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March 5, 2011
Barry C. Silk

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I enjoyed this Scrabbly Saturday workout from Barry Silk QUITE A LOT (54A: Very much). Quite a few people in the grid, which is something I always like.

  • 17A: Five-time All-Star second baseman (CHASE UTLEY). This was the only person in the grid that I flat-out didn't know. Knowing Barry Silk, though, I don't think I'm going out on a limb to guess that he plays for the Phillies.
  • 39A: "Private Benjamin" Oscar nominee Eileen (BRENNAN).
  • 41A: First African-American major-league coach Buck (O'NEIL). I had to wait and get that "I" from the cross, which is pretty much what I do every time Mr. O'NEIL is in the puzzle.
  • 42A: Clinton Transportation secretary (PEÑA).
  • 6D: John of England (ELTON). You thought this might be a bathroom trick clue, didn't you?
  • 36D: Singer Williams (ANDY).

One-word clues are much more common late in the week because they really add difficulty to the puzzles.
  • 5A: Cloud (BEFOG). My brain instantly thought it was a noun, but it turned out to be a verb.
  • 20A: Salt (OLD SAILOR). I considered both noun and verb meanings, but had to stretch a little to remember this meaning of "salt."
  • 38D: Rap (BLAME). Rap could mean so many different things! But here it's used as in the phrase, "take the rap."
  • 46D: Ally (TEAM UP). Another noun/verb question. And again, "verb" is the correct answer.
  • 14A: Geographical border (COUNTY LINE). Makes me think of country music, like maybe "Boot Scootin' Boogie."
  • 37A: Classic diner feature (JUKEBOX). Who doesn't love a JUKEBOX? (Also, more country music.)
  • 47A: Way to make it? (SNAPPY). It's like my boss says to me every morning "Get me a cup of coffee! And make it snappy!" HAha! My boss would never dare say that to me.
  • 61A: Gibberish (MUMBO-JUMBO). Great word.
  • 65A: Nice weapon (ARME). Did this clue trick you? Or have you been hanging out at LACC long enough to know that if the clue starts with the word "Nice," you might just need to pronounce it like "niece" and think French?
  • 2D: Fish also called a blue jack (COHO). With the C in place I tried CARP first.
  • 7D: Some bass pieces (FILLETS). More fish! I was thinking more along the lines of Geddy Lee at first.
  • 8D: Linear, for short (ONE-D). As in ONE-Dimensional.
  • 13D: Cold drafts (BEERS). I stupidly entered GUSTS here at first, even though my brain was going "Are GUSTS necessarily cold? No. No, they're not."
  • 25D: Rabid dog of Castle Rock (CUJO). Stephen King? I had to look it up to confirm, but yes, Stephen King.
  • 48D: Common video game fighter (NINJA). They're coming, you know. (Video courtesy of Mrs. Rex Parker's awesome students.)

Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 16A: Native Nebraskan (OTOE).
  • 30A: Historical Russian region (URAL).
  • 31A: 1987 Costner role (NESS).
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Everything Else 1A: Org. distributing a "Close Guantánamo" handbook (ACLU); 10A: Stupefied (NUMB); 18A: Item used in Wright Brothers experiments (KITE); 19A: Advertises (TOUTS); 22A: How writers often work (ALONE); 24A: Honeysuckle shrubs (ELDERS); 25A: Algerian quarter (CASBAH); 28A: Dragging (TIRED); 33A: Climber's observation (VISTA); 44A: Encircle (GIRD); 45A: Suppressed (SAT ON); 49A: In (AT HOME); 52A: Rhino relative (TAPIR); 56A: Land rover (NOMAD); 60A: Sphere lead-in (ATMO-); 63A: Toon modeled after Clara Bow (BOOP); 64A: One-sided (UNBALANCED); 66A: Edit menu command (PASTE); 67A: Prank (DIDO); 1D: Credit Union holding: Abbr. (ACCT.); 3D: Tiki torch setting (LUAU); 4D: It's radioactive (UNSTABLE ISOTOPE); 5D: Sch. associated with the LDS Business College (BYU); 9D: Jet creator (GEYSER); 10D: "Seriously" ("NO KIDDING AROUND"); 11D: Functional (UTILE); 12D: Drive (MOTOR); 15D: Magnetic induction unit (TESLA); 21D: Pain relief brand (ALEVE); 23D: "This can't be!" ("OH NO!"); 26D: Make __ for it (A RUN); 27D: Interest (SAKE); 29D: ID (ISBN); 32D: Fair (EXPO); 34D: Prune (SNIP); 35D: You might see one on a woodpile (TARP); 40D: Abrasive sound (RASP); 43D: Lays away (ENTOMBS); 49D: Jordan's only port (AQABA); 50D: Personally train (TUTOR); 51D: Bleachers sign (HI MOM); 53D: Up (AT BAT); 55D: Moon goddess (LUNA); 57D: XC years from now (MMCI); 58D: Not up (ABED); 59D: Extinct pigeon relative (DODO); 62D: "__ Buttermilk Sky": 1946 song (OLE).

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