Minggu, 17 Oktober 2010

S U N D A Y   October 17, 2010 Sylvia Bursztyn (calendar)

Theme: "Book Ends" The end of each theme answer can be used to describe a type of book.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 24A: Contest won with a pin (WRESTLING MATCH).
  • 30A: Ahead of time (BEFOREHAND).
  • 45A: Scan for typos (SPELLCHECK).
  • 70A: Dylan classic (IT'S ALL OVER NOW BABY BLUE).
  • 94A: Film script (SCREENPLAY).
  • 111A: Broad view (BIG PICTURE).
  • 117A: Core oration (KEYNOTE ADDRESS).
Everything Else — 1A: Quagmire (MORASS); 7A: Took higher (UPPED); 12A: Man in the Iran mosque? (IMAM); 16A: Solo on screen (HAN); 19A: Bless with oil (ANOINT); 20A: Watts in the movies (NAOMI); 21A: Da Vinci signature piece (MONA LISA); 23A: More meager (POORER); 26A: Reese of the Dodgers (PEE WEE); 28A: Green Hornet's sidekick (KATO); 29A: Tennis legend Arthur (ASHE); 34A: Adjusts to fit (ADAPTS); 36A: LAX info (ETA); 38A: Idle or Burdon (ERIC); 39A: Patisserie purchase (TORTE); 40A: Done-turn link (TO A); 41A: Speaker of Cooperstown (TRIS); 42A: Perilous (RISKY); 44A: TV's "can cook" chef (YAN); 48A: Shooting stars (METEORS); 51A: Talks like Daffy (LISPS); 53A: Past time (YORE); 54A: Ninnies (TWITS); 56A: Lesley of "60 Minutes" (STAHL); 58A: Broadway Joe (NAMATH); 62A: Came across (MET); 65A: Student aid (LOAN); 67A: "Encore!" ("AGAIN!"); 69A: Banderas "slasher" role (ZORRO); 75A: Hackneyed (STALE); 76A: Raze (LEVEL); 77A: Jon of "Selena" (SEDA); 78A: Approves (OKS); 79A: Rocker Santana (CARLOS); 81A: Office stamp (DATER); 83A: Big ship (LINER); 86A: Death Valley's county (INYO); 88A: Salon fixture (DRYER); 90A: Looked up to (ADMIRED); 98A: Conned (HAD); 100A: "Uncle!" ("I GIVE!"); 101A: Tool booth (SHED); 102A: Figure head? (CPA); 103A: Parting "palabra" (ADIOS); 106A: Pump part (HEEL); 107A: Feel ill (AIL); 108A: Like "Glee" music (CHORAL); 113A: Knight clothes (MAIL); 115A: Boy, in Coyoacán (NI*Ntilde;O); 116A: Naval habitat (SEA LAB); 121A: Old Testament prophet (ISAIAH); 125A: Patronize (FREQUENT); 126A: Beckett's no-show (GODOT); 127A: Alaska neighbor (CANADA); 128A: Rotter (CAD); 129A: Skin pics (TATS); 130A: Utopias (EDENS); 131A: Start of a classic JFK line (ASK NOT); 1D: Chart (MAP); 2D: John --- Lennon (ONO); 3D: Milne marsupial (ROO); 4D: Turbulence cause (AIR POCKET); 5D: Snide smile (SNEER); 6D: Sesame or Easy (STREET); 7D: Still energetic (UNWEARY); 8D: Protective of offspring (PARENTAL); 9D: "Ulalume" author (POE); 10D: Common pair (EMS); 11D: NFL's Iron Mike (DITKA); 12D: Mirror (IMITATE); 13D: Board game biggie (MONOPOLY); 14D: "Brokeback Mountain" director Lee (ANG); 15D: Papas' singing partners (MAMAS); 16D: "Hey!" ("HI THERE!"); 17D: Spartan (ASCETIC); 18D: "I'll pass" ("NAH"); 22D: Vegas opener (LAS); 25D: Youth (LAD); 27D: "You know --- you are" (WHO); 30D: Road shoulder (BERM); 31D: Buffalo's lake (ERIE); 32D: Stallone's union movie (FIST); 33D: Leary of "Rescue Me" (DENIS); 35D: Falcon's claw (TALON); 37D: Invite (ASK); 41D: Gang of made men (THE MOB); 43D: "That hurts!" ("YOW!"); 45D: Puck's eatery (SPAGO); 46D: Expressions of dismissal (PSHAWS); 47D: Wacko (CRAZY); 49D: Streamlet (RILL); 50D: Seat at the bar (STOOL); 52D: Kiss rocker Paul (STANLEY); 55D: Socked away (SAVED); 57D: Put down in writing? (LIBEL); 59D: Folkie Guthrie (ARLO); 60D: WWII island (TRUK); 61D: Prepares a bed outdoors? (HOES); 62D: Catchall abbr. (MISC.); 63D: James of jazz (ETTA); 64D: Bygone sovereign (TSAR); 66D: Sparks' state (NEVADA); 68D: Olympics great Comaneci (NADIA); 71D: In cahoots (ALLIED); 72D: Sierra --- (LEONE); 73D: Take another shot (RETRY); 74D: Foreigner or America (BAND); 80D: Mesh (SYNCH); 82D: Recovery prog. (REHAB); 84D: UK label (EMI); 85D: Rue de la Paix place (RIGHT BANK); 87D: Schmeling, to Louis (OPPONENT); 89D: Big name in hotels (RADISSON); 91D: Violinist Andrá (RIEU); 92D: Word often before after (EVER); 93D: Proofer's mark (DELE); 94D: FICA-funded org. (SSA); 95D: Grand illusion (CHIMERA); 96D: Passed along (RELAYED); 97D: Roundup ropes (LARIATS); 99D: Abridged books (DIGESTS); 104D: --- -Locka (OPA); 105D: Sand makeup (SILICA); 108D: Pull (CLOUT); 109D: Furthermore (AND); 110D: Get stuck (LODGE); 112D: Josá's houses (CASAS); 114D: Probe, briefly (INQ.); 117D: The Col.'s chain (KFC); 118D: Leaves in a bag (TEA); 119D: Serling or Stewart (ROD); 120D: Stamp add-on (-EDE); 122D: McKellen or McEwan (IAN); 123D: Flutter (ADO); 124D: Pillbox or porkpie (HAT).

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