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S U N D A Y   October 3, 2010 Sylvia Bursztyn (calendar)

Theme: 10 A.D. Ten theme answers are people whose initials are A.D.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 24A: Czech composer (ANTONIN DVORAK).
  • 38A: Civil rights movement activist (ANGELA DAVIS).
  • 58A: TV's "Police Woman" (ANGIE DICKINSON).
  • 76A: Veteran civil rights lawyer (ALAN DERSHOWITZ).
  • 93A: Pulitzer-winning historian (ARIEL DURANT).
  • 111A: French "Affair" figure (ALFRED DREYFUS).
  • 3D: Football Hall-of-Famer (ART DONOVAN).
  • 15D: "Falcon Crest" actress (ABBY DALTON).
  • 70D: "Purple Noon" star (ALAIN DELON).
  • 73D: Classic Hollywood character actor (ANDY DEVINE).
Everything Else — 1A: Physician coalition abbr. (AMA); 4A: Virtuoso (ACE); 7A: Stroke the strings (STRUM); 12A: Barb (DIG); 15A: Barbary beast (APE); 18A: Outlying (FAR); 19A: Contrasting (DIFFERENT); 21A: Cockney castle? ('OME); 22A: Supplicate (BEG); 23A: Tailor's concern (FIT); 26A: Sis's sib (BRO); 27A: Withstand (ENDURE); 29A: "Hurlyburly" playwright (RABE); 30A: Sycophants (LACKEYS); 32A: More intimate (CLOSER); 33A: One-time link (AT A); 34A: Orchestra area (PIT); 35A: Golden number (OLDIE); 37A: Daly of "Judging Amy" (TYNE); 43A: Mary's follower (LAMB); 44A: Whoopi's "Ghost" role (ODA MAE); 46A: Wilder on the screen (GENE); 47A: Louise's film crony (THELMA); 49A: Hardly or softly, briefly (ADV.); 51A: Pop (DAD); 52A: Writer Sarah --- Jewett (ORNE); 54A: Good sign on B'way (SRO); 55A: Slinky, for one (TOY); 56A: Get to (REACH); 63A: Paddled boats (CANOES); 65A: "--- fair in love ..." (ALL'S); 66A: Car deal part (TRADE-IN); 67A: Restrain (TRAMMEL); 69A: Most lacking slack (TAUTEST); 70A: Painter's workplace (ATELIER); 71A: Campaign pros (POLS); 72A: Like "Body Heat", for instance (STEAMY); 79A: Moore's sitcom boss (ASNER); 80A: Spring for a vacation? (SPA); 81A: Let go (CAN); 82A: Arm bone (ULNA); 83A: LAPD alert (APB); 85A: Plaines or Moines intro (DES); 86A: Bleach (WHITEN); 88A: Wiltshire wheel (TYRE); 90A: Ally of "St. Elmo's Fire" (SHEEDY); 92A: Cartoonist Peter (ARNO); 97A: Smith or Sandler (ADAM); 100A: Ways (MODES); 102A: Roadie's tote (AMP); 103A: Nancy salt (SEL); 104A: Blood line (ARTERY); 106A: Preordain (DESTINE); 108A: Ringlet (CURL); 109A: Lots of bread (LOAVES); 110A: Dressing base (OIL); 115A: Acct. amt. (INT.); 116A: From --- Z (A TO); 117A: River, to Rivera (RIO); 118A: Humperdinck hit (RELEASE ME); 119A: "--- didn't!" (NO I); 120A: Mattel doll (KEN); 121A: Prefix for flooey (KER-); 122A: Free as --- (A BIRD); 123A: "That --- then ..." (WAS); 124A: List's last letters (ETC.); 1D: Influence (AFFECT); 2D: In essence (MAINLY); 4D: "Not on ---!" (A DARE); 5D: Widescreen process (CINERAMA); 6D: Baby newt (EFT); 7D: Half of Congress (SENATE); 8D: "Survivor" adjective (TRIBAL); 9D: Lalique or Magritte (RENÉ); 10D: Colditz conjunction (UND); 11D: VH1 rival (MTV); 12D: Conductor Antal (DORATI); 13D: Apple variety (IMAC); 14D: Douglas's "Wall Street" role (GEKKO); 16D: Ebony family fruit (PERSIMMON); 17D: Sense of self (EGO); 20D: Search for food (FORAGE); 25D: Martini morsel (OLIVE); 28D: Not new (USED); 31D: She, in Cherbourg (ELLE); 34D: Knock (PAN); 36D: Cyberbuyer's market (EBAY); 39D: Zilch, in Xochimilco (NADA); 40D: Choreographer de Mille (AGNES); 41D: Exploit (DEED); 42D: Progress (STRIDES); 45D: Faithful support (ADHERENCE); 48D: White House nickname (HONEST ABE); 49D: Pendulum's path (ARC); 50D: DOJ gp. (DEA); 52D: Peer group? (OGLERS); 53D: Brooklet (RILL); 54D: 32-card game (SKAT); 57D: Terra --- (COTTA); 59D: Finger-pointer (NAMER); 60D: Livorno's land (ITALIA); 61D: Tart part (CRUST); 62D: Surfer's stops (SITES); 64D: "Avatar"'s Zoe (SALDANA); 68D: Air (MIEN); 69D: Burg (TOWN); 71D: Guided a gondola (POLED); 74D: Thai dish --- krob (MEE); 75D: Many mos. (YRS.); 76D: Greek Venus (APHRODITE); 77D: Send flying (HURL); 78D: Newscaster Paula (ZAHN); 80D: Competed with Michael Phelps (SWAM); 84D: Sonoma County city (PETALUMA); 87D: Ten below? (TOES); 88D: Oven built-in (TIMER); 89D: "You betcha!" ("YEP!"); 90D: Field and Ride (SALLYS); 91D: Facts (DATA); 94D: Sought, as office (RAN FOR); 95D: Loan shark (USURER); 96D: Go over "The Wall" again, say (REREAD); 98D: "We --- amused" (ARE NOT); 99D: Rasputin, for one (MYSTIC); 101D: Austere (STARK); 105D: Wine cellar staples (ROSES); 107D: "Would --- to you?" (I LIE); 108D: 451, in old Rome (CDLI); 110D: Flooring wood (OAK); 112D: Age (ERA); 113D: Miss coming out? (DEB); 114D: Sprinkling (FEW).

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