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T H U R S D A Y   December 16, 2010 John Lampkin

Theme: A Little Naughty Music — Beethoven puns!

Theme answers:
  • 20A: Naughty object of Beethoven's affections? (IMMORAL BELOVED).
  • 38A: Beethoven's naughty opus? (EROTICA SYMPHONY).
  • 53A: Where to hear Beethoven's naughty music? (BANNED CONCERTS).
  • 62A/63A: Naughty—and with 63-Across, composer Beethoven? (born 12/16/1770) (LEWD).
  • 63A: Toupee (WIG).
I've gotten in the bad habit of blogging in the morning so tonight is my first time shifting back to getting it done at night. I start my new job in the morning, so I need to get this done and get to bed! I apologize in advance to John Lampkin for not spending more time on his puzzle. Speaking of John Lampkin, I got a nice note from him yesterday. He picked out some of his own photographs that he thought might go along with today's post and sent them along. You'll see them later in the post. And I think I'm going to add a video here so we can have a True Multimedia Extravaganza! (This is my favorite Beethoven piece. I actually used to be able to play it! Ah, the good old days.)

Now I really don't want to insult anyone's intelligence, but I'm going to go ahead and spell out the theme just in case there's someone out there who doesn't get it. In 1812, Beethoven wrote a series of "mysterious letters" now known as "The Immortal Beloved Letters." It used to be that no one was sure who those letters were directed to, but it's been a long time since any of this has been on my radar, so maybe scholars have figured it out by now. So that's the first pun. Beethoven's Symphony No. 3 in E flat major (Op. 55), is known as the Eroica Symphony, which in this puzzle has been transformed into the EROTICA SYMPHONY by taking the missing T from the first theme answer and inserting it here for punny purposes. The third pun tickled me because just last night I was at PuzzleSon's first band concert. Maybe some of that band music should have been banned, but they're just kids and I'm sure they'll get better. Or maybe quit. Finally, Beethoven's first name is Ludwig, which I like to pronounce with the V sound instead of the W sound, so the pun didn't exactly work for me, but I see what John was going for here and it works.

Bonus non-theme theme answers include:
  • 2D: Lively, to Beethoven: Abbr. (ANIM.).
  • 57D: Beethoven's "Archduke," for one (TRIO).
  • 1D: Rocker Bon __ (JOVI). (Just checking to see if you're actually reading this.)
Now for the photographic section of today's Multimedia Extravaganza.

35A: Yoga position (LOTUS). Beautiful!

29D: Busybodies' active organs? (NOSES),
the tips of which John helpfully points out are buried in …

46A: Biblical beasts (ASSES).

Not sure how much I'll be able to check in today, so have fun in the comments but behave!

Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 14A: Tokyo-born artist (ONO).
  • 6D: River through southern Russia (URAL).
  • 55D: Dairy bar (OLEO).
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Everything Else — 1A: A whale has a long one (JAW); 4A: Short pencil (STUB); 8A: Sign of military respect (SALUTE); 15A: Lake Titicaca is partly in it (PERU); 16A: Previously, previously (ERE NOW); 17A: Pure (VIRGINAL); 19A: Nursery rocker (CRADLE); 22A: X rating in old Rome? (TEN); 23A: Cringe (COWER); 24A: Dollar bills, e.g. (CASH); 27A: Choir male, often (TENOR); 30A: Mil. honors (DSM'S); 33A: Ding Dong relatives (HO-HOS); 37A: Swipe (COP); 41A: Agcy. concerned with fraud (FTC); 42A: Malaise symptom (NO PEP); 43A: __-ground missile (AIR-TO); 44A: Nordstrom rival (SAKS); 48A: Romeo or Juliet, e.g. (TEEN); 49A: Semi-sheer curtain fabric (VOILE); 51A: Doctrine (ISM); 59A: : : : (COLONS); 60A: Parker and Roosevelt (ELEANORS); 61A: "CBS Evening News" anchor (COURIC); 64A: Anxiety (UNEASE); 65A: Dieter's triumph (LOSS); 66A: Boozer (SOT); 3D: Low life? (WORM); 4D: High point? (SPIRE); 5D: High-rise occupant (TENANT); 7D: Socket insert (BULB); 8D: Novus ordo __: Great Seal phrase (SECLORUM); 9D: Cupid's missile (ARROW); 10D: Like trees in summer (LEAVED); 11D: Sign of stress? (UNDERSCORE); 12D: Squealed (TOLD); 13D: She used to be a lambkin (EWE); 18D: Began to win a lot (GOT HOT); 21D: Environmental subgroup (ECOTYPE); 24D: Toque wearers (CHEFS); 25D: Heart line (AORTA); 26D: Provocation potential, as of a Howard Stern segment (SHOCK VALUE); 28D: Passed, as time (ELAPSED); 31D: Three-card con (MONTE); 32D: Watch, secret agent-style (SPY ON); 34D: Transgression (SIN); 36D: Steamy resort (SPA); 39D: Come together (COALESCE); 40D: Scary contract hirees (HITMEN); 45D: State bordering Arizona (SONORA); 47D: Tendons (SINEWS); 50D: Longtime civil rights leader Roy (INNIS); 52D: A plethora (SCADS); 53D: Timely benefit (BOON); 54D: Pocket vibrator, at times (CELL); 55D: Dairy bar (OLEO); 56D: Garden lines (ROWS); 58D: High-ranking NCO (SSGT); 59D: Hosp. heart ward (CCU).

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