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S U N D A Y   September 5, 2010Sylvia Bursztyn (calendar)

Theme: "Unlabored Day" — The word REST is hidden within theme answers.

[Note: This is the puzzle that appears in the Sunday L.A. Times newspaper. If you don't get the paper, you can find the puzzle here. Scroll down to see today's syndicated puzzle.]

Theme answers:
  • 23A: Earthy (TERRESTRIAL).
  • 29A: Eminent (PRESTIGIOUS).
  • 48A: Sell short (UNDERESTIMATE).
  • 84A: Nelson, for one (WRESTLING HOLD).
  • 111A: Gorbachev policy (PERESTROIKA).
  • 116A: Good-as-new state (RESTORATION).
  • 4D: Wilderness warden (FOREST RANGER).
  • 67D: Free (UNRESTRICTED).
Everything Else — 1A: Turned over pages (LEAFED); 7A: Tina's "30 Rock" costar (ALEC); 11A: Ghana's capital (ACCRA); 16A: Dinghy thingy (OAR); 19A: Big name in San Francisco politics (ALIOTO); 20A: Grammy winner Erykah (BADU); 21A: Sandbank (SHOAL); 22A: Cartagena article (UNA); 25A: Aegean island (SANTORINI); 27A: Floor square (TILE); 28A: QED part (ERAT); 31A: Nile deity (ISIS); 32A: Brow-slapper's syllable (DUH); 33A: Leader of the band (MAESTRO); 34A: Hill of "The West Wing" (DULÉ); 35A: Medieval narrative (CONTE); 37A: Gutter spot (EAVE); 39A: On the main (ASEA); 40A: Skating gold medalist Carol (HEISS); 41A: Physicist's field (ENERGY); 43A: Goat quote (MAA); 44A: Get into (DON); 45A: Oil can abbr. (SAE); 46A: Pulitzer winner James (AGEE); 54A: Isle of poetry (ERIN); 57A: Sylphlike (SVELTE); 59A: Does and does (DEER); 60A: Bus. card no. (TEL.); 61A: Swamp thing (SEDGE); 63A: Nissan models (ALTIMAS); 66A: Like some professors (TENURED); 68A: Junky (CHEESY); 70A: Keepsake (MEMENTO); 72A: File menu option (RENAME); 73A: Cheer (HEARTEN); 75A: Plate useful at mealtime (DENTURE); 77A: Judge (TRIER); 78A: Put away (EAT); 79A: Natural balm (ALOE); 81A: Straightened (TIDIED); 83A: Purposes (ENDS); 88A: "Bye Bye Birdie" number (KIDS); 90A: "... ain't heavy, --- my brother" (HE'S); 91A: Singsong syllable (TRA); 92A: Pants part (LEG); 94A: In-crowd actors? (EXTRAS); 98A: Altar areas (APSES); 101A: Open carriage (SHAY); 102A: Gouda displaymate (EDAM); 104A: Swift specialty (IRONY); 105A: Anaheim Ducks' disk (PUCK); 106A: Restaurant staff (SERVERS); 108A: Eye opener (LID); 110A: "--- old cowhand ..." (I'M AN); 113A: Trim (PARE); 114A: "Origines" author (CATO); 115A: Irrepressible (EBULLIENT); 119A: Father's robe (ALB); 120A: Sleep disorder (APNEA); 121A: Otherwise (ELSE); 122A: In a fair way (EVENLY); 123A: --- Alamos (LOS); 124A: Lawn interlopers (WEEDS); 125A: Music's Coolidge (RITA); 126A: Hardison of "A Different World" (KADEEM); 1D: Pergola pattern (LATTICE); 2D: "Kyrie ---" (ELEISON); 3D: El Al or Alitalia (AIRLINE); 5D: Tours summer (ÉTÉ); 6D: Medicated (DOSED); 7D: Isaac's father (ABRAHAM); 8D: Milk in Cannes (LAIT); 9D: Educator LeShan (EDA); 10D: Part of a confession (CULPA); 11D: Tax pro (ASSESSOR); 12D: Took to task (CHASTENED); 13D: --- Costa County (CONTRA); 14D: Proportion (RATIO); 15D: Like a bump on --- (A LOG); 16D: ""Absolument, Monsieur!"" ("OUI! OUI!"); 17D: Rescinds (ANNULS); 18D: Elevates (RAISES); 24D: Faithful (TRUE); 26D: "--- cowboy!" (RIDE 'EM); 30D: "The Cloister and the Hearth" author (READE); 33D: Interim (MEANTIME); 36D: Word with good or goose (EGG); 38D: Jumped over (VAULTED); 40D: Do restrainer (HAIRNET); 42D: "You rang?" ("YES?"); 45D: Guide (STEER); 47D: Movies' Mendes (EVA); 49D: Dr. of radio fame (DEMENTO); 50D: Good to go (SET); 51D: Ellington title transport (A TRAIN); 52D: Abounded (TEEMED); 53D: Presbyters (ELDERS); 54D: Shun (ESCHEW); 55D: Try again (REHEAR); 56D: Form thoughts (IDEATE); 58D: Slasher film street (ELM); 62D: Will subjects (ESTATES); 64D: Guadeloupe's group (ANTILLES); 65D: Adorned with nailheads (STUDDED); 69D: Whoops (YELLS); 71D: Tolkien dwarf (ORI); 74D: "There's --- in team!" (NO I); 76D: Comics outcry (EEK); 80D: Put in power (ENTHRONED); 82D: Game piece (DIE); 85D: Kibbutz currency (SHEKEL); 86D: Solemnity (GRAVITAS); 87D: She played Kahlo (HAYEK); 89D: Sixth-century date (DXI); 93D: Pygmalion's love (GALATEA); 95D: Iceberg alternative (ROMAINE); 96D: "Penguin Island" author France (ANATOLE); 97D: Attain for gain, say (SYNONYM); 98D: Charm (APPEAL); 99D: Hopi home (PUEBLO); 100D: Operation attire (SCRUBS); 101D: Unruffled (SERENE); 103D: Joan of art (MIRO); 106D: Michael of R.E.M. (STIPE); 107D: Less seen (RARER); 109D: Jeter or Jacobi (DEREK); 112D: Deli side (SLAW); 113D: Low "Yo!" ("PSST!"); 117D: Wallach or Whitney (ELI); 118D: Gardner of "One Touch of Venus" (AVA).

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