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F R I D A Y   September 3, 2010 Anthony J. Salvia

Theme: Identity Theft — Theme answers are familiar phrases with the letter string ID removed, thus requiring wacky clues.

Theme answers:
  • 17A: Like a dialect coach? (ACCENT PRONE). [accident prone]
  • 53A: Answer from LL Cool J? (RAP RESPONSE). [rapid response]
  • 11D: Christmas? (PRESENTS DAY). [Presidents Day]
  • 25D: Herbivorous reptiles? (FLORA GATORS). [Florida Gators]
  • 36A: Web danger, and a hint to this puzzle's theme (ID THEFT).
Before we get started today, I just want to say that I've noticed a few people venturing out of lurkdom recently and I want you to know I appreciate you! It's always a pleasure to hear new voices chiming in — so thank you!

Now this kinda theme right here? This is what I'm talking about. It's not just random "add this letter" or "remove that letter" — the letter removal actually has a point. The letters ID have been stolen, see? The phrase is "identity theft" and ID has been stolen. Mad props to Mr. Salvia for a clever theme that makes sense. (Do you think he knows his last name anagrams to "saliva"? Yeah, you're right. He probably does.)

Couple things I didn't know in this puzzle:
  • 6A: 1990s-2000s Irish leader Bertie (AHERN).
  • 50A: Titania's consort (OBERON).
  • 28A: Whalebone (BALEEN).
I feel a little bad about not knowing OBERON. Seems like something I should know. The others though? I'm gonna let myself off the hook for those.

  • 30A: New York home of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (TROY). I did know this one. RPI is, of course, the alma mater of one Tyler Hinman who just happens to have a redesigned blog these days. Speaking of Tyler, if you haven't seen the documentary "Wordplay" yet, you really should rent it or put it in your queue or whatever it is people do with movies these days. I watched it again last weekend and it gets better every time.
  • 42A: Key of Mozart's Symphony No. 40 (G MINOR). The thing to remember about musical keys is that (1) the first letter can only be A–G and (2) the rest of the entry will follow the pattern M**OR because it has to be either MAJOR or MINOR. So even if you don't know the key of the piece of music in question (and really, who does?) you can definitely fill in three of the letters and have a pretty good head start on one other.
  • 3D: Slicker (MAC). Hmmm. Both MAC and 6D: Record label launched in 1968 (APPLE) in the puzzle today. Subliminal advertising?
  • 4D: Performer with five #1 hits in his first year on the Billboard charts (PRESLEY). Me while solving: "Why won't ELVIS fit?"
  • 29D: A or Ray (AL'ER). Thank you all for being so nice yesterday about my spectacular bungling of the Major League Baseball division explanation yesterday. Central! Ack!
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 62A: They're heavier than foils (ÉPÉES).
  • 9D: Toon dog (REN).
  • 31D: City SE of Cherbourg (ST.-LÔ).
  • 46D: Cigna competitor (AETNA).
  • 50D: Boy with a fishing pole in a '60s sitcom title screen (OPIE).
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Everything Else — 1A: What some sirens do (TEMPT); 11A: Pres. counterparts (PM'S); 14A: It may be blank (STARE); 15A: Food processor setting (PUREE); 16A: Outback critter (ROO); 19A: End of an academic address (EDU); 20A: Periods (SPELLS); 21A: Amount-and-interval numbers (DOSES); 23A: Not connected (OFFLINE); 26A: Reel art (CINEMA); 27A: Knack (TALENT); 31A: Three-time French Open champion (SELES); 32A: Its symbol is Sn (TIN); 35A: Musical knack (EAR); 38A: Murcia Mrs. (SRA.); 39A: Nutritional stat (RDA); 40A: Like some panels (SOLAR); 41A: Genesis locale (EDEN); 44A: Where the Maine sank (HAVANA); 46A: Expects (AWAITS); 48A: Consequences of an all-nighter (RED EYES); 49A: Obsess (EAT AT); 52A: General on a menu (TSO); 58A: Where Nina Totenberg reports (NPR); 59A: Inuit for "women's boat" (UMIAK); 60A: Gives some TLC to, with "in" (TUCKS); 61A: Doofus (ASS); 63A: Source of brown fur (STOAT); 1D: Airport safety org. (TSA); 2D: Last letters on some lists (ETC.); 5D: One at the edge of the gutter (TEN PIN); 7D: Pitch (HURL); 8D: Lover of Psyche (EROS); 10D: Most impoverished (NEEDIEST); 12D: Cable __ (MODEM); 13D: "Semper Fidelis" composer (SOUSA); 18D: It may pop up in a clearing (TENT); 22D: Vending machine insert (ONE); 23D: Fish-eating mammal (OTTER); 24D: Capacitance unit (FARAD); 26D: Bass symbol (CLEF); 28D: Joy of "The View" (BEHAR); 33D: Papas of "Zorba the Greek" (IRENE); 34D: Family matriarchs (NANAS); 36D: "For real?" ("IS IT TRUE?"); 37D: Oxford fellows (DONS); 41D: Become balanced (EVEN OUT); 43D: Athletes for Hope co-founder Hamm (MIA); 44D: Word on a towel (HERS); 45D: Embraces (ADOPTS); 47D: Mud daubers, e.g. (WASPS); 48D: Smells (REEKS); 51D: Highlands hillside (BRAE); 54D: Rock concert fixture (AMP); 55D: U.S. Army E-6, e.g. (NCO); 56D: Jamaican genre (SKA); 57D: Phila. setting (EST).

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