 1 2 3" (PELHAM); 104D: Cowboys and Spurs (TEAMS); 105D: Advantage (EDGE); 108D: Seraglio (HAREM); 110D: New, in Quintana Roo (NUEVA); 113D: Just for guys (STAG); 114D: Plot part (ACRE); 115D: City on the Arno (PISA); 117D: "I'm Yours" singer Jason (MRAZ); 121D: Dazzle (AWE); 122D: Hush-hush org. (NSA); 123D: Get moving (HIE).

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