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March 18, 2011
Dan Naddor

Theme: Outing — Theme answers are familiar phrases with the letterstring ING removed (i.e., taken "out").

Theme answers:

  • 17A: Lodging surplus? (EXTRA INNS).
  • 20A: Versace creation? (ITALIAN DRESS).
  • 37A: Misplaced Yogi and Smokey? (LOST ONE'S BEARS).
  • 58A: Plant at Sotheby's? (BRITISH SHILL).
  • 62A: Investment in fine fabric? (SILK STOCK).
  • 48D: Pleasure trip, and a hint to this puzzle's theme (OUTING).
Still at the ACPT. Talk amongst yourselves.

Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 31A: Penn et al.: Abbr. (STNS.).
  • 67A: "Night" author Wiesel (ELIE).
  • 3D: Tonsillitis M.D. (ENT).
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Everything Else 1A: Hardly a walk in the park (TREK); 5A: "American __" (IDOL); 9A: Provoke (ROIL); 13A: Russo of "Tin Cup" (RENE); 14A: Heavyweight fight? (SUMO); 15A: Snoring cause, perhaps (APNEA); 19A: Settles in (NESTS); 22A: Blotter letters (AKA); 25A: However, contracted (THO); 26A: Bygone Chrysler (LEBARON); 27A: Target of a military press (DELT); 29A: Animal rights org. (PETA); 31A: Penn et al.: Abbr. (STNS.); 32A: Backed up, in a way (ON DISC); 35A: Quad building (DORM); 42A: Limo occasion (PROM); 43A: Maker of pianos and bikes (YAMAHA); 45A: Pacific salmon (COHO); 49A: Scholarship drive donor (GRAD); 51A: Carnival starting point? (PIER); 52A: Blood specification (ONE UNIT); 54A: "Gotcha!" ("AHA!"); 57A: Hydroelectric structure (DAM); 61A: Busted (RAN IN); 66A: __ acid (AMINO); 67A: "Night" author Wiesel (ELIE); 68A: Way-back-when time (YORE); 69A: Coatrack items (PEGS); 70A: Just slightly (A TAD); 71A: Classic theater name (ROXY); 1D: What's a little past due? (TRE); 2D: Name fit for a king? (REX); 3D: Tonsillitis M.D. (ENT); 4D: "Felicity" star Russell (KERI); 5D: Thomas of the NBA (ISIAH); 6D: Maker of tires and tennis balls (DUNLOP); 7D: Present opening? (OMNI-); 8D: Silicon Valley city (LOS ALTOS); 9D: Grammy category (R AND B); 10D: Met expectations? (OPERAS); 11D: Supplement (INSERT); 12D: Reveals (LETS ON); 16D: Clubs: Abbr. (ASSNS.); 18D: One of two authorized U.S. iPhone carriers (ATT); 21D: Close at hand (NEARBY); 22D: Flap (ADO); 23D: __ Ration (KEN-L); 24D: Designer Gucci (ALDO); 28D: "My country __ ..." ('TIS); 30D: Swelling (EDEMA); 33D: Additive sold at Pep Boys (STP); 34D: Pembroke or Cardigan dogs (CORGIS); 36D: Start of an apology (MEA); 38D: View from Edinburgh (NORTH SEA); 39D: Band aid? (AMP); 40D: Bust (RAID); 41D: 2000 World Series stadium (SHEA); 44D: Ready for battle (ARM); 45D: Army attack helicopter (COBRA); 46D: Cloverleaf component (ON RAMP); 47D: Duff (HEINIE); 50D: Flowering plant used for food by the Aztecs (DAHLIA); 53D: Yucatán youngsters (NIÑOS); 55D: Hoofed it (HIKED); 56D: Roker and Rosen (ALS); 59D: Bank deposit? (SILT); 60D: About 10 trillion kil. (LT. YR.); 63D: Valentine symbols (OOO); 64D: '80s-'90s Honda model (CRX); 65D: Critical (KEY).

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