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W E D N E S D A Y   December 1, 2010 Ed Sessa

Theme: We Have Met the Enemy …. — Hidden in each theme answer is the letter string NME, which sounds like the word "enemy" if you say it out loud.

Theme answers:
  • 20A: Viral illness associated with a rash (GERMAN MEASLES).
  • 35A: List that comes from the top (DROP-DOWN MENU).
  • 43A: Possible response to "Gotcha!" (THAT'S ONE ON ME).
  • 57A: Pie with a fluffy topping (LEMON MERINGUE).
  • 56D: Foe hiding, in a way, in the puzzle's four longest answers (ENEMY).

Well, so far the day hasn't gone exactly as I had planned. PuzzleDaughter woke me up at 4:30 because her throat really hurt, but we had to wait until 8:00 to get to the doctor. Let's just say there was a lot of whining and whimpering between 4:30 and 8:00. Poor girl. Anyway. I assume she has strep but don't really know for sure because … she talked the doctor out of giving her the strep test. Man does she hate the strep test! She gave him these pouty eyes and he fell for it! Unbelievable! But he gave her a prescription anyway and now we're back home, she's sleeping on the couch, and I'm trying to catch up. So I'm just going to post the grid and the theme here and you guys can chat it up in the comments. See you back here tomorrow.

Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 65A: Humorist Bombeck (ERMA).
  • 36D: Reed instrument (OBOE).
  • 58D: Hot times in the cité (ÉTÉS).
  • 63D: Year, in Yucatán (AÑO).
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Everything Else — 1A: Chews the fat (GABS); 5A: "Here's to ..." tribute (TOAST); 10A: Lingerie size (C-CUP); 14A: Inuit word for "house" (IGLU); 15A: Like bighorns (OVINE); 16A: Obsessed fictional captain (AHAB); 17A: Modeler's aid (GLUE); 18A: More inclined to butt in (RUDER); 19A: Comes together (GELS); 23A: Paint base (LATEX); 24A: A major, e.g. (KEY); 25A: Healthful resort (SPA); 28A: 911 responder, for short (EMS); 29A: Lanchester of "Witness for the Prosecution" (ELSA); 33A: Like Fran Drescher's voice (NASAL); 38A: Cuba or Mallorca (ISLA); 41A: Thumper's friend (BAMBI); 42A: Agenda listing (ITEM); 46A: Like some waves (TIDAL); 47A: Have to have (NEED); 48A: Fond du __, Wisconsin (LAC); 51A: "School's out" response (YAY); 52A: "Eeeuuw!" ("ICK!"); 55A: Bloodsucker (LEECH); 62A: Tight (TAUT); 64A: Sister's daughter (NIECE); 65A: Humorist Bombeck (ERMA); 66A: "Going __, going ..." (ONCE); 67A: On the wrong side (of) (AFOUL); 68A: Track competition (MEET); 69A: Stir-fry cookers (WOKS); 70A: Full of juicy tidbits (NEWSY); 71A: Longings (YENS); 1D: Embarrassed reaction, maybe (GIGGLE); 2D: Shining brightly (AGLEAM); 3D: Exclaims suddenly, with "out" (BLURTS); 4D: "Do something about it! I dare you!" ("SUE ME!"); 5D: Betwixt and between (TORN); 6D: Egg, to Ovid (OVUM); 7D: Right-hand man (AIDE); 8D: Tiptoe (SNEAK); 9D: Succinct (TERSE); 10D: Place with bars (CAGE); 11D: Where to find four knights (CHESS SET); 12D: "Friendly skies" co. (UAL); 13D: "Masterpiece" airer (PBS); 21D: Hatchet man (AXER); 22D: "Coal Miner's Daughter" subject Loretta (LYNN); 26D: Glass section (PANE); 27D: Former senior, for short (ALUM); 30D: "Rio __": John Wayne film (LOBO); 31D: Wingspread, say (SPAN); 32D: Madison Ave. figures (ADMEN); 34D: Dijon honey (AMIE); 35D: Statistical input (DATA); 36D: Reed instrument (OBOE); 37D: Red, white or Blue Nun (WINE); 38D: Bitty start? (ITTY-); 39D: Islamic branch (SHIA); 40D: Gambler's favorite woman? (LADY LUCK); 44D: Svelte (SLIM); 45D: 1551, on monuments (MDLI); 48D: "Uncle Tom's Cabin" villain (LEGREE); 49D: Keen judgment (ACUMEN); 50D: Marked deck users (CHEATS); 53D: Movie barbarian (CONAN); 54D: Swiss Army __ (KNIFE); 58D: Hot times in the cité (ETES); 59D: Catty remark (MEOW); 60D: Old gold coins of France (ECUS); 61D: Bank (on) (RELY); 62D: Auto club service (TOW); 63D: Year, in Yucatán (AÑO).

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