Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

03.19 Sat

March 19, 2011
Frederick J. Healy

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Crosswordese 101 Round-up:

  • 32A: "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral" screenwriter (URIS).
  • 38A: Mauna __ (LOA).
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Everything Else 1A: Jags of the past (XKE'S); 5A: 32 ounces at Long John Silver's, e.g. (MEDIUM SIZE); 15A: Actress Thompson (SADA); 16A: Good time for criticism? (OPEN SEASON); 17A: "__ of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world": Emerson (A RAY); 18A: Brains (MASTERMIND); 19A: Merrimack River city (NASHUA); 21A: __-Z: Camaro model (IROC); 22A: Ref's ruling (TKO); 23A: "Singin' in the Rain" co-director (DONEN); 24A: Caspian country (IRAN); 25A: Refuge (LAIR); 26A: "Works for me" ("OKEY-DOKEY"); 28A: They may be held up by fans (SIGNS); 29A: Wkly. message (SER.); 30A: Lea ladies (EWES); 31A: Easy mark (STOOGE); 32A: "Gunfight at the O.K. Corral" screenwriter (URIS); 33A: Kinkajou cousin (COON); 34A: Color on the Irish flag (ORANGE); 37A: Group that offers free memberships to spouses (AARP); 38A: Mauna __ (LOA); 41A: Baccarat call (BANCO); 42A: Trying to be quiet (TIPTOEING); 44A: Dominates (OWNS); 45A: Villain named Julius (DR. NO); 46A: Bubblegum pioneer (FLEER); 47A: Chemical ending (-IDE); 48A: San Francisco's __ Tower (COIT); 49A: Eminent (OF NOTE); 50A: Starts an operation (SETS UP SHOP); 53A: Jazz singer Anderson (IVIE); 54A: One who gives things away (TATTLE-TALE); 55A: Marlinís lost son (NEMO); 56A: Half-awake (SLEEPY-EYED); 57A: Opera conductor Daniel (OREN); 1D: Romantic writing? (X'S AND O'S); 2D: Bar staple (KARAOKE); 3D: He won comedy and drama Emmys for the same role (ED ASNER); 4D: Nickname for an athletic "kid" (SAY HEY); 5D: Home of A. Warhol's "Campbell's Soup Cans" (MOMA); 6D: 1972 DDT banner (EPA); 7D: They may be fond (DESIRES); 8D: Work basket (IN-TRAY); 9D: Apply to (USE ON); 10D: Cougar, e.g., for short (MERC); 11D: Rickís pianist (SAM); 12D: "Did we get the nod?" ("IS IT A GO?"); 13D: Nodding, with "out" (ZONKING); 14D: Give the nod (ENDORSE); 20D: Have (UNDERGO); 24D: Clanton and a "South Park" sibling (IKES); 25D: Royal Arms of England symbol (LION); 27D: Scrape, to a tot (OWIE); 28D: Rest, as at an inn (STOP OFF); 31D: Database command (SORT); 32D: Family nicknames (UNCS); 33D: Pitching device? (CAPO); 34D: Some winds (OBOISTS); 35D: Unfair treatment (RAW DEAL); 36D: Warren's "Bugsy" co-star (ANNETTE); 37D: Bears no resemblance to peanuts? (AIN'T HAY); 38D: Be postponed (LIE OVER); 39D: Previous (ONE-TIME); 40D: Get together about (AGREE ON); 42D: Sad, on the Seine (TRISTE); 43D: Current event around Christmas? (EL NIÑO); 45D: Stupid (DOPEY); 48D: Star of TV's "Trackdown" (CULP); 49D: Personal column? (OP-ED); 51D: Abbr. in Québec place names (STE.); 52D: Triumphant cry (OLÉ).

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