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S A T U R D A Y   September 11, 2010 Mike Nothnagel

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Wow. Super tough puzzle today. I was so excited to see Mike Nothnagel's name and knew we were in for a doozy. Lots of colorful phrases, some interesting words, and a dash of diabolical cluing, just as we should expect from Mike.

My favorites:
  • 14A: Stop browsing (LOG OFF). I was struck by this clue because no other kind of browsing even entered my mind. It just got me thinking about how different the world is with all the technology we have today. Ya know what I think is going to be fascinating to watch? Kids growing up without Ever losing contact with people because of Facebook. I just can't imagine what that would be like.
  • 24A: Monopoly phrase (JUST VISITING). Awesome entry. I was thinking of phrases on the chance/community chest cards: "advance to the nearest railroad," "you've been elected chairman of the board" or "bank error in your favor!"
  • 39A: Watches (KEEPS AN EYE ON).
  • 2D: Flashy 1940s outfits (ZOOT SUITS). ZOOT SUITS? That can mean only one thing.

  • 3D: Not easy on the eyes (UGLY AS SIN).
  • 9D: On deck (NEXT IN LINE).
  • 7A: Adequately suited to (FINE FOR). Sort of random. But I think I like it.
  • 19A: Nikon F, e.g., briefly (SLR). Future Crosswordese 101 lesson, it stands for Single Lens Reflex.
  • 23A: Woods set (IRONS). Ya know, I always thought Tiger was kind of a jerk. Now I can finally say so out loud.
  • 27A: Clinker in a Glas (EIS). I'm not sure why "Glas" is capitalized. Is it a brand name? All I saw was that it wasn't English so I knew the answer would be a foreign word. EIS = ice.
  • 28A: Richard of "A Summer Place" (EGAN). He was before my time and I don't really recognize the names of any movies he was in. Pretty sure I've seen him in puzzles before though.
  • 29A: Winter vacation destination (SLOPES). Ha! Having grown up in North Dakota, all I could think about was escaping the winter to the beach!
  • 38A: Nickname of 1950s Reds slugger Ted (KLU). Ted Kluszewski.
  • 42A: Caucasus native (OSSET). No idea.
  • 45A: Cruise itinerary listing (ISLE). Tried "port" first.
  • 46A: Indoor rowing machine, briefly, in rowers' jargon (ERG). Whoa. No idea what this means. We've covered ERG in CW 101 before, but I've never seen a clue quite like this one.
  • 48A: Boss's domain, perhaps (PIT). PIT boss is a casino term.
  • 54A: Place to see a pilot light? (HELIPORT). Cute. "Light" is a verb here.
  • 4D: Capybara or cavy (RODENT). Again with the crazy clues. Caybara? What the …? Oh man. Wikipedia sez it's the largest living rodent in the world. Ew.
  • 7D: Fish malady (FIN ROT). Ew again.
  • 30D: Feature of some bluffs (POKER FACE). I can tell you from experience that there's nothing quite so disturbing as listening to a bunch of nine-year-old girls singing along to Lady Gaga.
I wanted to say something about today, but I don't want to get all morbid/emotional/political on you. So I'll just end with this and suggest you go out of your way to thank a firefighter today.

26D: Day follower, in "Taps" (IS DONE).

Crosswordese 101 Round-up:
  • 18A: Vision blurrers, at times (STYES).
  • 5D: Some former tadpoles (EFTS).
  • 49D: River past Logroño (EBRO).
  • 50D: Notable Volstead Act enforcer (NESS).
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Everything Else — 1A: Clear skies (AZURES); 15A: Curling-up site (FIRESIDE); 16A: Shared with (TOLD TO); 17A: Too much (IN EXCESS); 20A: Death is part of it (TAROT); 21A: Common California map word (SAN); 22A: Item for the Windsor knot-challenged? (BOLO); 33A: Calmed (STILLED); 35A: Censor (EDIT OUT); 36A: Men-on-base gp.? (U.S. NAVY); 37A: Cell projection insulated by a myelin sheath (AXON); 47A: Take the cuffs off? (ALTER); 49A: Enchanting, but not in a big way? (ELFIN); 51A: Fragrant Cloud and Crimson Glory (TEA ROSES); 53A: Roaring (ABLAZE); 55A: Disarming events? (TRUCES); 56A: Blood reservoirs (SPLEENS); 57A: Island vacation rentals (MOPEDS); 1D: In-flight announcement nos. (ALTS.); 6D: UAL western hub (SFO); 8D: Cause of a duel, maybe (IRE); 10D: Food eaten with tongs and a fork (ESCARGOT); 11D: Sporty '80s Pontiac (FIERO); 12D: Can't stop eating (OD'S ON); 13D: Notes aren't written during them (RESTS); 15D: Temp (FILL IN); 19D: "I feel for you" ("SO SAD"); 22D: Nocturnal fish (BIG EYE); 24D: "Pie __": Mass motet (JESU); 25D: Line outside a nightclub (VELVET ROPE); 31D: Praised (EULOGIZED); 32D: Take by surprise (STUN); 34D: One end of Ontario's Welland Canal (LAKE ERIE); 35D: Praise (EXALT); 37D: Rink statistic (ASSIST); 40D: Military band members (PIPERS); 41D: Call to the attic (YELL UP); 42D: Swear words (OATHS); 43D: A buzzer may end it (SLEEP); 44D: Flea market booth (STALL); 52D: Will party (SON); 53D: Source of emergency funds (ATM).

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