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March 21, 2011
David Levinson Wilk

Theme: R.O. MAN — Theme answers are famous men whose initials are R.O.

Theme answers:

  • 17A: *"Barry Lyndon" star (RYAN O'NEAL).
  • 59A: *Lead singer of The Cars (RIC OCASEK).
  • 10D: *"Oh, Pretty Woman" singer (ROY ORBISON).
  • 30D: *Henry Ford contemporary (RANSOM OLDS).
  • 40A: Caesar, e.g. (or each of the answers to the starred clues?) (ROMAN).
I got home from ACPT really late last night and need to get my butt into work this morning, so all you get today is the grid. I should be back in full force tomorrow and I promise I'll tell you all about the puzzle festivities soon! (Spoiler alert! It was a blast.)

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Everything Else 1A: King, queen or jack (CARD); 5A: URL starter (HTTP); 9A: Van Gogh setting (ARLES); 14A: Alan of "M*A*S*H" (ALDA); 15A: Davenport's state (IOWA); 16A: Dracula's title (COUNT); 19A: Singer Lauper (CYNDI); 20A: Against (ANTI); 21A: Used to reach a high shelf (STOOD ON); 23A: Sodom escapee (LOT); 26A: Armored vehicle (TANK); 28A: Being off target (ERRING); 29A: Genesis mountain (ARARAT); 31A: Brandy's music genre, briefly (R AND B); 33A: Under-the-chin helmet securer (STRAP); 34A: Saintly circle (HALO); 35A: Types (ILKS); 39A: Suffix with tele- (THON); 41A: It may be reserved (SEAT); 42A: Heavy drinkers (SOTS); 43A: Functions (USES); 44A: Second longest African river (CONGO); 45A: Deed holder (OWNER); 47A: Sea between Greece and Italy (IONIAN); 48A: Start of Juliet's balcony plea (O ROMEO); 51A: Male heirs (SONS); 53A: Opposite of SSW (NNE); 54A: Virgin Mary (MADONNA); 56A: Poet Silverstein (SHEL); 58A: Like the Leaning Tower (ATILT); 64A: Mazda rival (HONDA); 65A: Apple computer since 1998 (IMAC); 66A: Fairy tale beginning (ONCE); 67A: Dread (ANGST); 68A: Turkey meat choice (DARK); 69A: Fake coin (SLUG); 1D: Elevator compartment (CAR); 2D: One of the Khans (ALY); 3D: Nutritional no. (RDA); 4D: "The X-Files" agent Scully (DANA); 5D: Suggest (HINT AT); 6D: Wheel alignment service (TOE-IN); 7D: First coml. airline to show in-flight movies (TWA); 8D: Friends (PALS); 9D: Harmony (ACCORD); 11D: Day before mardi (LUNDI); 12D: __ a happy note (END ON); 13D: Attack, bee-style (STING); 18D: Ready to serve, as beer (ON TAP); 22D: Mortise insert (TENON); 23D: Doesn't fade (LASTS); 24D: Big name in garden care (ORTHO); 25D: Medium's card (TAROT); 27D: Adversaries in a Hoffman/Streep film (KRAMERS); 32D: "Woe is me!" ("ALAS!"); 34D: Siphoning aid (HOSE); 36D: Russian Revolution leader (LENIN); 37D: Elena of the Supreme Court (KAGAN); 38D: Weapon for David (STONE); 40D: Sentence that should be two sentences (RUN ON); 44D: Trig function (COSEC); 46D: Charged angrily (WENT AT); 47D: Like pawned items (IN HOCK); 48D: Nebraska city (OMAHA); 49D: Boca __ (RATON); 50D: Taking too much (OD'ING); 52D: Sesame Street grouch (OSCAR); 55D: Parched (ARID); 57D: Thailand neighbor (LAOS); 60D: Britney Spears's "__ Slave 4 U" (I'M A); 61D: NBC weekend revue (SNL); 62D: Old French coin (ECU); 63D: Oktoberfest need (KEG).

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