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M O N D A Y   October 11, 2010 Kristian House

Theme: The World on a String — Theme answers are familiar phrases that all end with words that can be types of, um, how do I explain this? Oh just go look at the theme answers. You'll get it.

Theme answers:
  • 18A: Engages in fanciful storytelling (SPINS A YARN).
  • 28A: Bench squad (SECOND STRING).
  • 46A: Connecting idea (COMMON THREAD).
  • 61A: Start acting independently (CUT THE CORD).
  • 14A: Show that launched Kelly Clarkson's career, familiarly (IDOL). I only watched one season of "American Idol" and think that's going to have to be enough. I might have to tune in once or twice to see how Steven Tyler is doing, but for the most part I just don't think the show will be very good without Simon (going out on a limb there, I know).
  • 16A: Actor Wilson (OWEN). I've seen him a few things and he's pretty entertaining. I laughed really, really hard whe he started singing "Don't Give Up On Us Baby" in the "Starskey & Hutch" movie.
  • 33A: Watson of Harry Potter films (EMMA). I believe she plays Hermione.
  • 37A: Middle Corleone brother (FREDO). I don't have to explain that this is from the Godfather, do I? Okay, good.
  • 54A: Prepare to drive (TEE UP). Golf!
  • 1D: Nine-to-__ (FIVE). I don't think I've ever worked a nine-to-five job. My job right now is eight-to-five. How about you all?
  • 3D: Wine cellar tool (CORKSCREW). I'm not exactly a wine connoisseud, so I just have to ask: is there some reason you would use the CORKSCREW in the wine cellar instead of waiting until you bring the wine upstairs?
  • 9D: Saint Francis's home (ASSISI). I can never remember where the Ss go.
  • 21D: Salsa fruit (MANGO). PuzzleSister made a salsa one time with jicama. It was delish.
  • 34D: Came to terms (with) (MADE PEACE). My favorite entry in the grid.
  • 40D: Usual fourth down play (PUNT). I'm not a football expert by any means, so this is a serious question. Is "usual" a fair characterization? I mean, I know a teams often PUNT on fourth down, but do they usually?
  • 41D: Wedding party member (USHER).

  • 51D: Modern witch's religion (WICCA). Here's the thing about Christine O'Donnell. Who really cares if she "dabbled in witchcraft" when she was younger? And I don't mean that in a she's-not-important-enough-to-think-about way. What I mean is: what's the problem with dabbling in witchcraft?
Crosswordese 101: You'll never guess what an OPAH is. That's right! It's a 47D: Colorful fish! And it's almost always clued as a colorful (or brightly colored) fish, so it's pretty easy to remember. OPAHs are also known as moonfish and sunfish, so you might also see those words in the clue.

Other crosswordese in the puzzle that we've already covered:
  • 22A: Mine access (ADIT).
  • 31A: Only defenseman to lead the NHL in scoring (ORR).
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Everything Else — 1A: Payroll tax with Soc. Sec. and Medicare components (FICA); 5A: Tibet's capital (LHASA); 10A: Joe in a cup (JAVA); 15A: Vague emanations (AURAS); 17A: "Give" or "take," e.g. (VERB); 20A: Mukluk wearer (ESKIMO); 23A: The Beatles' "__ Just Seen a Face" (I'VE); 24A: Trap (SNARE); 26A: Subjects of wills (ESTATES); 32A: Ballpark entrance (GATE); 39A: Band booster (AMP); 41A: Carrier renamed in 1997 (USAIR); 42A: "... __ forgive those who trespass ..." (AS WE); 43A: "__ in Boots" (PUSS); 45A: Seventh-century date (DCI); 51A: "Yee-haw!" ("WHOOPEE!"); 55A: K+ or Na+ (ION); 56A: McDonald's symbol (ARCH); 58A: Father to many? (PRIEST); 64A: Intl. defense gp. (NATO); 65A: Ornery type (CRAB); 66A: Seasonal sleigh driver (SANTA); 67A: Micro or macro subj. (ECON.); 68A: Egyptian vipers (ASPS); 69A: Disapproved vocally (TSKED); 70A: Damp at dawn (DEWY); 2D: Mid-month time (IDES); 4D: White whale, e.g. (ALBINO); 5D: Hall of Fame manager Tommy (LASORDA); 6D: Drill sergeant's "one" (HUP); 7D: Diva's moment (ARIA); 8D: Potential splinter remover (SANDER); 10D: "Ode to __" (JOY); 11D: Watch for (AWAIT); 12D: Zeal (VERVE); 13D: Authors Rice and Tyler (ANNES); 19D: Bus. letter directive (ATTN.); 25D: Juanita's "this" (ESTA); 27D: "Middle" period (AGES); 28D: Family room piece (SOFA); 29D: Goofs (ERRS); 30D: Conductor's beat (TEMPO); 35D: Flaky mineral (MICA); 36D: Like the Mojave (ARID); 38D: 1920s-'40s art style (DECO); 44D: Blended-family parent (STEPDAD); 48D: Most insignificant (MEREST); 49D: Tourist draws (MECCAS); 50D: Unrepairable (RUINED); 52D: Doctor's time in the office (HOURS); 53D: Like much pub ale (ON TAP); 57D: Traffic complaint (HONK); 59D: Pack away (STOW); 60D: Cereal spokestiger (TONY); 62D: "Very funny" TV station (TBS); 63D: U.S. 1, for one (RTE.).

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