Rabu, 15 September 2010

WEDNESDAY, September 15, 2010—Mike Peluso

THEME: "Help! I'm Trapped in This Chalet!"—Four long two-word answers have the word ICED embedded withIN them, spanning the two words

PuzzleGirl has been called away on short notice this morning (Is it because she was an alternate for the Women's Masters Wrestling Tournament all-star team and her Wrestling Boyfriend™ was going to be there to cheer her on? I'll never tell) and needed a substitute. I only have 20 minutes to get ready to leave the house and blog, so you're getting a copy-and-paste of my Diary of a Crossword Fiend post.

You know how constructors fall back on ICE IN no matter what season it is, just because the letters come in handy? Mike has promoted ICED IN to a starring role: There is an ICED that’s IN each of the four longest entries. Like so:
  • 16a. [What b.i.d. means, in prescriptions] is TWICE A DAY, but that doesn’t fit. TWICE DAILY does, however. You may think this is a horribly dry clue and answer, but your friendly neighborhood medical editor appreciates it.
  • 26a. [Some rear entrances] are SERVICE DOORS. Arbitrary plural for the purpose of achieving symmetry.
  • 44a. [The first official one was November 11, 1919] refers to ARMISTICE DAY. My grandpa may or may not have been in the Navy then; he didn’t serve in WWI, but I think he was sailing to China and the Philippines prior to 1919. But not much prior, as he was only born in 1901 (lied about his age to get in the service early). Anyway, he had awesome tattoos from Shanghai and once tried opium.
  • 59a. [Many are German shepherds] clues POLICE DOGS. Another plural.
  • 48a. ICED IN is clued [Stranded at the ski lodge, perhaps, and a hint to this puzzle's hidden theme].
My favorite entries:
  • 45d. ICARUS is your [Wax-winged flier of myth]. I like to think his last words were “Da-a-ad! Why didn’t you tell me this would happen?”
  • 8d. [San Francisco and environs] clues the BAY AREA. To really make the locals happy, call the area “Frisco” or “San Fran.” They love that.
Crosswordese 101: Please nominate your own entries and look them up the XW101 database. EWERS, EMIR, ORAN? I'll bet they're there. If INGLE is not, look it up in the dictionary. First time I've seen it with a clue tying the word to England.

Gotta run!

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