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March 17, 2011
Bruce Venzke

Theme: LIFT — Each theme answer is a definition of a different type of LIFT.

I'm off to the ACPT today so my write-ups for the next few days will probably be slim to nonexistent. I'll definitely post the grid and the theme answers for you each day so you have a place to chat about the puzzle — and I'll be following the comments sporadically throughout the festivities — but I probably won't take the time to entertain you with my sparkling commentary and intelligent critique. I hope you can find a way to pick up the pieces and move on.

Theme answers:

  • 17A: See 53-Down (BRITISH ELEVATOR).
  • 26A: See 53-Down (FOOTWEAR INSERT).
  • 45A: See 53-Down (BOOST IN SPIRITS).
  • 60A: See 53-Down (HITCHHIKER'S RIDE).
  • 53D: Clue for 17-, 26-, 45- and 60-Across (LIFT).
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 63A: Andy Taylor's son (OPIE).
  • 1D: Cake with a kick (BABA).
  • 40D: Island welcome (LEI).
  • 44D: Lakeshore natives (ERIES).
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Everything Else 1A: Bingo call (B-TEN); 5A: Gordon __: Michael Douglas's "Wall Street" role (GEKKO); 10A: One may require stitches (GASH); 14A: German import (AUDI); 15A: Slangy negative (IXNAY); 16A: Control (RULE); 20A: Fairy tale ender (AFTER); 21A: Amazement (AWE); 22A: Early surgery aid (ETHER); 23A: Talking with one's hands?: Abbr. (ASL); 25A: Ante- (PRE-); 34A: Washington's Grand __ Dam (COULEE); 35A: Fierce anger (RAGE); 36A: Carnival city (RIO); 37A: Old, in Oberhausen (ALTE); 38A: "Good heavens!" ("EGADS!"); 40A: Humdinger (LULU); 41A: Relieve (of) (RID); 42A: Pencil remnant (STUB); 43A: Legal-sized fish (KEEPER); 48A: Neighbor of Nev. (ORE.); 49A: Reggae singer Kamoze (INI); 50A: Big name in food service (SYSCO); 53A: Brine-cured delicacy (LOX); 55A: Remove forcibly (EXPEL); 63A: Andy Taylor's son (OPIE); 64A: Submit taxes, nowadays (E-FILE); 65A: Kong's kin (APES); 66A: Guam, for one: Abbr. (TERR.); 67A: '50s experiment, briefly (H-TEST); 68A: Longings (YENS); 1D: Cake with a kick (BABA); 2D: Horse racing surface (TURF); 3D: Cut, perhaps (EDIT); 4D: Nick at __ (NITE); 5D: Dogfaces, briefly (GI'S); 6D: Yoga instruction (EXHALE); 7D: Had no doubts about (KNEW); 8D: Leafy vegetable (KALE); 9D: Santana's "__ Como Va" (OYE); 10D: Irritates, with "on" (GRATES); 11D: One may have an agt. (AUTH.); 12D: Fruit used to flavor gin (SLOE); 13D: Bavarian mister (HERR); 18D: Really peeved (IRATE); 19D: Fogg's creator (VERNE); 24D: Honeybunch (SWEETIE); 25D: What might be used when a bomb is hurled on a field? (PIGSKIN); 26D: Port closing? (-FOLIO); 27D: Show up (OUTDO); 28D: Flamenco exclamation (OLÉ); 29D: Bedouins, e.g. (ARABS); 30D: "Really cool!" ("RAD!"); 31D: Break out, as violence (ERUPT); 32D: Ticks off (RILES); 33D: Organized string of gigs (TOUR); 34D: Atkins diet taboo (CARB); 39D: Pistol (GUN); 40D: Island welcome (LEI); 42D: Old Detroit brewery name (STROH); 44D: Lakeshore natives (ERIES); 46D: World Cup sport (SOCCER); 47D: Digital dots (PIXELS); 50D: Used a 39-Down (SHOT); 51D: "Gadzooks!" ("YIPE!"); 52D: Swizzle (STIR); 54D: Haggard's "__ from Muskogee" (OKIE); 56D: See-through, in comics (X-RAY); 57D: Meerschaum or brier (PIPE); 58D: Genesis locale (EDEN); 59D: Subtraction word (LESS); 61D: Half a devious laugh (HEH); 62D: Living in Ariz., maybe (RET.).

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