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T U E S D A Y   September 28, 2010 Mark Bickham

Theme: And Now a Word from Our Sponsors — Theme answers are familiar phrases that begin with synonyms for "advertisement."

Theme answers:
  • 20A: Promo after promo after promo? (AD INFINITUM).
  • 35A: Thesis on promos? (COMMERCIAL PAPER).
  • 52A: One who takes a promo off the air? (SPOT REMOVER).
I start a brand new job today so this is going to be quick. First time I've worked full-time outside the home since December 2003. Should be interesting!

This puzzle was … a Tuesday puzzle. I mean, really. There's just not a lot to say about Tuesdays! The theme is cute but pretty thin (only three theme answers and no reveal), there's quite a bit of crosswordese, and the cluing is straightforward. Not all Tuesdays are as Scrabbly as this one is, and there are a couple cool words in the grid — ERSATZ, JOVE, LOOSE END — so overall, above average.

  • 15A: Sport with mallets (POLO). Because "croquet" wouldn't fit.
  • 16A: Like Andean pyramids (INCAN). Someday I will sit down and make myself learn the difference between the Incas and the Mayas. I know it must be simple, but I've just never taken the time.
  • 48A: Keebler cookiemaker (ELF). It kind of cracks me up that this is stated as if it's true.
  • 50A: Part of D.A.: Abbr. (ATT.). District ATTorney.
  • 59A: Little laugh (TE-HEE). As I was typing this, I heard PuzzleSon remarking to PuzzleDaughter (sarcastically) "Tee Hee Hee." True story.
  • 64A: "Winning __ everything" (ISN'T). It's the only thing! Second place is first loser! (Of course I'm kidding.)
  • 2D: Scream bloody __ (MURDER). This is a great clue/answer combo.
  • 3D: Voodoo and wizardry (MAGICS). On the other hand, this one is pretty bad. Plural MAGICS? Yuck.
  • 21D: Darth, to Luke (FATHER). Spoiler alert!
  • 31D: Banking giant (CHASE). I really wish there was no such thing as a banking giant.
Crosswordese 101: Amy chatted with us about EMS back in August of last year, but she didn't cover today's clue, 47A: Printers' widths. Whenever you see this clue, you know the answer will either be EMS or ENS, but you have to check the cross to know which one. It's a little more likely to be EMS but not enough that you should throw the M in there and feel like you're done. (By the way, these terms are used most often to refer to typographical dashes. If you're interested — and why wouldn't you be?! — you can read all about it here.)

Other crosswordese in the puzzle that we've already covered:
  • 23A: Ike's WWII arena (ETO).
  • 24A: Gumshoe (TEC).
  • 26A: Old Olds creation (REO).
  • 43A: Black Sea port (ODESSA).
  • 49A: "__ Beso": Paul Anka hit (ESO).
  • 61A: Aggressive Greek god (ARES).
  • 4D: Yemeni port (ADEN).
  • 7D: Jai __ (ALAI).
  • 48D: Museum Folkwang city (ESSEN).
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Everything Else — 1A: Jane Austen classic (EMMA); 5A: Lose it (SNAP); 9A: Marathoner's pants? (GASPS); 14A: Campus area (QUAD); 17A: More than suggest (URGE); 18A: Loud laugh (ROAR); 19A: Swordsman of lore (ZORRO); 25A: Chowed down (ATE); 27A: Bon mot expert (WIT); 28A: Artificial (ERSATZ); 30A: Put into words (SAY); 31A: Fourth century start (CCCI); 32A: Well-endowed, so to speak (CHESTY); 34A: Oil-yielding rock (SHALE); 39A: "Doe, __ ...": song lyric (A DEER); 40A: Metallic mixtures (ALLOYS); 41A: __ and turn (TOSS); 42A: Astern (AFT); 51A: Portuguese king (REI); 55A: Forest bucks (STAGS); 57A: __ Star State (LONE); 58A: "By __!" (JOVE); 60A: Knock off (DO IN); 62A: Sci-fi writer __ Scott Card (ORSON); 63A: Snow coaster (SLED); 1D: Put "=" between (EQUATE); 5D: Wine-and-soda drink (SPRITZER); 6D: Nary a soul (NO ONE); 8D: Actor's job (PORTRAYAL); 9D: Thingamajig (GIZMO); 10D: "Wheel of Fortune" purchase (AN O); 11D: Twist-off top (SCREW CAP); 12D: Word with board or physics (PARTICLE); 13D: More stuck-up (SNOOTIER); 22D: One-eighty (UEY); 29D: High points (ACMES); 30D: Long-legged bird (STILT); 33D: Building repair platforms (SCAFFOLDS); 34D: World of espionage (SPYDOM); 35D: Waits on hand and foot (CATERS TO); 36D: Dashboard gauge (ODOMETER); 37D: Saviors (MESSIAHS); 38D: Detail to tie up (LOOSE END); 42D: Matterhorn or Monte Leone (ALP); 44D: Really enjoys (SAVORS); 45D: Director Spielberg (STEVEN); 46D: Motionless (AT REST); 49D: "Sesame Street" regular (ERNIE); 53D: Saw or plane (TOOL); 54D: City east of Santa Barbara (OJAI); 56D: Political beginning? (GEO-).

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