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03.20 Sun

March 20, 2011
Ed Sessa

[Note: This is the syndicated L.A. Times puzzle. It does not appear in the actual newspaper, but is available for free at cruciverb.com.]

Theme: "New B-ginnings" — The title says it all. Add a "B" sound to the beginnings of familiar phrases to get wacky theme entries.

Theme Entries:
  • 24A: Result of the cock's crow? (BROOD AWAKENING). [rude awakening]
  • 38A: "Bungling for Dummies," e.g.? (BONERS MANUAL). [owner's manual]
  • 59A: Shindig for Swahili VIPs? (BWANA DANCE). [wanna dance?]
  • 83A: Bedbugs on the Orient Express? (BERTH WORMS). [earthworms]
  • 97A: Bird with a tan? (BROWNED ROBIN). [round robin]
  • 119A: Hibernation luxuries? (BEAR MATTRESSES). [air mattresses]
  • 3D: "$#%^*& geckos!"? (BLEEPING LIZARDS). [leaping lizards!]
  • 47D: Prize for an inn's best guest? (BOARDER OF THE DAY). [order of the day]
Hey, everybody. This is Doug, reporting from the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament. Actually, I'm not reporting yet. I'm too busy solving puzzles and hanging with the puzzle people. I hate to be a name-dropper, but last night I had dinner with Garson Hampfield. Interesting guy.

OK, today's puzzle. I liked it. Nice grid with some fun theme answers. BLEEPING LIZARDS is awesome, and I like BROWNED ROBIN too. No comment on BONERS MANUAL.

Sorry, no bullets today, but I'll be back with a full Sunday write-up next weekend. Have fun in the comments & I'll see you later.

Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 33A: At one time, once (ERST).
  • 46A: "Voice of Israel" author (EBAN).
  • 62A: Sch. whose mascot is Rhody the Ram (U.R.I.).
  • 78A: Child expert LeShan (EDA).
  • 86A: Toon Chihuahua (REN).
  • 8D: Avis adjective (RARA).
  • 40D: Oklahoma's "Wheat Capital" (ENID).
  • 43D: "Young Frankenstein" role (IGOR).
  • 54D: "My Way" lyricist (ANKA).
  • 69D: Gator follower? (ADE).
  • 115D: Canadian gas (ESSO).
  • 121D: Past fast flier (SST).

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