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S U N D A Y   December 19, 2010 Merl Reagle (calendar)

Theme: "Crunch Time" The word "oreo" is hidden in the theme answers.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 17A: Since time immemorial (FOR EONS).
  • 23A: Subject for Louis L'Amour (THE LORE OF THE WEST).
  • 28A: A militia might do it (RESTORE ORDER).
  • 37A: Sported certain shoes (WORE OXFORDS).
  • 54A: Kin of "ditto" (MORE OF THE SAME).
  • 57A: Study closely (PORE OVER).
  • 85A: Attacked, as an envelope (TORE OPEN).
  • 88A: Gene Kelly was one (CHOREOGRAPHER).
  • 105A: Focus of "drill, baby, drill" (OFFSHORE OIL).
  • 114A: Predestined (FOREORDAINED).
  • 124A: What endless hours of data entry may do (BORE ONE SENSELESS).
  • 72A: Part of NaOH (just to give The Snack's old rival a smidgen of equal time) (HYDROXIDE).
  • 132A: Apt query for the end of this puzzle (GOT MILK?).
Everything Else — 1A: McCullough bio subject (ADAMS); 6A: DDT banner (EPA); 9A: It may be slurped (SOUP); 13A: G.I. Joe has one (SCAR); 20A: French article (LES); 21A: Looped handle (ANSA); 22A: Florence's river (ARNO); 26A: Greek consonant (BETA); 27A: Commence (START); 30A: Torch singer topic (WOE); 33A: "Am ___ believe ..." (I TO); 35A: Freight weight (TON); 36A: Fast bucks? (DEER); 43A: Bacillus shape (ROD); 45A: Get sleepy (NOD); 47A: "___ it be, pal?" (WHAT'LL); 48A: 1988 Olympics site (SEOUL); 50A: Can. is part of it (OAS); 51A: "Boy, this place is ___!" (A ZOO); 52A: Buzz's moonmate (NEIL); 61A: Talks idly (NATTERS); 62A: Guaymas glassful (AGUA); 63A: Coventry cupful (TEA); 65A: Auth. Conrad (JOS.); 66A: Travel disorientation (LAG); 67A: USMC rank (PFC); 70A: Slangy jail (CLINK); 75A: Co-owner of OWN (OPRAH); 77A: Brunch time (TEN); 78A: Pastoral poem setting (LEA); 80A: "Let's ___!" (EAT); 81A: Call for help (SOS); 82A: Georgetown player (HOYA); 83A: Lynch associate (MERRILL); 94A: Actress Campbell (NEVE); 95A: Savage et al. (DOCS); 96A: Casino cube (DIE); 97A: Intro to pathic (HOMEO-); 99A: Candidates' event (DEBATE); 103A: "That kinda thing" (ETC.); 104A: ___ room (REC); 107A: He's incredible (HULK); 109A: Enron's Fastow, for ex. (CFO); 112A: Sty resident (SOW); 113A: Dutch carrier (KLM); 119A: Preminger classic (LAURA); 123A: Tackle box item (LURE); 129A: Computer person (USER); 130A: Fanzine focus (IDOL); 131A: Actress Sandra (DEE); 133A: Nap sacks? (BEDS); 134A: Convinced (SOLD); 135A: Curative place (SPA); 136A: Opinion piece (ESSAY); 1D: Destroyer direction (AFT); 2D: Homer's cry (D'OH); 3D: "Inchworm" lyrics verb (ARE); 4D: TV diner (MEL'S); 5D: Chimney buildup (SOOT); 6D: Ferrell comedy (ELF); 7D: Czech-born Sykora or Prucha of the NHL (PETR); 8D: "Off the Court" author (ASHE); 9D: Took care of (SAW TO); 10D: Tie ___ (party hearty) (ONE ON); 11D: Old map abbr. (USSR); 12D: Hairless head (PATE); 13D: Buffalo skater (SABRE); 14D: Piece of office furniture (CREDENZA); 15D: Waiting area (ANTEROOM); 16D: Be loud, as an engine (ROAR); 18D: Big D.C. lobby (NRA); 19D: Calligraphy detail (SERIF); 24D: Bismarck et al. (OTTOS); 25D: Superlative finish (-EST); 29D: Offbeat (ODD); 30D: Internet letters (WWW); 31D: "La-la" lead-in (OOH); 32D: The Cenozoic, e.g. (ERA); 34D: Utah city (OREM); 38D: Of a volcano (ETNEAN); 39D: Butter sub (OLEO); 40D: 44 (XLIV); 41D: Hickey opener (DOO); 42D: Big ___, Calif. (SUR); 43D: Talks incessantly (RATTLES ON); 44D: Milo or Tessie (O'SHEA); 46D: Unknown John (DOE); 49D: Tanglewood's town (LENOX); 50D: Many times, briefly (OFT); 51D: Buffoon (ASS); 53D: Sluggish (LETHARGIC); 55D: Watering hole (OASIS); 56D: Therefore (ERGO); 57D: Agreement (PACT); 58D: Eyeball (OGLE); 59D: Ravage (RUIN); 60D: King, in Cádiz (REY); 64D: Author ___ Rogers St. Johns (ADELA); 65D: Write quickly (JOT); 67D: Actor's cane, e.g. (PROP); 68D: Jack's "Chinatown" co-star (FAYE); 69D: "The Tuxedo" star (CHAN); 71D: Swiss artist Paul (KLEE); 73D: Ed's downstairs neighbor (RALPH); 74D: Morse "E" (DOT); 76D: A "Friends" friend (PHOEBE); 79D: Wear away (ERODE); 83D: Malaprop, for one (MRS.); 84D: Indignation (IRE); 86D: Make over (REDO); 87D: At any time (EVER); 88D: Alphabet trio (C-D-E); 89D: Plant-growing plant? (HOTHOUSE); 90D: Took place (OCCURRED); 91D: ___-ha (HOO); 92D: Voltage letters (EMF); 93D: Flag throwers (REFS); 98D: "Mio" intro (O SOLE); 100D: Fine (AOK); 101D: No later than (TIL); 102D: Movie street (ELM); 104D: Old MGM rival (RKO); 106D: Old name for China's Yellow River, ___ Ho (HWANG); 108D: Looks like a wolf? (LEERS); 109D: Christmas air (CAROL); 110D: Actress Sally (FIELD); 111D: Sean ___ Lennon (ONO); 114D: Miscue (FLUB); 115D: Bat stats (RBI'S); 116D: Dunderhead (DODO); 117D: Book ___ (ENDS); 118D: Profound (DEEP); 120D: R&R provider (USO); 121D: Nerve network (RETE); 122D: Charity of a sort (ALMS); 125D: Neptune's realm (SEA); 126D: Grafton's "___ for Evidence" (E IS); 127D: Extremist 1970s grp. (SLA); 128D: The sun's setting? (SKY).

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