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M O N D A Y   December 20, 2010 Gary Cee

Theme: Pregame The first word Both words of each two-word theme answer can precede the word "game" in a familiar phrase.

Theme answers:
  • 17A: Miniature data storage device (MEMORY CARD).
  • 24A: Teen group sleepover (PAJAMA PARTY).
  • 47A: Like an actor who doesn't miss a line (WORD PERFECT).
  • 60A: Bobby Vee hit with the line "I come bouncing back to you" (RUBBER BALL).
  • 38A/40A: With 40-Across, in an advantageous position (and what both words in 17-, 24-, 47- and 60-Across can be) (AHEAD OF / THE GAME).
I tried to get this post written last night but with the Osmonds, Bobby Vee, and Eric Clapton in the grid, I got sucked into the YouTube vortex and had to get my butt to bed before I could write pretty much anything. So now it's morning and I'll have to spit this out quickly before I dash off to work. So hold on. Here we go!

Oh, before I get to the bullets, a note about how Bobby Vee got his start. The story is kind of interesting and it occurred to me that some of you might not be familiar with it. It's one of those things that I more or less grew up with, being from Fargo and all (along with a love of Roger Maris and a freakish ability to withstand sub-zero temperatures). I know you all know about "The Day the Music Died" back in 1959 when Buddy Holly's plane crashed. Well, that plane was on its way to the Fargo-Moorhead area and when it (obviously) didn't make it there, Bobby Vee's band volunteered to play the show and that was his big break. So there you have it.

  • 14A: Home of the Osmonds (UTAH).
  • 19A: Like many a movie twin (EVIL). I know that siblings can be very different from one another, but the whole "EVIL twin" thing is pretty damn ridiculous if you think about it.
  • 33A: Heckle (JEER). This is actually where I first got sucked into YouTube. I remember a bit Seinfeld used to do about hecklers, so I went looking for it. Couldn't find it, but trust me: there are a lot of comedian v. heckler clips out there!
  • 42A: Seaman's call for assistance (SOS). Heh heh, you said "seaman."
  • 62A: Ricelike pasta (ORZO). Not to be confused with the alcohol "ouzo" or the automatic weapon "uzi." Three completely different things.
  • 5D: 1971 Clapton classic (LAYLA). Unfortunately, I didn't have time to actually find an appropriate video of this before I was miraculously able to tear myself away from YouTube, so you'll have to go find one yourself. Look, I can't do everything for you.
  • 6D: Pop-up path (ARC). I actually tried URL here first, thinking the pop-up in question was a pop-up ad. D'oh!
  • 37D: Storied loch (NESS).
  • 42D: Wager that isn't risky (SAFE BET). Anyone else try sure bet first?
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 31A: Above-the-street trains (ELS).
  • 43A: Baseball's Slaughter (ENOS).
  • 52A: Encl. with a manuscript (SASE).
  • 64A: Sicilian volcano (ETNA).
  • 26D: Orbital high point (APOGEE).
  • 28D: Pop your pop might have liked (NEHI).
  • 56D: Forearm bone (ULNA).
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Everything Else — 1A: Things to make notes on (PADS); 5A: Gate clasp (LATCH); 10A: Woeful word (ALAS); 15A: Impressive display (ARRAY); 16A: Coke or Pepsi (COLA); 20A: Faraway friend who likes to write (PEN PAL); 21A: Traditional stories (LORE); 23A: New England hrs. (EST); 27A: Bolivian high points (ANDES); 32A: Second afterthought, in a ltr. (PPS); 34A: Writer's deg. (MFA); 35A: Itzhak Perlman's instrument (VIOLIN); 41A: Tears to shreds (RIPS UP); 44A: Not masc. (FEM.); 45A: Old Mideast org. (UAR); 46A: Digs for (SEEKS); 51A: "Toto, __ a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" (I'VE); 53A: Gap (HIATUS); 58A: Require (NEED); 63A: Judges hear them (PLEAS); 65A: Wine glass part (STEM); 66A: Occupied, as a desk (SAT AT); 67A: Hurdle (over) (LEAP); 1D: It gives you gas (PUMP); 2D: To __: precisely (A TEE); 3D: Rhett's last word (DAMN); 4D: Hit the mall (SHOP); 7D: Song refrain (TRA LA LA); 8D: Pool shots (CAROMS); 9D: Beast that grew two heads every time it lost one (HYDRA); 10D: King topper (ACE); 11D: Where romantic couples park (LOVERS LANE); 12D: Crème de la crème (A-LIST); 13D: Like the sea (SALTY); 18D: Jay-Z performances (RAPS); 22D: "Silas Marner" foundling (EPPIE); 25D: Funny Foxworthy (JEFF); 27D: Barely open (AJAR); 29D: Suspended animation (DEEP FREEZE); 30D: Took off the board (ERASED); 34D: Floor-washing aid (MOP); 35D: Videotape format (VHS); 36D: Response to "You all right?" (I'M OK); 39D: Down in the __ (DUMPS); 40D: Raced (TORE); 45D: Bond girl Andress (URSULA); 46D: Hullabaloo (STIR); 47D: Indigent imbibers (WINOS); 48D: In full view (OVERT); 49D: Wild West brothers (EARPS); 50D: Where the toys are (CHEST); 54D: One slain by Cain (ABEL); 55D: Westminster gallery (TATE); 57D: Open-handed blow (SLAP); 59D: __ Pérignon (DOM); 61D: Sheep sound (BAA).

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