Minggu, 12 September 2010

S U N D A Y   September 12, 2010 Scott Atkinson (syndicated)

Theme: "The Long and Short of It" — A long E sound in familiar phrases is changed to a short I sound and clued wackily.

[Note: This is the syndicated L.A. Times puzzle. It does not appear in the actual newspaper, but is available for free at cruciverb.com.]

Theme answers:
  • 25A: Wiring woes? (ELECTRIC ILLS).
  • 30A: Pickle processor's invitation? (LET'S MAKE A DILL).
  • 49A: Fruity medication? (BANANA PILL).
  • 61A: Black, gooey knolls near Charlotte? (NORTH CAROLINA TARHILLS).
  • 78A: Factories with good morale? (HAPPY MILLS).
  • 94A: Moonshine equipment that's frozen solid? (COLD HARD STILL).
  • 103A: Documents bequeathing tiny exercise devices? (HAMSTER WILLS).
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:

  • 82A: "__ du lieber!" (ACH).
  • 92A: Disney's middle name (ELIAS).
  • 13D: Kazakhstan, once: Abbr. (SSR).
  • 39D: D-Day target city (ST.-LÔ).
  • 97D: Turner memoir (I TINA).
  • 103D: Pilgrimage to Mecca (HAJ).
Everything Else — 1A: Cuba libre ingredient (COLA); 5A: Grocery unit (BAG); 8A: Govt. securities (T-BONDS); 14A: Pester (NAG AT); 19A: Former Israeli president Weizman (EZER); 20A: Flabbergast (AWE); 21A: Greek sun god (HELIOS); 22A: Steer clear of (AVOID); 23A: Place to park a parka (COAT TREE); 27A: Like Humpty Dumpty, ultimately (IN PIECES); 28A: Places to go in Gloucester? (LOOS); 29A: Ballot fallout (CHADS); 33A: British pop singer Lewis (LEONA); 34A: Spring mo. (APR.); 35A: Constitutional aid? (CANE); 36A: Holiday veggies (YAMS); 37A: Denali et al.: Abbr. (MTS.); 40A: Disguise for illegal activities (FRONT); 43A: Eponymous dish inventor (PETRI); 45A: Hi from a float (WAVE); 46A: Duff (SEAT); 47A: Common Market inits. (EEC); 48A: Bobby Orr, once (BRUIN); 51A: Uneasy desire (ITCH); 53A: 1953 Leslie Caron film (LILI); 54A: Malarkey (BUNK); 55A: Prefix with trafficker (NARCO); 56A: Hideous (GRUESOME); 58A: Foot specialist? (BARD); 59A: Toll rd. (TPK.); 68A: Nonverbal syst. (ASL); 69A: Christmas setups (FIRS); 70A: "…mile, or On Education" author (ROUSSEAU); 71A: Lieu (STEAD); 75A: Cap'n's crew member (BOS'N); 76A: "You're So __": Carly Simon hit (VAIN); 77A: Ten percenters: Abbr. (AGTS.); 81A: __ State Broncos: Western Athletic Conf. team (BOISE); 83A: 1975 Pure Prairie League hit (AMIE); 84A: Apple with tunes (IPOD); 85A: Soldier, in slang (GRUNT); 86A: Site of India's Red Fort (DELHI); 88A: Math proof letters (QED); 89A: Sweat spot (BROW); 90A: Support gp. created in 1942 (WAAC); 91A: RVer's refuge (KOA); 100A: North Carolina fort (BRAGG); 101A: Doughnut shapes (TORI); 102A: Chosen one (SELECTEE); 106A: Rocky address (YO ADRIAN); 107A: Justice since 2006 (ALITO); 108A: "Mas Que Nada" bandleader (MENDES); 109A: Vietnam Veterans Memorial architect (LIN); 110A: One way to store data (ON CD); 111A: Eponymous scout Chisholm (JESSE); 112A: Elusive big Scot? (NESSIE); 113A: Calculus prereq. (ALG.); 114A: Ken of "Wiseguy" (WAHL); 1D: Mining magnate Rhodes (CECIL); 2D: Triatomic pollutant (OZONE); 3D: Bounded (LEAPT); 4D: Old guild member (ARTISAN); 5D: Rail amenity (BAR CAR); 6D: "Eight Days __" (A WEEK); 7D: Skein fliers (GEESE); 8D: It's usually disregarded when alphabetizing (THE); 9D: "I puritani" composer (BELLINI); 10D: Fútbol shout (OLE OLE); 11D: Williamson of "Excalibur" (NICOL); 12D: Things to connect (DOTS); 14D: Football party munchies (NACHOS); 15D: Winged, perhaps (AVIAN); 16D: Yitzhak Rabin's predecessor (GOLDA MEIR); 17D: Has a cold (AILS); 18D: Jerry Rice's 208, briefly (TD'S); 24D: Offer chocolates to, as a dieter (TEMPT); 26D: Bygone deliverers (ICEMEN); 31D: In "Rent," it starts with "Seasons of Love" (ACT II); 32D: "Aw, phooey!" ("DARN!"); 33D: Hot flower (LAVA); 36D: Tug (YANK); 38D: Rash protection (TALC); 40D: Simulate (FEIGN); 41D: Rocket opening (RETRO); 42D: Come to pass (OCCUR); 43D: Original (PRIMAL); 44D: Basel-born mathematician (EULER); 45D: Movie fish (WANDA); 46D: New Age music player, often (SPA); 48D: Voting groups (BLOCS); 49D: "I'd go out with women my age, but there are no women my age" speaker (BURNS); 50D: Egyptian crosses (ANKHS); 52D: Riled (up) (HET); 54D: Scot's tot (BAIRN); 57D: Like groves (SHADY); 58D: Euphoria (BLISS); 59D: One looking for the way? (TAOIST); 60D: Compote fruit (PRUNE); 62D: From way back when (OF OLD); 63D: Prepare for a run (TRAIN); 64D: Metaphor words (IS A); 65D: By the book (LEGAL); 66D: Gate fastener (LATCH); 67D: It's often served with ginger and wasabi (SUSHI); 71D: Celt since 8/4/2010 (SHAQ); 72D: Lacking spice (TAME); 73D: Skin graft material (EPIDERMIS); 74D: Galoot (APE); 75D: Karate chop, e.g. (BLOW); 76D: Speak (for) (VOUCH); 79D: Desert illusion (MIRAGE); 80D: NYSE events (IPO'S); 81D: Thin nail (BRAD); 85D: Pisa airport name (GALILEI); 86D: Took two pills, say (DOSED); 87D: Have humble pie (EAT CROW); 89D: Hallux (BIG TOE); 90D: __ Fair (WORLD'S); 91D: "Constant Craving" vocalist (K.D. LANG); 93D: Endures (LASTS); 94D: Fountain contents, often (COINS); 95D: Sanctuaries (ASYLA); 96D: Try to quiet, as a persistent squeak (REOIL); 98D: Percolate (LEACH); 99D: 1985-'87 U.S. Open champ (LENDL); 100D: Loft bundle (BALE); 101D: Hardly macho, in Manchester (TWEE); 104D: LBJ successor (RMN); 105D: Bakersfield-to-L.A. heading (SSE).

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