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S U N D A Y   September 5, 2010 John Lampkin (syndicated)

Theme: "Funny Business" — Puns on places of business.

[Note: This is the syndicated L.A. Times puzzle. It does not appear in the actual newspaper, but is available for free at cruciverb.com.]

Theme answers:
  • 27A: Fishmonger's workplace? (SCHOOL BUILDING).
  • 41A: Justice of the peace's workplace? (HITCHING POST).
  • 65A: Cattleman's workplace? (STOCK MARKET).
  • 89A: Matchmaker's workplace? (CHEMISTRY LAB).
  • 104A: Dentist's workplace? (FILLING STATION).
  • 15D: Racetrack owner's workplace? (OVAL OFFICE).
  • 34D: Slapstick comedian's workplace? (CORNFIELD).
  • 54D: Hard rock musician's workplace? (METAL SHOP).
  • 70D: Ammunition supplier's workplace? (POWDER ROOM).
Crosswordese 101 Round-up:

  • 40A: Norwegian ruler (OLAF).
  • 50A: Prince Valiant's son (ARN).
  • 61A: Green land (EIRE).
  • 114A: Folk singer Guthrie (ARLO).
  • 115A: Adlai's running mate (ESTES).
  • 120A: Old Russian ruler (TSAR).
  • 13D: Addams family cousin (ITT).
  • 29D: Brit. mil. awards (DSO'S).
  • 45D: Hawk's nest (AERIE).
  • 78D: Yale Blue wearer (ELI).
  • 80D: Land on its own gulf (OMAN).
  • 101D: Greek square (AGORA).
  • 107D: Scott Turow memoir (ONE-L).
Everything Else — 1A: Leg-pulls (JESTS); 6A: Mean boss (OGRE); 10A: Underworld boss? (DEVIL); 15A: Chooses (OPTS); 19A: How some risks are taken, after "on" (A DARE); 20A: "I'd like to say something" (AHEM); 21A: Title singer of "You Must Love Me" (EVITA); 22A: Full of oneself (VAIN); 23A: Beethoven's love (MUSIC); 24A: Grave (TOMB); 25A: Kids' snow creations (FORTS); 26A: Spell opener (ABRA); 30A: Ring tone activator (CALLER); 32A: Traffic tangle (SNARL); 33A: Strong-ox connector (AS AN); 34A: Last to arrive at the station (CABOOSE); 35A: Ruler divisions: Abbr. (CMS.); 38A: Letters from your parents? (DNA); 39A: Greenhouse gas (OZONE); 44A: Slapstick antic (PRAT FALL); 48A: First name in B-29 history (ENOLA); 49A: Bard's contraction (E'EN); 51A: Letters sung after various animal names (E-I-E-I-O); 52A: Hard drive title (FILE NAME); 55A: Rice dish (PILAF); 57A: Bit for Fido, perhaps (SCRAP); 58A: Dept. store stock (MDSE.); 59A: It's south of Georgia (ARMENIA); 62A: Bears (HAS); 68A: Twisting shape (ESS); 69A: Put __ on: limit (A CAP); 71A: Property claim resulting from a default (TAX LIEN); 72A: Timber wolf (LOBO); 75A: Mill output? (RUMOR); 77A: Rimes of country (LEANN); 78A: Classic sitcom sidekick (ED NORTON); 82A: Vermont tourist town, home to the Trapp Family Lodge (STOWE); 83A: One of Beethoven's nine: Abbr. (SYM.); 84A: Denom. (REL.); 86A: 1836 siege site (ALAMO); 87A: Big pain (HEADACHE); 93A: Nymph who loved her own voice (ECHO); 94A: Thigh muscles (QUADS); 95A: Spain's El __ (CID); 96A: Canyon pair? (ENS); 97A: Begin (START UP); 100A: One of two Monopoly squares: Abbr. (UTIL.); 101A: Danny of the NBA (AINGE); 103A: Drive to drink? (THIRST); 109A: Baja buck (PESO); 110A: New, in Nicaragua (NUEVA); 112A: Sticky substances (GOOS); 113A: Spiritual sustenance (MANNA); 116A: Protagonist (HERO); 117A: Duck down (EIDER); 118A: Pour (TEEM); 119A: They're always advancing (YEARS); 121A: With a wink, perhaps (SLYLY); 1D: Traffic tangles (JAMS); 2D: PTA concern (EDUC.); 3D: It takes panes (SASH); 4D: Small chamber groups (TRIOS); 5D: Used (SECOND-HAND); 6D: Healthful cereal choice (OAT BRAN); 7D: Grave robber (GHOUL); 8D: Do-fa links (RE MI); 9D: Decorate with brilliant colors (EMBLAZON); 10D: Rebellious (DEFIANT); 11D: Four-time Australian Open champ Goolagong (EVONNE); 12D: It's N of North Carolina (VIRG.); 14D: Where "Madama Butterfly" premiered (LA SCALA); 16D: Cubist Picasso (PABLO); 17D: Some swing seats (TIRES); 18D: Drum kit item (SNARE); 28D: Legal scholar Guinier (LANI); 31D: Dies down (ABATES); 35D: Anthony Bourdain, for one (CHEF); 36D: 2004 iPod debut (MINI); 37D: Small-runway mil. craft (STOL); 39D: Reveal, to a bard (OPE); 42D: Skelton's Kadiddlehopper (CLEM); 43D: "Golly" ("GEE"); 44D: Leg-pull (PRANK); 46D: Truth twisters (LIARS); 47D: Horses' gaits (LOPES); 50D: Mem. of seven consecutive All-Star Game winning teams, 2003-2009 (AL'ER); 53D: Admin. aide (ASST.); 55D: Image creators (PR MEN); 56D: Somalian supermodel (IMAN); 59D: Analogous (AKIN); 60D: Oodles (A TON); 62D: Austere (HARSH); 63D: Extreme, as pain (ACUTE); 64D: Margaret Mead subject (SAMOA); 66D: Daisy whose buds may be used as a caper substitute (OXEYE); 67D: No blabbermouth (CLAM); 73D: Monopoly and others (BOARD GAMES); 74D: Airport south of Paris (ORLY); 76D: Hits back, say (REACTS); 79D: Fishing souvenir? (TALE); 81D: Heads, in slang (NOBS); 84D: Traffic stopper (RED LIGHT); 85D: Ambulance initials (EMS); 88D: Indian relish (CHUTNEY); 89D: Old sailor's blade (CUTLASS); 90D: Come down hard? (HAIL); 91D: Cut with small blades (SCISSOR); 92D: Salon request (TINT); 94D: Tremble (QUIVER); 97D: Green land patron, for short (ST. PAT); 98D: "Done" ("THERE"); 99D: Shopping cart path (AISLE); 102D: Shopping with virtual carts (ETAIL); 104D: Greek cheese (FETA); 105D: Denials (NOES); 106D: Dr. Jones, familiarly (INDY); 108D: Quaint "not" (NARY); 111D: Employment (USE).

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